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Playawave Bluetooth Speaker Playawave Bluetooth Speaker(0)

There seems to be a portable gadget that many people cannot do without nowadays. They have their smartphone or tablet that they just cannot let go whenever they venture outside of the home. Some people also cannot function well without their portable media player armed with all their favorite songs and even movies. Some cannot even get out of bed without their trusty headphones around their neck. And for people who loves to party or simply share their collection of music to friends or other people within earshot, then this Playawave Bluetooth Speaker may just become one of those indispensible gadgets people think they need.

The Playawave Bluetooth Speaker is a perfect companion for people who always like to surround themselves with music. It is like they like their life to be in a musical. Their favorite songs should always be blaring in the background, providing a musical backdrop that will always makes them feel good wherever they go. And the Playawave Bluetooth Speaker can do that by wirelessly streaming songs from one’s music player and then convert it into crisp and clear audio via a speaker that offers 7 watts RMS output power. It is ideal for the outdoors since it comes with a splash-proof enclosure that can also protect the speaker from dust and accidental impacts. This makes the Playawave Bluetooth Speaker a good companion for the music-loving guy or gal when going outdoors this summer. The Playawave Bluetooth Speaker also comes with a built-in microphone that makes it do double duty as a hands-free speakerphone to receive calls when connected to a user’s smartphone. This bluetooth speaker also comes with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 6 hours of power when full. The chic retro look of the Playawave Bluetooth Speaker may also be something worth considering. The Playawave Bluetooth Speaker is expected to be available in the market sometime in mid-August and will cost at around 60 Euros or around $66.

Image Source: SpeedLink

Kokoon Headphones Kokoon Headphones(0)

Sleep nowadays has become a luxury for many people. In this stressful world we now live in, most people cannot get the right amount of sleep their body needs to be healthy. Most people are so busy that they just do not have the time to spend on sleep. And when they do have the time, many people have a hard time falling into sleep. Sleep quality also matters a lot. It helps to have a tool like the new Kokoon Headphones that can help people enjoy better quality sleep.

The Kokoon Headphones is a special type of audio device that will help people enjoy better sleep quality with the time they do spend for it. It features a headphone design ideal for sleepyheads that move about without displacing the device. The Kokoon Headphones contain features that will help you enjoy sleep with less distractions as it helps drown out outside noise that may tend to wake you up in the middle of the night. Music listening is also more convenient for sleep as the Kokoon adjusts the volume and the sound to help you fall asleep as well as prevent from disturbing you further when you are already at the deep stages of sleep.

Not only that, the Kokoon Headphones is also designed to help monitor and keep track of your sleeping habits. The headphones contain sensors built into its headband that can measure the tiny voltages produced by the brain. With the help of the Kokoon app, this headphone will be able to monitor and keep track of a user’s sleep patterns. Down the line, the Kokoon Headphones can then respond to what the sensors measure during sleep and provide users with a wide array of audio profiles that aim to help people enjoy better quality sleep.

The Kokoon Headphones is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. By the looks of it, it has garnered quite a sizable number of interest from many people. A pledge of $189 will get you one Kokoon Headphones. That is quite a deal as the gadget is expected to retail at around $319 when it comes out sometime early of next year.
Image Source: Kickstarter

Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker(0)

People nowadays have a lot of options available when it comes to music listening. Aside from music choices, there is a wide variety of sound systems available for different environments and settings. In the past, it may be impossible to install a set of speakers inside the shower or even outdoors. But now, with speakers like the Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker, music listening need not be limited in the dry areas of the house.

The Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker is a handy yet powerful speaker designed for people on the go. This portable speaker is rated IP54, making it dust as well as water splash resistant. It is also shockproof as well. It is an ideal portable speaker to bring to the shower or the poolside. This speaker can provide full high definition sound with robust bass courtesy of its 3W audio driver and passive subwoofer.

The Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker is wireless, able to connect to a compatible music player via Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It can connect as fast as 3 seconds and a connection range of up to 33 feet. Another welcome feature is that this portable wireless speaker can let you enjoy your music for up to 12 hours, up to three times longer than other similar portable speakers in its size. Recharge time is just 3 hours, making it an ideal portable speaker for people who are always on the go. The Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker is available at Amazon for $35.

