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All-in-One Computers

HP Sprout G2 3D-scanning PC 0

Laptops have seemingly overtaken the desktop in terms of popularity and usage. With laptops now readily accessible and affordable, most people now prefer laptops over desktops just by the fact

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Microsoft Surface Studio 0

Microsoft’s ventureĀ  into the hardware market didn’t really hit off. From their Windows Phone to their Surface tablets, the market hasn’t really taken off as expected. Although it may have

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HP Sprout Desktop Computer 0

Most people think that desktops are slowly going obsolete. After all, most people may prefer using laptops or portable gadgets such as smartphones and tablets as primary devices. Desktops lose

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LG Chromebase all-in-one desktop unveiled 1

LG introduces the Chromebase all-in-one desktop PC. This 21.5-inch Chrome OS-based device aims to provide a simple, cheap, and hassle-free alternative to Windows and Apple desktop computers, much like what

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