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SyrenPro Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker SyrenPro Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker(0)

As the fall season comes in, there might just be a few more days you can enjoy out while the sun may still shine now and then. Take advantage of this time by enjoying the colorful sights of the changing season. It is usually just the right temperature to be out and about, not too hot, not too cold. In addition, while you try to enjoy the sights from your backyard, you may want to have music to keep you company. Having the SyrenPro Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker around can help make it more convenient for you.

The SyrenPro Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker from iLuv is a wireless speaker that you can pair up with your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device that you use for music listening. It is a weather-resistant wireless Bluetooth speaker ideal for dry and even wet conditions outdoors. You need not let a drizzle stop you from having some music. The SyrenPro Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker features a 3-inch co-axial speaker that provides 360-degree sound enough to fill out a room or outdoor areas. With the TrueWireless Stereo feature, users can also connect two SyrenPro Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers together to create a full stereo system. Just simply turn off both speakers, set one on the right and the other on the left before turning on. Both speakers will sync automatically with each other to produce full stereo sound.

The SyrenPro Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker comes with a rechargeable battery that is good for up to 4 hours of continuous play. The speaker also comes with an auxiliary input for pairing with non-Bluetooth devices. The SyrenPro Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is available at iLuv for $130.

Image Source: iLuv

Boom Box Touch Speaker Boom Box Touch Speaker(0)

Portable devices such as smartphones may be convenient to use, but their small size may come at a sacrifice for certain features people also love. Sound quality is one of them. Small devices usually do not have the sound quality some people expect them to have. That is why some people rely on having portable speakers to boost up the sound quality when needed. With many options available, wireless speakers are usually the most convenient ones available. Among this type, it cannot get any more convenient that having the Boom Box Touch Speaker around.

The Boom Box Touch Speaker is different from any other wireless portable speaker out there. It can amplify a smartphone or any other portable device sound output by simply placing it on top of the speaker base. There is no need for a Bluetooth connection to boost up the sound volume. This portable speaker makes use of Near Field Audio technology to do its magic. It is compatible with any portable device with an external speaker. A 3.5mm jack is available for devices that do not. The speaker can provide up to 10 hours of audio boosting power for each full charge. The Boom Box Touch Speaker is also lightweight and easy to carry along. It is available at Firebox for 30 Pounds or around $49.

Image Source: Firebox

Razer Ferox Mobile Gaming Speakers Razer Ferox Mobile Gaming Speakers(0)

Gaming is no longer the same as it was before. For one thing, gaming has become more mobile, more portable. The gaming experience is also richer with better visuals and sound. If you wish to add better sound to your gaming experience, it is as easy as adding gaming speakers like the Razer Ferox Mobile Gaming Speakers.

The Razer Ferox Mobile Gaming Speakers is a pair of speakers able to provide gamers with better audio when playing their favorite games while on the move. It works well with laptop gamers that can surely use gaming speakers for a better gaming experience. The Razer Ferox Mobile Gaming Speakers comes with 30mm neodymium drivers that can provide 3W of audio power. The speaker system can provide a 360 degree omnidirectional sound for gamers. A 470mAh rechargeable battery can provide up to 8 hours of standard speaker use. Recharging the speakers is made more convenient via any available USB connection. The Razer Ferox Mobile Gaming Speakers is available at Think Geek for $50.

Image Source: Think Geek

Samsung Level Box Mini Wireless Speaker Samsung Level Box Mini Wireless Speaker(0)

With advances in technology, almost everything is going the wireless route nowadays. From wireless remote controls to wireless charging, technology has eliminated the use for bothersome wires in order to provide added convenience to many of today’s essentials. In the field of audio, we also now have wireless speakers that offer the same, and even better, audio quality than some wired set ups. These speakers are designed for flexibility and portability, just like the new Samsung Level Box mini wireless speakers.

