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Cobra Electronics Instant Proof Dash Cam Cobra Electronics Instant Proof Dash Cam(0)

While driving a car has become a common function for many people daily, challenges still abound. No matter how careful you are at driving, there are always other potential risks on the road that might get you into an accident. What’s even worse, you may even get blamed for it if you do not have any proof to show if in case you are in one. Technology has helped in trying to uphold driver responsibility with devices like the new Instant Proof Dash Cam from Cobra Electronics.

The Instant Proof Dash Cam can be your “watchful eye” while you are out on the road. Also known as the IP 200, this camera is mounted on the car’s windshield and can provide 1080p video recording with a 120 degree viewing angle to ensure good road coverage. With this quality, it is possible to capture and read out license plate numbers, very useful in trying to catch errant drivers who prefer to escape the scene instead of owning up to responsibilities. It can also provide a clear account of what really happens in case of an accident.

The Instant Proof Dash Cam records video in 3-minute segments and stores them inside the camera’s memory card. And just in case the memory fills up, the camera automatically deletes and overwrites to provide room for new video recordings. The dash cam also comes with an integrated G Sensor to detect any sudden accelerations and collisions. The IP 200 also comes with Motion Detection features that allow the cam record video even while parked. The Instant Proof Dash Cam is now available at their website for around $60, which comes with a 4GB microSD card for storage.

Image Source:  Cobra Electronics

Huawei Matebook Tablet Huawei Matebook Tablet(0)

28The market for portable gadgets has become quite big. The launch of smaller yet powerful devices has gotten the attention of many people. From smartphones to tablets and notebooks, people continue to look for portability as an appealing feature.  When it comes to different portable devices, those that offer dual features usually get some attention, like the new Huawei Matebook.

The Huawei Matebook is a portable yet powerful tablet that people can consider as their device of choice for several functions. Its features allow it to remain as a powerful device and yet stay as slim and portable as well. Its powerful performance comes from its 6th Gen Intel Core M7 3.1GHz dual-core processor. It also comes with up to 8GB LPDDR3 RAM and up to 512GB high speed SSD. It also comes with a 12-inch IPS TFT LCD capacitive touch display.  It also comes with a 5MP fixed focus camera and dual speakers.

Running on Windows 10, the Huawei Matebook is ideal for use as a tool for productive tasks at home, in the office, and while on the go. Its ultra slim design with its metal unibody weighs just 640 grams and just 6.9mm slim, making it a very ideal device chosen for portability. The Huawei Matebook tablet is expected to cost around $700 to $800, depending on the specs available.

Image Source: Huawei

Sequent Is The World’s  First Kinetic Charging Smartwatch Sequent Is The World’s  First Kinetic Charging Smartwatch(0)

As far as watches go, people use it to tell time. For people with cash to spare, they almost always prefer telling time with elegance and style. That is why luxury watches are still quite popular. But technology is also trying to spur the evolution of the wrist watch by adding more functions to it. With the arrival of smartwatches, people no longer just use it to tell time. It can now keep track of your health data, your phone messages, your location, and who knows what else. People now take on smartwatches for the different functions they can offer. But it may take a special kind of smartwatch like the new Sequent to bring back the elegance and style that classic watches once offered.

The Sequent smartwatch stands above the other smartwatches in the market for one distinct feature- it is the world’s first self-charging smartwatch. Yes, the feature that was once introduced in classic automatic watches are now being used to power the Sequent. What may be an inconvenience for other smartwatch owners is the advantage of this new smartwatch. Owners can continue charge it even as they use it with the kinetic self-charging feature it comes with. The new and patented battery system can transform kinetic energy into electrical energy and power up the smartwatch indefinitely. There is no need to plug in the watch in order to recharge it, as what most smartwatches still require.

Its Swiss luxury watch design gives the Sequent a feel of classic elegance that many stylish people look for in a watch. It still has the features that come with many smartwatches today such as activity and health tracking, heartbeat and pulse sensor, built-in GPS and others. It can also provide users with message and call notifications if required, filtered according to your own needs. The Sequent can even set the local time automatically, a godsend for frequent travelers who might get confused of time zones and local time at each destination they arrive into. The Sequent is also made out of high-grade durable materials and is water resistant for up to 50 meters.

The classic and sleek design of the Sequent may make some people think that it is not a smartwatch at all. This can also be an advantage since there are people who prefer not to let their watch get all the attention. It has recently conducted a very successful crowd funding campaign that will make others take notice. The Sequent is currently available for pre-order at  Indiegogo starting at $215 up to $299. It is set to be available in the market sometime in January of next year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

ResMed S+ Non-Contact Sleep Tracker ResMed S+ Non-Contact Sleep Tracker(0)

Sleep is just as important to people as being active. But some people tend to forget that and aim to stay awake as much as possible in order to become productive. Sometimes, the reason is having trouble getting enough sleep. One way to know if you have sleep problems is by having a means to keep track of your sleep patterns. The ResMed S+ sleep tracker can help you in this area.

The ResMed S+ is a non-contact sleep tracker that can help monitor your sleeping patterns without the use of wearable sensors and what not. Some people are not comfortable having a wearable sleep tracker when they go to bed. The ResMed S+ offers the most ideal solution. This device is placed on your bedside table where it can conveniently detect your body movement and breathing while you sleep. The device uses the data to assess your sleeping pattern and quality. Not only that, the device also has sensors that measure light, sound and temperature levels and how it may affect sleep.

