Dead Stop iOS Game App

Dead Stop iOS Game App
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People still can’t get enough of zombies and monsters when it comes to playing their favorite games. Even with more and more zombie games now available for iOS devices, it doesn’t matter having some new ones coming out, as long as they offer a brand new or unique take on the zombie apocalypse genre of games. The new Dead Stop iOS game app offers just that unique touch that would make enthusiasts of such games interested to check it out.

The Dead Stop iOS game app is a tower defense and zombie apocalypse game molded into one. Having a mad scientist for a principal character only makes it even more interesting. With the zombies sprouting out of their graves and invading almost every part of the planet, it is up to the mad scientist to make use of the various crazy contraptions to keep the undead at bay and to save some of the human survivors that remain.  There are many interesting arsenal of weapons available- from an electric powered machine gun to a laser made out of an old oven. Players can explore various locations to control the hordes of zombies from overtaking the planet. There are also zombie maze games as well as survival modes that players can try out. The Dead Stop iOS game app is available at the App Store for a $1 download.

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