The Samsung Level Box mini wireless speaker is the smaller version of the Level Box. It is the newest addition to the Level Series of premium wireless speakers. This wireless speaker can provide high quality audio just like its predecessor but in a more compact metallic body that is also lighter. The Samsung Level box mini features a 55mm stereo speaker along with a passive radiator to provide users with premium quality audio that is powerful and balanced. This compact wireless speaker is also compatible with the Samsung Level App, which provides Text-to-Speech, Volume Control, S Voice and SoundAlive features, the latter of which makes use of innovative audio technology to adjust sound quality through analysis of the audio source.

The Samsung Level Box mini also features hardware that provides noise reduction and echo cancellation. It also has a built-in microphone for use as an ideal speakerphone, which is also great for meeting and conferences. Aside from Bluetooth connectivity, the Samsung Level Box mini also supports Near Field Communications technology. Users just place an NFC-enabled smartphone to establish a connection with the wireless speaker. The speaker also comes with a 1,600-mAh battery that is good for up to 25 hours of audio playback on a full charge. Samsung recently introduced this new addition to its Level Series of speakers. There is no information yet regarding availability and pricing.

Image Source: Samsung Tomorrow


Om One, the Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Om One, the Levitating Bluetooth Speaker(0)

You might think that you know a lot about speakers. You believe that you have seen them all. But certain innovations come when you least expected it. You will certainly be impressed when you first see the Om One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker.

The Om One is a Bluetooth speaker unlike anything you may have seen. What makes it unique is that the speaker unit literally floats in the air. It levitates from a magnetic base that also acts as a charger not only for the Bluetooth speaker but also other USB devices as well. The floating orb speaker comes with a 75mm audio driver and a built-in microphone. Aside from a portable speaker the Om One can also function as a speakerphone with its Bluetooth connectivity features. It can also play for up to 15 hours on a single charge. The Om One Bluetooth speaker is currently up for a funding campaign at So far, it has exceeded expectations by going over their target of $100,000 initial funding target with still over a month to go. If interested, you can still pre-order this gravity defying Bluetooth speaker for $179. Expected delivery of the units for the early adopters is around December of this year.

Image Source: Om One

Dash Bluetooth headphones track your workout Dash Bluetooth headphones track your workout(0)

Imagine a pair of wireless headphones that has more to offer than just blasting music to your ears. A Kickstarter campaign is pushing to fund such a gadget.

The Dash Bluetooth headphones connects to any mobile device wirelessly. Not only it can play your music, but it also boasts a wide array of cool features. For one, it has a built-in 4GB storage that can save up to 1,000 songs.

Designed and created by Munich-based company Bragi, Dash Bluetooth headphones also works as a wireless headset, featuring an embedded microphone that picks up the vibrations your ear bone generates as you talk.

It can also keep track of your workout with its multiple sensors, thermometer, and accelerometer integrated into the device. These headphones track your pace, steps, cadence, and distance traveled during your workout. The guys at Bragi even claim that the device can measure heart rate and oxygen saturation.

Users control the headphones with a series of touch gestures. The left earphone controls the fitness options. Tapping or swiping the left earbud allows you to select, start or stop a workout, as well as checking your current health levels. Meanwhile, the right earphone controls sound options, wherein taps and swipes switches between playlists, plays and pauses music, and takes phone calls.

The campaign has since raised over $2.2 million on Kickstarter as of this posting, fulfilling its $260,000 goal many times over. Interested backers have 36 days to place their pledges on the Dash Bluetooth headphones for as little as $199, a hundred dollars off its suggested retail price.

Source: Mashable

Sonomad: The portable universal Bluetooth speaker Sonomad: The portable universal Bluetooth speaker(0)

While we listen to our favorite music suing our smartphones, its audio quality is not the most desirable. We bring along a portable speaker, but the design looks too futuristic.

Filowz, a France-based startup, is giving you a sense of nostalgia with the Sonomad, a hi-fi wireless portable sound system that gives high-end stereo sound and easy portability.

