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Beauty Gadgets

Kunkun Body Alerts You If You’re Smelly 0

Everyone know how embarrassing it can be to go out in the crowd only to notice people covering their noses while you pass by. Yes, being smelly can become anyone’s

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LEVL Tells You If You Are Burning Fat 0

Keeping fit is always a challenge for many people. The fact that some find it very difficult to do so can be very frustrating indeed. Some go through the usual

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Mira Fitness Bracelet 0

Many people nowadays follow fads and trends when it comes to gadgets. They try to gravitate to gadgets that seems to be becoming popular among the crowd. What may be

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Seated Strider 0

Let’s be honest. Not all of us really have time to exercise. That is what most of us tend to believein. One reason is because we tend to think of

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Top 5 Beauty Gadgets of 2013 0

After going through reviews and tests, we were able to come up with a handful of beauty gadgets that really work! [View the story “Top 5 Beauty Gadgets ” on

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