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Samsung Unveils New E-Book Reader 0

In an attempt to enter in a brand new e-book reader market, Samsung Electronics rolled out its very own small-screen reader.  The SNE-50K e-book reader will initially sell in South

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Fujitsu FLEPia eBook Reader 0

You may have heard of Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader that has amazed some people with its innovative way of reading electronic books, but has left others unimpressed because of its

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TechCrunch Shows off Web Tablet Prototype 0

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington proposed last year to make a device solely designed to surf the internet.  The requirements were simple, it had to be fast, it needed a browser, touch

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Foxit eSlick eBook Reader 0

Foxit wants in on the which-is-the-best-eBook-reader game. Foxit has recently introduced its answer to Kindle: eSlick. Features The eSlick has the other eBook reader’s 6-inch, 600 x 800 pixel screen,

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Top Holiday Gadget Gifts for 2008 0

Amazon has put out a list what would be cool gadget holiday gifts for 2008. Here’s the top 10 of that list of the coolest gadget and electronic gifts for

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