On the surface, it actually looks like a portable radio back in the 1970s, complete with a handle and a shoulder strap. It is compatible with any smartphone, mobile device, and other media players, which can be connected via Bluetooth (within 30 feet radius) or through a standard stereo input. You can carry it around and keep it playing for up to 20 hours straight.

You can also keep your smartphones safely with Sonomad’s universal dock, as long as it is less than three inches wide and 6.2 inches high, which is basiclaly most phones today.

The Sonomad can also be used as an alternative battery pack for your smartphone, connecting the two devices using a USB connector to give your phone an little more boost to keep the music playing.

This portable Bluetooth speaker is being funded on Indiegogo, with a $90,000 goal. You can have an early bird model for $339.

Nokia BH-121 Bluetooth earphones Nokia BH-121 Bluetooth earphones(0)

The Nokia BH-121, previously identified as Nokia Guru, is officially introduced. This square-shaped audio device looks kinda familiar, like an iPod Shuffle perhaps?

Anyway, this gadget comes with a pair of earbuds that connect to the main unit’s built-in 3.5mm jack. You can also plug other headphones into the unit if you prefer. The main module also contains NFC connectivity for easy one-tap pairing, or pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The tile-shaped device also sports a single button to play tracks and even take voice calls.

The Nokia BH-121 is expected to arrive before the year ends at €39 (about US$53). You could even score yourself a free unit if you tell Nokia why you want one. Details are at the source link.

Source: Nokia Conversations

DEMOCRACY Bluetooth portable speakers DEMOCRACY Bluetooth portable speakers(0)

Not all wireless speakers are built the same. Some of them have specs that are above and beyond its traditional usage. Case in point: DEMOCRACY Bluetooth portable speakers.

These wireless speakers connect to your media player via Bluetooth by up to 33 feet. You can leave your smartphone running your Thanksgiving playlist in your bedroom while you take your DEMOCRACY Bluetooth speaker in your bathroom as you shower. You can even talk on the phone and let the music play on the background, which the speaker blares out as well. It works with iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, BlackBerry phones, Windows Phone devices, laptops, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The DEMOCRACY Bluetooth speaker features a patented Revolving Axis System that moves the speaker into three positions just by twisting it from its base. No need to place your speaker in awkward positions that do not stand long.

This wireless speaker not only plays music from your media device, but can also be used as a speakerphone. Its built-in microphone makes it a convenient tool for crystal-clear conference calls whether in your office or at home. You can use it with video chat apps like Skype and Google Hangouts. It also has NEOMAG technology, consisting of a neodymium motor structure within the speaker’s 50mm driver. This holds a much stronger magnetic field compared to ceramic magnets found in other speakers and leaves high-quality audio with the least possible distortion.

This gadget also comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last for up to 8 hours in a single charge, so there is no need to plug it into a wall outlet while playing. It also comes with a built-in 3.5mm AUX cable that you can plug into non-Bluetooth devices. All of these are encased in weather-resistant polyurethane coating.

The DEMOCRACY Bluetooth portable speakers is available online for $69.95. It comes in three models: black, white, and pink.

Zune Marketplace shuts down November 22 Zune Marketplace shuts down November 22(0)

The Zune, Microsoft’s attempt to beat the iPod, is slowly becoming irrelevant. The company has announced it will stop selling and renting media content on Zune Marketplace beginning November 22, and will no longer allow the remaining Zune users to browse TV content as well.

The only trace left of Zune after the Marketplace shutdown would be the remaining hardware that Microsoft tries to sell and the Zune desktop software. Microsoft confirms to TechCrunch’s Alex Wilhelm that Zune users could still keep using both and listen to music they outright own.

Meanwhile, if you have remaining Microsoft Points in the Zune Marketplace, you can convert it into local currency and spend it in Xbox Video and Music stores.

The Microsoft Zune had a lot of promise when it was first released in 2008. However, not only it became a victim of the iPod, but also of the iPhone and its built-in media player. The launch of streaming apps such as Spotify further crushed Zune and its Zune Marketplace.

On that note, it has been nice to know you, Microsoft Zune.

Source:, via TechCrunch

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