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Optoma NuForce BE2 Affordable Wireless Headphones Optoma NuForce BE2 Affordable Wireless Headphones(0)

Gadgets and accessories today are going the wireless route. It does away with the hassle of having to attach wires and cables to gadgets. It also does away with a common point where some gadgets may be compromised. Wireless is especially ideal for accessories such as headphones. This Optoma NuForce BE2 wireless headphones is just a good example.

The Optoma NuForce BE2 is a pair of Bluetooth in-ear headphones designed for added convenience. What wires this pair of earphones uses is just a means to hold them together. It connects wirelessly to compatible devices using Bluetooth. It also comes with AAC compatibility, ensuring iPhone compatibility. The earphones boast of SpinFit TwinBlade ear tips to provide optimal comfort and fit to the user. The soft high quality silicone tips ensure that the earphones also have soft yet stable fit as well as quality noise isolation properties.

The Optoma NuForce BE2 earphones are also light as it is made out of polycarbonate material as well as durable with its Kevlar-reinforced cables. It is also water and sweat proof, making it ideal for use outdoors or while exercising in the gym. A 10-hour battery life ensures that users enjoy a quality audio experience non-stop for the rest of the day. But what gives the Optoma NuForce BE2 earphones additional appeal is its price point. It is available for purchase through Amazon for only around $50. Now, that’s quality and affordability combined.

Image Source: Amazon

The Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Camera The Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Camera(0)

Taking pictures is one of the common habits that technology has been able to influence nowadays. The availability of the smartphones with cameras has made it more convenient for people to take pictures anytime, anywhere. But one thing that smartphone cameras are not able to provide printed copies of the captured photos. The new Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Camera aims to provide the solution for those who still would like printed photos for their captured moments.

The Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Camera is just one of the more exciting products that Polaroid is offering to try and be relevant in the market. While Polaroid was once a market leader with their cameras that provide instant photos, digital technology somehow caused their slide. But now, Polaroid has embraced the same technology and revived their market for cameras that create instant photos. The Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Camera is proof of this.

The new Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Camera acts like any conventional digital camera but comes with a built-in printer that allows users to print 3.5” x 4.25” full color photos of their digital shots. The camera makes use of the revolutionary ink-free Zero Ink Printing technology developed by ZINK. The printer makes use of heat to activate and colorize embedded dye crystals in the special photo paper that the camera uses. The result is a quality and long lasting photo prints in just under a minute.

Not only that, the instant digital camera also comes with different tools. They will help users improve or enhance the photos before they are printed. There are creative filters and digital stickers to give added effects. A draw feature allows users to take advantage of personalizing photos. These tools will help make the photos come out better.

The Polaroid Pop can also connect to another device via WiFi or Bluetooth allowing smooth sharing of images between devices for printing. The Polaroid Pop instant digital camera comes with a 20MP megapixel sensor and can also take 1080p Full HD videos. The camera also comes with a microSD slot to accommodate up to 128GB of storage. A 3.97-inch touch screen display allows navigating through the camera’s menu and framing the shots. The Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Camera is available at Amazon for around $200. Additional 10-piece photo paper for prints is available for around $10.

Image Source: Amazon


Google Pixel Buds Google Pixel Buds(0)

While Google has recently launched its new Google Pixel 2 smartphone, they have also announced the availability of new accessories for it. One of the new ones on offer that some people may like is the Google Pixel Buds.

The Google Pixel Buds is a new pair of wireless earbuds that provide users with more than just high quality audio. This pair actually comes with a neat feature when paired with the Google Pixel smartphone. It is able to provide real-time translations of the major languages when the user needs it. The feature can be activated with the help of Google Assistant with just touching and holding the right earbud. Making a personal translator as a feature for the earbuds is quite a stroke of genius, something that many avid travelers may want to have during their trips.

Aside from that, the Google Pixel Buds also comes with filters that do away with background noise so that you get clear and crisp audio even when you use it to answer calls. Despite its tiny size, users can also make convenient use of controls on the right earbud in order to play or pause music or even in adjusting volume. It also comes with rechargeable batteries good enough for up to 5 hours of use. But users can even extend that up to 24 hours of listening time, thanks to the Google Pixel Buds’ charging case, which can hold multiple charges on the go. Quite an interesting accessory for your Google Pixel smartphone, the Google Pixel Buds is now available at the Google Store for $159.

Image Source: Google Store

Studio Stick Portable Recording Set Studio Stick Portable Recording Set(0)

With the gadgets that are available today, people can conveniently do some things that may prove difficult in the past. It can be hard for people trying to capture the moment in their daily lives, that spur of the moment inspiration, with the limited technology of the past. But now that there are powerful smartphones available, anyone can document and even share what they have in mind, in real time. But as this convenience becomes available more and more, some people are starting to look at quality work when it comes to documenting their lives in audio.For those who look for quality audio recording production even while on the go, the Studio Stick Portable Recording Set may provide the solution.

