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Gadget Gear

Buzzword Speech Recognition Wristband 0

Even the most experienced public speakers have their own unique verbal tics, no matter how minor. It may be a habitual mispronunciation of a word or a phrase being repeated

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i2i Stream Wireless Audio 0

i2i Stream wireless audio offers users a unique way of conveniently streaming music files into a variety of sound outputs without the use of wires. You may have your usual

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The Bra Dryer 0

In this day and age, you’d think you’ve seen it all. Then comes a device called the Bra Dryer, which,as its name suggests, dries bras. And so, instead of answering

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Tag Heuer Prosthetic Leg 7

Prosthetic legs have helped a lot of people who are burdened of having just one leg for the rest of their lives.  These have been designed according to our understanding

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Bulletproof Polo Shirt 0

It has been proven that when the economy goes down, crime rates go up. What the better way to be safe than to wear an inconspicuous bulletproof polo shirt. Colombian

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T-Sketch T-Shirt: Scribble Your Own Messages on Your T-Shirt 0

The Elektro range takes statement T-shirts to a whole new level. The T-sketch t-shirt incorporates a clever and creative new technology that allows you to write or draw whatever you

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