Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer

Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer
October 22 03:43 2012 Print This Article

When it comes to leisurely browsing over the net using a PC or a notebook, nothing beats having a cup of hot coffee while doing it. But for some people who might become engrossed in what they are browsing online, sometimes they can easily forget that cup of brew. By the time they remember it, the coffee has already gone cold. This Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer will help ensure that your cup of coffee stays warmer, longer.

The Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer is a simple yet useful accessory that you can always bring along with you when you have that cup of coffee while using the PC or your laptop. It is stylishly designed like a cream filled chocolate cookie. But it actually is a portable mug warmer that can heat up your cup of coffee for up to 50 degrees Celsius. It is powered via a USB port, making it an ideal cup warmer for anyone who enjoys a cup of hot beverage while using a computer. The Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer is available at Firebox for 9 UK Pounds or around US$15.

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