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Projectors & Screens

Canvia Smart Art Display 0

Modern technology has improved the quality of life in many different ways.  Not only has it improved health, provided convenience, and made life in general easier, technology has also enhanced

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Beam Smart Projector Fits Into Any Light Socket 0

Many of today’s newer gadgets aim to help people create a smart home. The system of interconnectivity makes these smart gadgets work together to create a smart and connected home.

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Touchjet WAVE Turns TV’s Into Touchscreens 0

Many people today have grown accustomed to devices and gadgets with touchscreens. From smartphones to tablets, touchscreen displays have made it more convenient for many people to use them for

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Casio XJ-F210WN Projector For Gamers 0

In the technology market, it is the gamers that have always been a target for many gadget makers. They are usually the ones offered with devices that come with the

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PicoAir Portable Projector 0

While projectors may not be that popular among casual gadget users, they can provide certain benefits that other devices cannot. People sharing videos or photos on the smartphone with friends

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FAVI Pico+ Smart Projector 0

Wireless technology has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. Different wireless systems have made life more convenient for people finding connecting wires a hassle. From WiFi, IR systems,

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