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Car Gadgets

Nokia Bluetooth Display Car Kit CK-15W 0

The Nokia CK-15W Bluetooth Display Car Kit allows drivers to conveniently make and take calls in style while on the road. This novel car kit consists of a clear 2.2

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Sirius Sportster 5 Satelitte Radio Tuner 0

Online radio has become quite popular nowadays. It allows you to enjoy commercial free radio from hundreds of channels to choose from. And there are gadgets that allow you to

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The Best Laser Jammers 0

The very advanced-and very expensive-stealth technology is now being used by ordinary citizens in the form of laser jammers, which is installed in vehicles to avoid detection from radars and

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Cobra XRS Radar Detector 0

Radar detector technology is getting better and better. Cobra Electronics Corporation or simply Cobra, a leader in manufacturing global communication and navigation products, released recently two new products for its

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Best Radar Detector 0

Radar detectors have evolved into sophisticated devices. Older models of the device, which was also known as the fuzz buster, were simple radio transmitter and receiver devices which detects if

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