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How To Tell Time With The Nooka Zub Zirc Watch How To Tell Time With The Nooka Zub Zirc Watch(0)

The wrist watch has come a long way since it was first introduced sometime in the 17th Century. From mechanical-powered watches, it slowly turned into the modern digital watches we have now. But for some people, they all look the same, especially by the way they tell time. There’s the analog watch face and the digital watch display that are all too common. If you like to have something different for a change, this Nooka Zub Zirc Watch may be something you would consider.

The Nooka Zub Zirc Watch is a unique wrist watch in that tells the time differently from other typical watches. There lies its interesting feature. Wearers can tell the time through its special linear and graphic representations for the hour, minute and second. The Zub Zirc comes with a 1.5- square inch square face, it features lighted dots arranged in a  circle, which tells the hour. A lighted horizontal row tells the minutes while  the small windows. Those who see the watch for the first time may not be able to know the time. But wearers know better and they can introduce a new and cool way to read time using the Nook Zub Zirc Watch. It is available at ThinkGeek for $129.

Image Source: Think Geek

Dancing Water Speakers Dancing Water Speakers(0)

Listening to music is a great way to relieve some of the stress of daily life. It can also be a way to help soothe your way to a relaxing day. Many wireless speakers can provide the music. But if you wish the added visual spectacle, then this Dancing Water Speakers will do the trick.

The Dancing Water Speakers is a pair of Bluetooth speakers that offers more than just great sound. Each wireless speaker in the set comes with its own miniature water fountain that is triggered by sound. This pair of speakers can create a fountain show similar to that seen in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. But this time your own favorite tunes will be on the background of your very own miniature fountain show. Pair the speakers with your Bluetooth-enabled device or  media player. Turn on the music and you can see the water encased on top of the speaker begin to dance. The force of the sound emanating from the speakers causes the water to shoot up. An interesting concept for a Bluetooth speaker, the Dancing Water Speakers will be a great addition to any user’s room.  It is available at Think Geek for $25.

Image Source: Think Geek

OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker(0)

Portable speakers are now quite popular nowadays, especially the wireless kind. Bluetooth speakers are becoming more and more common as people find the wireless convenience appealing. The arrival of weather-proof versions like the OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker makes them even more likable.

The OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker is a wireless speaker designed for use in an outdoor setting. It is portable and convenient to use. But do not let its size fool you. It is capable of producing clear, crisp stereo sounds with deep, rich bass, thanks to its pair of precision acoustic drivers. It is ultra-lightweight and easy to carry around. And since some people would like to listen to their favorite tunes even while in the shower, the OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker is splash proof and water resistant as it is rated IPX5. Not you can continue your music listening pleasure even while you are in the shower, at the pool or in the beach.

The OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker also comes with a 2200 mAh rechargeable battery which can go for up to 7 hours of music playing. Users can even use it as a handy speakerphone with its built-in mic to aid users in handling phone calls without having to take out the phone with their hands to answer them. The OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker is available at Amazon for $28.

Image Source: Amazon

The Light Show Wireless Speaker The Light Show Wireless Speaker(0)

Some gadgets are made to do a certain function. But that is all they could do. They do not have that something extra that will make them more appealing to other people. Devices that stand out usually have an extra feature that other similar devices may not offer. One example is this Light Show Wireless Speaker.

The Light Show Wireless Speaker is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that also create its own light show to accompany any party sounds. This makes it quite an attractive speaker to have around gatherings. You can place it anywhere, thanks to its wireless connectivity with compatible music players. It can synch up with any Bluetooth device that contains your music collection as far as 100′ away. A pair of 3.5-watt speakers and a passive subwoofer creates the clean crisp sound. A 2,600mAh battery ensures that users can use the speaker continuously for up to 8 hours.

The light show from the wireless speaker is made possible by its array of 128 multicolored Led lights. The lights pulse in time to the beat of the music similar to a stereo equalizer. The speaker can even sense if it is positioned vertically or horizontally and adjusts accordingly. Users can also set the lights into five pre-programmed themes based on their mood.

The Light Show Wireless Speaker comes with volume, track and light controls. It is protected by a rubberized cabinet that is rated IPX4 for splash resistance. It is an ideal speaker to bring along for outdoor parties and gatherings. The Light Show Wireless Speaker is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for around $100.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

Twisters Headphones and Bluetooth Speaker Twisters Headphones and Bluetooth Speaker(0)

Using headphones is usually to enable you to enjoy your favorite tunes in your own little private space without disturbing the other people around you. But there are instances when you just cannot help but try to share what you are listening at a particular moment to your friends. That is where a pair of headphones may be of limited use. But things can be a bit different when you have the Twisters Headphones on.

