Lockitron Smartphone Controlled Lock

Even homes have to instill that bit of tech now and then. With the talk of having high tech homes clearly the next trend in the near future, people can slowly start right now by integrating high tech systems in their home. One simple addition to this would be having the Lockitron Smartphone Controlled Lock to secure the main door of your home.

The Lockitron is a nifty device that you can attach to a deadbolt in your door. What it does is allow your smartphone to open and close the deadbolt. Now how’s that for a high tech lock? The Lockitron comes with built-in WiFi, making users able to control it as well as receive notifications even when the user may be somewhere else. Users can also control who can open the Lockitron by simply entering their phone number or email address. While it is compatible with smartphones, the Lockitron also works with older phones, which can be unlocked by sending a text message.

The Lockitron is currently looking to amass pre-orders for 1,000 units in order to start production. For those interested, they can pre-order the device at Lockitron for US$149. It is expected to ship out on March of next year.

Image Source: Lockitron

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