Fling Adds a Joystick to iPad

Fling Adds a Joystick to iPad
January 04 17:00 2011 Print This Article

At first, playing games on an iPad probably gives users an impression that they are playing with a giant PlayStation Portable. Although it may seem fun at first, eventually they realize something was missing in the iPad’s gaming experience: An analog controller.

Ten One Designs compensates that loss with its introduction of the Fling, a tactile game controller for the iPad. All you have to do is simply snap it onto the iPad screen with suction cups and you are done. Its clear material offers an almost unobstructed view of the screen below, which is being contacted by a conductive piece that acts like your finger tip as you move the joystick.

The Fling, obviously, only works with certain iPad games. It is available for preorder, costing US$24.95.

Source: CrunchGear

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