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Motorola Razr V3X 0

Motorola Razr V3X is a 3G phone with a thickness (or rather, thinness) of 20mm, slightly bulkier than the RAZR V3, and is 180mm tall, when fully stretched out. The

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Blackberry Curve 0

There is a new BlackBerry in town. The BlackBerry Curve is a gadget wonder as it is as slim as the Pearl at a little over more than half an

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Nokia 8600 Luna Cell Phone 0

Luna, the Roman moon goddess (the Greeks called her Selene) is often depicted as a beautiful woman with radiant skin, golden hair, and riding a silver chariot pulled by proud,

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Samsung and Bang & Olufsen Introduce Serenata 1

In 2006, the collaboration between audio expert Bang & Olufsen and mobile phone technology leader Samsung resulted to the very first music phone, the SGH-E910 also known as the Serene.

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BlackBerry 8820 Overview 0

Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) has gone a long since the release of their very first Blackberry in 1999. Last April, the company announced that their BlackBerry subscribers have

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