Image Source: Amazon

The Here Active Listening System, Control How You Hear The World The Here Active Listening System, Control How You Hear The World(0)

Many people try to use sound in different ways. Some use it as a way to relax and express their feelings through music. In the real world, there is always that battle between good sound and noise. How this battle ensues can affect one’s mood and experience at a given moment. If noise prevails over the good sound, then certain negative emotions are harnessed. When it is the opposite that happens, people feel more relaxed, calmer and even happier. It would be great if people can have a way to select only the sounds they want to hear in the real world. Now, people can with the introduction of the Here Active Listening System.

The Here Active Listening System is a pair of special wireless ear buds to help you control the way you hear things. No, it is not designed for controlling or playing recorded music. Here mainly helps enhance live audio, the things you actually hear in the real world. With this special wireless earbuds connected to a smartphone app, you now have the means to choose which everyday sounds from your surroundings you wish to enhance and which ones to drown out. With the Here Active Listening System, users can try to adjust and control the live sound they typically hear every day. Using a digital sound processor and set algorithms designed to either enhance or suppress sound frequencies, the Here Active Listening System processes the sounds it receives from the surroundings according to how you wish to hear them. They can suppress the traffic noise or try to enhance people’s voices over other sounds. They can also drown out the sound of the jet engine during flights and even suppress the noise of a crying baby when trying to doze off during a red-eye flight.

You can use the Here Active Listening System to enhance real world sounds and personalize what you hear all around you. It becomes quite an enjoyable experience once you have the control over what you are listening to in your environment. The Here Active Listening System is currently conducting a successful Kickstarter campaign so far. A pledge of $199 will give you the opportunity to have your own Here Active Listening System. The makers will list the special earbuds at $249 retail once it comes out in December of this year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

SuperNova Light Cube LED Bluetooth Speaker SuperNova Light Cube LED Bluetooth Speaker(0)

Music listening is mainly about appreciation for sound and how it can affect ones feelings and emotions. For that, you always need to have a good speaker. But that is not all. You can also heighten the experience by adding a visual component to your music listening. This SuperNova Light Cube LED Bluetooth Speaker can help add to that experience.

The SuperNova Light Cube LED Bluetooth Speaker is incorporates a light show to go with your audio. It features a LED lighting system built on top of the main speaker. The super bright LEDs is based below an array of prisms, with each one refracts and projects the LED below it. As a group, the LEDs create a mesmerizing light show that neatly accompanies the sound coming from its pair of 3-watt sound drivers.

Two mode buttons on the SuperNova Light Cube LED Bluetooth Speaker help users the control to choose the pattern and color for their light show. There are 36 different light show modes to choose from, more than enough to give you a light show spectacle for your different choices of music. Users can stream music via Bluetooth to the speaker from their compatible music players. AC power input ensures that you do not have to worry about running out of batteries. The SuperNova Light Cube LED Bluetooth Speaker is a great speaker to have at a bedside or any room, anywhere you feel like relaxing to your favorite tunes. The SuperNova Light Cube LED Bluetooth Speaker is available at Think Geek for $80.

Image Source: Think Geek

Soul Electronics Pulse Earbuds Soul Electronics Pulse Earbuds(0)

Listening to music is one of the things people usually like to do together with their workouts. It helps keep them motivated and inspired to do more in their fitness routines. But doing so will require using earphones that will always stay put and not fall out when you do your fitness activities. People can always rely on fitness earphones like this new Pulse Earbuds from Soul Electronics.

The Soul Electronics Pulse Earbuds are designed especially for fitness buffs and active people. It is a pair of ultra-lightweight earbuds that feature a wrap-around reversed fit design which allows it to stay in place at all times no matter how much you move. The reversed fitting ear lock cable wraps around the wearer’s ear and locks it in place. This will ensure that the earbuds will not fall off no matter how aggressive your workouts can be. The Pulse Earbuds also come with a water- and sweat-proof silicon body that makes it easy to clean after your workout.

The Soul Electronics Pulse Earbuds are also designed to be lightweight. Weighing just around 0.6 ounces, users can sometimes even forget that they have this pair of earbuds on. Despite this, the earbuds come with advanced driver and circuitry design that provides high quality audio with clear mids and highs and with strong and deep bass sounds. The earbuds also come with a one-button control for convenience of answering calls or for music playback options. The Soul Electronics Pulse Earbuds are now available at Amazon for around $49.

