HP Tango X Smart Home Printer

by admin | September 15, 2019 10:04 am

Printers today may not have changed a lot. But the new ones now have added features that make them catch up with the times. With smart devices now coming into the forefront, it is no surprise that printers[1] are also joining the fray. One good example is the new HP Tango X Smart Home Printer.

The HP Tango X Smart Home Printer is updated to become part of the smart home. One of its new features is the option to integrate with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana. You can now use voice commands when you wish to print. Designed for use in conjunction with the HP Smart App, the HP Tango X Smart Home Printer offers the opportunity to print documents, photos, and other supported digital files from virtually anywhere using your portable smart device.

The HP Tango X Smart Home Printer also makes use of a two-way cloud connection to fully take advantage of its print anywhere feature. Not only that, this smart printer can also be used to scan or make copies as well. The design of the HP Tango X Smart Home Printer may be considered subtle as it does not stand out by itself. It blends well with the surrounding interior design of your home. The HP Tango X Smart Home Printer is now available at the HP website for around $150.

Image Source: HP

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