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Quick Top Can Cap Sealer 0

If you’re used to drinking from a bottle rather than a can, then the Quick Top Can Cap is perfect for you. Attaching the cap to the top of a

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Airo Massaging Backpack 0

Nothing beats having a nice back massage after a hard day’s work. But what if you don’t have someone to give you a massage, and you can’t afford getting a

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The Eyeport Vision Training System 1

The Eyeport Vision Training System is a means to help the eyes improve its sets of muscles that allow for better vision. Eye exercises can help one read more comfortably,

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Universal Remote KP-900 RF Keypad 0

A lot of gizmos have been developed through the years to help fill a need that has been brought about by a more technologically advanced lifestyle. One of those gadgets

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Phillips DECT Digital Baby Monitor 0

Taking care of the baby is not the same anymore. With more and more people working form home, looking after the baby has just become part of the workday. And

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