Image Source: Max Borges Agency

Induction Duo Speaker Induction Duo Speaker(0)

Many devices nowadays are going wireless. The hassles of having to connect devices with wires may have gone far enough for many people. The wireless route offers people a higher level of convenience when using their devices. Certain limits on where you can use these devices have been broken. With the new Induction Duo Speaker, this includes the convenience of simply placing a supported player on top of the speaker in order to connect and amplify sounds/

The Induction Duo Speaker is unique in that users need not use pairing devices or connecting wires to players in order to use the speaker. Users only need to place their device on top of the induction speaker and it will immediately amplify the sounds. This speaker makes use of external speaker of the device in order to amplify the sounds. A pair of 5-watt drivers ensures that sounds are amplified as loud enough as people would like it to be. The Induction Duo Speaker also comes with a 6-hour battery life, more than enough to use for bringing and sharing music wherever you go ad even as a portable home speaker. It is available at Red5 for 25 UK Pounds or around $38.

Image Source: Red5

WIOS-5.8 Portable Wireless Speaker WIOS-5.8 Portable Wireless Speaker(0)

Wireless speakers are ever getting more and more popular these days. The convenience they offer is their best selling point- no wires needed to connect a music player to the speaker. It allows people to enjoy listening to music on portable speakers anywhere they go and in places where the usual speaker set-ups will not be the ideal choice. And with wireless speaker choices out there, this WIOS-5.8 Portable Wireless Speaker fits right into what most people look for.

The WIOS-5.8 Portable Wireless Speaker from Wolverine Data is not your typical wireless speaker. It is a wireless speaker system that incorporates both 5.8 GHz wireless along with Bluetooth technology to connect the speaker with your supported media player wirelessly. It has a normal wireless range of up to 200 feet and can even transmit audio signals as far as 262 feet with 5.8 GHz wireless on a clear line of sight.

The WIOS-5.8 is an ideal speaker system to use both indoors and outdoors with its transmitter and speaker set up, capable of producing big sound in such a compact form factor. This wireless speaker system comes with a pair of 10W speakers to produce that big sound that can fill a whole backyard or even the home. It is also flexible in that you can incorporate the sound from your existing sound system into the WIOS-5.8 using the optional Wireless Receiver. The WIOS-5.8 is compatible with all the major smartphones, mp3 players as well as stereo receivers, televisions and computers. Even wires devices can be used with the WIOS-5.8 wireless speaker system when connected to the transmitter using an audio cable. The WIOS-5.8 Portable Wireless Speaker has just been announced by Wolverine Data as one of its new offerings for this year. It is now available at their website for $200.

Image Source: Wolverine Data

Helium Levitate Floating Speaker Helium Levitate Floating Speaker(0)

Speakers are always known for their ability to provide audio output in varying qualities. After all, that is their primary function. But sometimes, speakers can also have other features to make them interesting. It may be a main selling point. But what matters is that some of these speakers stand out above all the others because of it. One case is point is the Helium Levitate Floating Speaker.

The Helium Levitate Floating Speaker may just be any one of those ordinary portable speakers if not for one thing- it floats in the air like magic. This portable wireless speaker defies gravity with the help of magnets. The speaker floats around a cloud of magnetic force. The base helps keep the speaker steadily floating in the air by virtue of its design. Now that is something you cannot find in other ordinary speaker.

The Helium Levitate comes with a 3W speaker with a built-in 800mAh rechargeable battery, which provides power for up to 5 hours of playing time. It connects to your supported media player or device via Bluetooth with a range of up to 33 feet. The Helium Levitate Floating Speaker not only makes a good source of your audio but also a fascinating thing to look at from your desk. This unique floating speaker is available at Red5 for 80 UK Pounds or around $125.

Image Source: Red5

Apogee Groove USB Amp Apogee Groove USB Amp(0)

Many people strive to get the best sound quality out of the headphones they use. While others find those standard gadgets already sufficient, it may not always be enough for the serious audiophile. Some try to go for professional grade audio equipment just to do the job for them. But studio-grade audio equipment does not always come cheap. If you wish to start small, then this new Apogee Groove USB Amp may be something worth considering.

The Apogee Groove is a USB headphone amp and Digital to Analog Converter or DAC. This device helps provide your headphones with the ability to deliver studio-quality audio output. The Apogee Groove boasts of up to 24 bit/192kHz audio and the Constant Current Drive feature that lets it adapt to the frequencies of your headphone to make them sound better. The Apogee Groove amp gets its power from a USB slot, making it convenient to use with your desktop computer or even your laptop. The device feature volume controls in front to conveniently let users handle level changes and muting.

The Apogee Groove may just be the audio accessory you need to experience hearing some high quality audio out of your headphones. But mind you, the privilege does not come cheap. The Apogee Groove USB amp is available for $295. You can check it out at the Apogee site to know more of the details for this device.

Image Source: Apogee

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