The Twisters Headphones is a unique pair that may just be something you will consider if you are keeping your options open when it comes to music listening. That is because this pair of headphones can also function as a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Yes, it is a two in one deal that you seldom get with a typical pair of headphones. The Twisters Headphones changes from a headphone to a Bluetooth speaker with a simple twist. It offers crisp and clear audio that you would usually get when you use it as a headphone. With the twist of the ear cups, it becomes a speaker that provides up to 10 times the sound you hear when you put it over your ears. Now that is something you do not see as an added feature in any other headphones.

The Twisters Headphones comes with convenient controls on one ear cup for easy use. It also comes with a built-in microphone that allows it to function as a speakerphone. What also makes this pair of headphones great is its battery life. The Twisters Headphones can go up to 18 hours in headphone mode and 6 hours in speaker mode. That is more than enough that you will need for a whole day of music listening. The Twisters Headphones is also quite affordable despite the versatility it can offer. You can get it at Big Time Electronics for just around $60 a pair.

Image Source: Big Time Electronics

Aftershokz Gamez Bone Conducting Headphones Aftershokz Gamez Bone Conducting Headphones(0)

Playing video games can sometimes be quite an engaging experience. They way some play may allow them to tune out from their surroundings to focus on gameplay. Now, that is some serious gamer. But like it or not, some gamers still need to be aware of their surroundings while they focus their attention on the game. Some might be awaiting a phone call while gaming. Some might be watching a TV show while playing a game. Someone might be waiting for Mom calling out that it’s time to eat. Using the usual gaming headphones will make it difficult. But this new Aftershokz Gamez Bone Conducting Headphones might just be the great alternative you need.

The Aftershokz Gamez Bone Conducting Headphones is not your typical gaming headphones that lets you block out all distractions and let you concentrate fully on your game. It is a pair of bone conducting headphones that allow users to keep both ears open to be more aware of their surroundings while enjoying crisp clear gaming audio at the same time. This wireless gaming headset uses the same technology used in cochlear implants to help deaf people hear. This device direct the sound waves through your cheek and jaw in order to reach your cochlea. It bypasses the eardrum to give you crisp and clear audio in a safer way. Not only that, keeping your ears open lets you hear the sounds of your immediate surroundings.

The Aftershokz Gamez Bone Conducting Headphones is also great for use in other ways. You can use it to answer phone calls as it comes with a multifunction button and microphone to allow you to answer phone calls or just send in instructions to a team mate. It is also great for music playing as you connect it to your smartphone or media player. It is also a good headphone when going to the gym, with a tension band that allows users to adjust the headset for an ideal fit.

The Aftershokz Gamez Bone Conducting Headphones is a better alternative for a gaming headset for people who do not exactly like to tune out the outside world while they enjoy playing their favorite video game. It is even a great headset to have around for people who need to be attune to their surroundings as they try to enjoy their favorite audio. It is available at Think Geek for $100.

Image Source: Think Geek

Turcom AcoustoShock Mini Bluetooth Speaker Turcom AcoustoShock Mini Bluetooth Speaker(0)

Bluetooth speakers has allowed people to listen to music while on the go. They are usually more portable nowadays, thanks to better technology. Not only that, the wireless convenience they offer makes them a better option for people who likes to listen to music wherever they go. The new Turcom AcoustoShock Mini Bluetooth Speaker may just be the speaker of choice for people are always on the move.

The new Turcom AcoustoShock Mini Bluetooth Speaker may be designed as a bike speaker, but its small profile and light but durable build makes it ideal to bring along just about anywhere. It is small enough at just 9.5 oz. But it comes with a 3-watt speaker to provide powerful as well as quality sound output. A wireless Bluetooth connection even makes it convenient for a portable outdoor speaker.

And since it is the outdoors, the new Turcom AcoustoShock Mini is designed to be weather resistant. Its durable construction is rated IPX6 with a marine grade water resistance rating and can resist dust as well as shock from drops. The cover is crafted with silicone to enable the wireless speaker to withstand drops. Enclosed ports and speaker drivers ensure that sand and dust do not enter and affect the speaker’s performance. The Turcom AcoustoShock Mini is now available at Amazon for $38.