The Studio Stick Portable Recording Set is for people who are always on the go. It is a portable recording setup that provides users with what is needed to record high quality audio practically anywhere. It is an ideal set up for musicians as well as for people who look for a means of enhanced voice recording when needed just about anywhere. It comes with its own microphone connected to filters that can improve the quality of recorded audio. There is also a smartphone or tablet holder that can be used for the studio app for mixing and editing recorded tracks. This portable studio can all be stored in a small 20-inch container that can be opened and expanded when in studio setup. It can also be adjusted according to the users height for precisely capturing sound as it should be.

With the Studio Stick Portable Recording Set, aspiring musicians and professionals can always have the option of recording fresh music created out of a spur of the moment burst of inspiration. There is no need to wait and head out to a fixed recording studio. Just the Studio Stick Portable Recording Set some quality music and audio content ready for sharing to the world, then it is a very useful day. The Studio Stick Portable Recording Set is currently undergoing a crowd funding campaign where interested parties can pre-order the portable recording studio for around $274.

Image Source: Studio Stick

Google Pixel 2 Smartphone Google Pixel 2 Smartphone(0)

Online search giant Google is slowly getting into the area of digital devices aside from their bread and butter. And with the popularity of portable devices, Google has been trying to keep in step and enter into the fray with its own versions of smartphones, tablets and even notebooks as affordable options. But they still need to get a foothold in the market and they continue to do so. One of their recent introductions include the new Google Pixel 2 smartphone.

The new Google Pixel 2 smartphone is a new upgrade of Google’s initial smartphone. The new version now comes with a Snapdragon Octacore processor, an Adreno 540 GPU, and a 4GB RAM. Models are available with either 64GB or 128GB internal storage. The Google Pixel 2 now runs with the new Android Oreo OS. It also has a 5-inch AMOLED touchscreen display.

But what may be the distinguishing feature of the new Google Pixel 2 smartphone is the camera. It comes with a 12MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. The rear camera is capable of recording video in 4K. it is also designed to be water resistant. A handful of Google apps and tools make it a versatile phone that can appeal to many of the smartphone-savvy crowd. That and a battery that can last for up to 7 hours can be quite appealing as well. The launch of the Google Pixel 2 may be aimed at trying to challenge the launch of the new iPhone 8. While it may be a long shot to make it on top, one thing is for sure. Google is trying to make its presence known in the smartphone market. The new Google Pixel 2 smartphone is available at the Google Store and selected retailers starting from $649.

Image Source: Google Store


FrontRow Wearable Camera FrontRow Wearable Camera(0)

More and more people are into capturing their daily lives on video and then sharing it to the world. There is this fascination for some people to open up their own lives available online for other people to see. And for the audience, having the experience viewed on video would appreciate seeing it from the first-person approach. The new FrontRow Wearable Camera will certainly be helpful in achieving that.

The FrontRow Wearable Camera can provide the user with a simple and yet effective way to record videos in the first person. This unique camera is wearable and provides a fascinating first-person view user without much effort. Worn around with a necklace and an adjustable lanyard with mount, the FrontRow camera can provide the user with hours of footage from the first person approach and can also be used for instant live streaming on social networks. The camera itself is unique, since it comes in a circular shape with a camera on both sides and a 2-inch touch screen display.  When worn around the neck, users can have hands free footage of their activities, in a way making the video more natural and convenient.

The FrontRow Camera also allows users easy linking to social networks when live streaming. Fast Bluetooth connectivity also ensures quick syncing with any smartphone running the FrontRow app. Users can then make use of this connection for easy file transfers as well as additional remote control capabilities. The FrontRow wearable camera has a standby time of up to 2 days and can capture footage in its Story Mode for up to 16 hours. Users can keep the camera going during live streaming for up to two hours. The FrontRow wearable camera is ideal for users who wish to capture their experiences in video in the first person and then share it with friends or the whole world.  It is available at the FrontRow site and other selected retailers for around $399.

Image Source: FrontRow

The Cat S31 Smartphone Is Tough Enough The Cat S31 Smartphone Is Tough Enough(0)

14Some people prefer having the latest smartphone available. There are also others who prefer smartphones that last. A rugged smartphone may not appeal to many consumers, but there is a segment of them that want to have a smartphone that is tougher than most. The new Cat S31 smartphone belongs into this category.

The Cat S31 is a rugged and tough smartphone designed for adventurers and those who are always outdoors. It is the successor to the Cat S30, given some upgraded specs based on inputs from its loyal customer base. The new Cat S31 comes with a Qualcomm Quad-Core 1.3 GHz Snapdragon processor, a 2GB RAM  and a 16GB internal memory that can be further expanded by adding a microSD card.  The rugged smartphone runs on Android Nougat and comes with a 4.7 720p HD display optimized to be readable even outdoors with a touchsreen that will work even when the user is wearing gloves or has wet fingers.

