Crafty Creatures iOS Game App

Crafty Creatures iOS Game App
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Puzzle games are considered as only reserved for the serious and smart puzzle solver. Even in a game app, this distinction is always being mentioned in some of them. But it does not always mean that they need not have that element of fun as well. Crafty Creatures iOS game app aims to add some bit of fun into puzzle games this time around.

The Crafty Creatures iOS game app that is more than just solving puzzles. Players also get to make their own creatures of design that becomes part of the game play. In a world of fabric, thread and buttons, players get to solve puzzles by picking up the buttons and meeting up both of the crafty creatures found in the puzzle. It is physics based puzzle game where the puzzles go from easy to hard as each level is accomplished.  There are 50 levels found in five unique chapters. Timing as well as problem solving skills is needed for you to solve those puzzles. The Crafty Creatures iOS game app is available at the App Store for a $1 download.

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