Image Source: Max Borges Agency

Mini Vintage Bluetooth Stereo Mini Vintage Bluetooth Stereo(0)

Every era comes with their own distinctive identity. There are certain things that are closely associated with a certain decade. Just one look and people will instantly know what year or decade it is from. But then there are also things that look from a certain age but are actually quite modern. One good example is this Mini Vintage Bluetooth Stereo.

The Mini Vintage Bluetooth Stereo is not your typical Bluetooth speaker. It is designed like a vintage sound system popular during the 60’s and the 70’s. It is reminiscent of those days when the first radios and music players first became quite popular. In those days, the byword was “Hi Fi” as in high fidelity. And it has led into many other advances since then that most people enjoy now. The Mini Vintage Bluetooth Stereo is just a reminder of how music was played back then, only in a compact and a miniaturized version of its actual size.

The Mini Vintage Bluetooth Stereo comes with huge knobs for controls, which was typical of stereo systems back then. And just like those times, this wireless speaker comes with a classic faux wood grain panel exteriors. But inside, the speaker system comes with a pair of 2-watt drivers which connects to the Bluetooth receiver that pairs with your Bluetooth compatible music player or device. A standard audio jack is also available if you have a music player that prefers a wired connection. The Mini Vintage Bluetooth Stereo can be your way to revisit the past but still enjoy the technology of today. This unique vintage mini speaker set is available at Think Geek for $50.

Image Source: Think Geek

Marshall Stockwell Travel Speaker Marshall Stockwell Travel Speaker(0)

People nowadays have a lot of options when it comes to keeping themselves occupied while on the road or during long trips. Almost always, people bring along their collection of favorite music to accompany them during these times. Along with their smartphone or audio player, they usually also bring along a pair of headphones or a travel speaker. The latter is the best choice for people who love to share their music listening to others. This new Marshall Stockwell Travel Speaker provides just that and more.

The Marshall Stockwell Travel Speaker is a handy and portable travel speaker that packs a punch. Not only is it handy to bring along just about anywhere, it also comes with that distinctive audio quality rock sound output that Marshall has been known for. The new Marshall Stockwell Travel Speaker comes with a pair of 2.25″ woofers and two-channel Class D amplifiers. In a way, you can say that it stands above other travel speakers in its class.

Furthermore, the Marshall Stockwell Travel Speaker comes with bass and treble controls to allow users to adjust sound in the way they prefer to hear it. The Marshall Stockwell Travel Speaker also connects to your audio devices via Bluetooth 4.0 for some wireless convenience. And because of this, it can also function as a speakerphone when you connect your mobile phone into it. Users can also use the 3.5mm port to connect wired audio devices. This travel speaker also comes with a USB port that can be used as a charging port. The Marshall Stockwell Travel Speaker is the ideal travel speaker for people who care deeply about sound quality wherever they go. It will be available in time for the holidays at an expected price of $229.

Image Source: Max Borges Agency

Batband Headphones Batband Headphones(0)

Many headphones you see today typically use the same general design. Sometimes only the aesthetics and their audio features differ. But there are now other types of headphones that function quite differently from standard over-ear or in- ear headphones. They are known as bone conduction headphones. And this new Batband Headphones is one example that takes this new type of headphones into a different level.

The Batband Headphones is a unique type of bone conduction headphones. It transmits sound through the bones of the skull into your “private” inner ear. It frees up your outer ear. This allows you to “hear” both the sounds coming from a music device as well as from your surroundings. Your ears remain free to make you aware of sounds from your immediate surrounding while the Batband also allows you to listen to your private soundscape.

The Batband Headphone is literally a headphone since it allows you to “hear” with your head. Its transducers transmit sound in frequencies that the bones of your skull can conduct. The vibrations your bones conduct is transmitted into your inner ear, allowing you to hear while your outer ear remains free. The technology also allows for a more discreet way of transmitting sound. While you use the Batband headphones to take calls, you can be sure that other people will not overhear any of the sound coming from the Batband Headphone.

The Batband Headphone also features touch sensors for controls. It also comes with a built-in mic for taking calls. The Batband is currently on a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  A pledge of $149 will get you one. But once it starts shipping after April 2016 and becomes available in the market, you may need to fork up $250 for one.

Image Source: Kickstarter


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