The Cat S31 also comes with an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera. It also comes with a powerful 4,000 mAh battery. This rugged smartphone is dust proof, drop tested to withstand  a drop of 1.8 meters on concrete, and waterproof for depths of up to 1.2 meters for 35 minutes. It also comes with a textured body design that provides some extra grip for its users.  It also has a scratch-resistant screen courtesy of the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protected display. The Cat S31 is ideal for people who use their smartphone while at work outdoors in harsh weather or conditions. It can also be the smartphone of choice for rugged outdoorsmen and adventurers both in land or at sea. The Cat S31 smartphone is expected to be available later in the year for around 329 Euros or around US$389.

Image Source: Catphones

Lycan Powerbox Portable Solar Generator Lycan Powerbox Portable Solar Generator(0)

The need for power has continued to increase year after year. With a majority of the power in cities generated from fossil fuels, not only are they polluting, they are also a limited fuel source. There will come a time when the fuel supply will not be able to  address the increasing demand for power. That is why more and more people are considering using renewable energy to supplement their increasing power needs. With devices like the Lycan Powerbox Portable Solar Generator, the approach to using alternative energy sources  is made possible right at the home front.

The Lycan Powerbox Portable Solar Generator is a new product from Renogy that aims to provide households with a means tp produce electrical power  through alternative means . This generator is charged by harnessing the power of the sun to recharge its lithium-ion phosphate batteries. The Lycan Powerbox Portable Solar Generator has a maximum solar input of 300 watts and can be fully charged in as short as four hours when using 3 solar panels.  Aside from the sun, the Lycan Powerbox can also be recharged from the car, and via the usual household AC power outlet. Users can recharge the portable generator while they can also recharge their different gadgets from it simultaneously. A built-in USB port can accommodate four devices for recharging as well as 4 via the 110V AC outlets, and 4 DC outlets.

What makes the Lycan Powerbox Portable Solar Generator more interesting is that its lithium-ion phosphate battery is swappable, allowing users to change into new batteries when the old ones have gone through its expected lifespan of over 2000 cycles. It is also designed for use both indoors and outdoors. It is an ideal power source during emergencies or blackouts. It can also be an ideal companion for people going on a camping trip somewhere AC power may not be readily available. The Lycan Powerbox Portable Solar Generator can also be conveniently used for power in order to lower energy –related costs at home. The Lycan Powerbox Portable Solar Generator is now available at the Renogy site. Price starts at around $1,800.

Image Source: Renogy

Feel Safer With The iMaxAlarm Personal Security Device Feel Safer With The iMaxAlarm Personal Security Device(0)

Personal security seems to be an important thing for many people today. People need to feel safer as the safety threats abound in their surroundings. Possible robberies and assault are some of the things that more people are getting concerned about. There are ways to protect oneself from such threats. One of them is by having the new iMaxAlarm Personal Security Device.

The iMaxAlarm Personal Security Device is a handy and convenient form of personal security most ideal for women. It makes use of an ear-piercing 130dB sound that is loud enough to be able to startle a potential threat to your personal security. The sound can also be used to catch the attention of other people in the vicinity to deter possible aggressors. The device can also prove useful for providing sound signals during emergencies to alert rescuers to your location.

The iMaxAlarm Personal Security Device is small enough to be inserted into a keychain . a press of a button on the device can emit the strong siren for a period of 30 minutes without stopping. And when it has done its job, users can simply stop the alarm by reinserting the key into the top portion of the device. The iMaxAlarm Personal Security Device can be a indispensible safety device for people who are always under the constant threat of intruders and criminals. It is especially quite a useful deterrent that makes use the element of surprise to one’s full advantage as a means to feel more secure and safe. The iMaxAlarm Personal Security Device is available at their website in a variety of colors for around $20.

Image Source: iMaxAlarm

Hydra Light Produces Power With Water Hydra Light Produces Power With Water(0)

There are people who are always interested in surviving off the grid. City folks have grown accustomed to the conveniences of the city- electricity, running water, supermarkets, etc. – that they have taken all these for granted. In cases where an event causes one or all of these conveniences to break down, most of these folks will have a difficult time surviving. Just having a source of light for the night becomes a serious problem for the unprepared. It pays that some new technology has continued to provide people with different alternatives to still survive life off the grid. For a light source, this new Hydra Light offers a unique alternative.

The Hydra Light is a unique way to produce a source of light where one may be needed while off the grid. This new technology makes use of a power cell they call HydraCell that can create steady power using water.  All it takes is to dunk the HydraCell into salt water for 10 to 15 seconds and it will create steady electrical currents strong enough to power light bulbs. It becomes an ideal means to provide a light source for camps. A single dip in the water can provide power and light for up to 100 hours. And when the cell weakens, all it takes is to place the HydraCell in the water all over again to recharge it.

Using the HydraCell, Hydra Light offers a number of products available, from flash lights, power packs, to lanterns. People can have different options to choose from the different Hydra Light products that they think will be ideal for their use.  Based on their website, pricing details for these new line of products are not yet available.

Image Source: Hydra Light

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