The ResMed S+ takes note of the data it collects when you sleep and then syncs up with an app on your portable device to provide tailored feedback as well as suggestions on how you can improve your sleep. Other ways the device can help improve your sleep is by creative specially designed sounds that synchronize with your breathing to gradually slow it down to help you relax and fall asleep more easily. It also has a Mind Clear feature that allows you to record your to-do list for tomorrow and remind you with simple text and soothing voice tools in order to help clear your mind from worrying less about tomorrow’s activities. It also has a Smart Alarm that gently wakes you up from light sleep and close to when you need to get up. This way, you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start another day the right way.  The ResMed S+ sleep tracker is currently available in the market and costs around $130, which can be a small price to pay for a good night’s sleep nowadays.

Image Source: ResMed

Easy Smart Home Conversion With The cnct intelliPLUG Easy Smart Home Conversion With The cnct intelliPLUG(0)

Smart homes are the wave of the future.  There would come a time when a typical home may be considered as a smart and well-connected one. For now, we can see the initial features of what smart homes would be like with the use of WiFi-enabled devices. But it can also be quite costly. Imagine how smart homes would cost if you build one now. If you prefer to make your current home smarter, then there are options available such as using the cnct intelliPLUG for your plug-in devices and appliances at home.

The cnct intelliPLUG is a unique but simple solution to make any home a smart one. It is a smart plug that you can plug into your existing power outlets where you plug in your many home appliances. What makes it different is that the cnct intelliPLUG is WiFi-enabled and allows you to turn your devices on and off via an app from your portable device wherever you may be. It is as simple as plugging in the device into a power outlet, using the app to sync it with your smart device and you’re good to go. Whatever you plug into the cnct intelliPLUG can then be turned on and off from the app on your smartphone. No matter where you are located, as long as you go online and open the app, you can have better control of your home appliances through the cnct intelliPLUG. The app can also allow you to set a schedule when to turn the connected appliances on or off. If you wish to turn on the light at home even before you arrive, you can do so with the cnct intelliPLUG. Imagine what you can do with your other plugged in devices. The cnct intelliPLUG is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, giving it some added versatility when it comes to making your home smarter. The cnct intelliPLUG is an affordable option for people who wish to make their homes smart without breaking the bank. It is now available at the cnctlife website for around $25 each.

Image Source: cnctlife

Halos GoDrive Pro Halos GoDrive Pro(0)

One of the usual concerns of many about gadgets has always been storage. Even for iPhone owners, this can be a common concern. No matter how large the internal memory of the iPhone, many times people still find it lacking. The concern may not be immediate. But years of using the smartphone can eventually fill up any remaining memory on the phone with pictures, movies, songs, and other files. When deleting these important files is out of the question, it can be a hassle trying to  transfer them to a PC just to free up some valuable storage memory. The problem with the iPhone is that it does not have an option for adding an external memory card. But that is about to change with the next best option offered by the Halos GoDrive Pro.

The Halos GoDrive Pro is a special iPhone-compatible charging cable that doubles as a MicroSD slot. More than just an ordinary charging cable, the GoDrive Pro is a MicroSD card reader and quick charger. Users can benefit from the added storage memory on their iPhones as well as faster charging times. It provides the means of direct access to a microSD card for iPhones as well as iPads. The GoDrive Pro can also provide quick charging of your devices, able to charge up to 50 percent of your battery in just 20 minutes.

Using the GoDrive app, users can directly access, share and transfer of data not just on Apple devices but also includes digital cameras, dash cams and drones that make use of a lightning connector. Its features are made possible by the intelligent chip built into the GoDrive Pro. If you encounter memory problems on your devices due to an accumulation of valuable stored data, then you might be in need of the GoDrive Pro from Halos. It is currently available on Kickstarter for $39 for an early bird special for the 32GB microSD version. It is expected to go for around $53 when available on retail.

Image Source: Kickstarter


Away X Tile Luggage Tag Keeps Track Of Your Travel Bag Away X Tile Luggage Tag Keeps Track Of Your Travel Bag(0)

Many travelers always have some concerns or two when they go on a trip. One of them is their luggage. There is always that risk that they might get lost or misplaced. Sometimes, it can either be the airlines’ fault and sometimes that of the traveler. Nonetheless, it can be pretty useful if travelers can have that option of being able to track down where the luggage has gone once it’s misplaced or somehow lost. That’s now possible with the new Away x Tile Luggage Tag.

What Is It?

The Away x Tile Luggage Tag is the result of a collaboration between Away, a maker of quality travel luggage, and Tile, a company dealing with the use of Bluetooth tracking technology. The partnership gave birth to Away x Tile, a luggage tag that allows users to keep track of their valuable bags and baggage brought along for the trip. It looks like a typical luggage tag where you can write in your name and other contact details that you can then attach to your bag. What makes it different is that it comes with a Tile Slim Bluetooth device.

High Tech Luggage Tag

To make it work its magic, you also need to download the accompanying Tile app to your smartphone, turn on its Bluetooth function and then pair your smartphone with the Away x Tile luggage tag. Once that’s done, you now have the option to monitor your bag wherever it goes. Whether you would like to know the last location of your bag, you can check it out from your smartphone. The app will provide you with info where the bag was last detected. It communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth so it can also provide a push notification to the owner in case the bag it is attached to goes beyond a certain distance.

The Away x Tile also works the other way in case the owner misplaces his or her smartphone. If the Away x Tile and the smartphone is paired, users can simply press on the Tile luggage tag and the smartphone will send out a ring for the owner to try and locate it. This high tech luggage tag can be a simple and yet important way for travelers to at least ensure that they have a way to locate their luggage in case it got lost or misplaced in an airport or any other location.  The Away x Tile is available at the Away website for $30 each.

Image Source: Away

Nuguna Neckband Nuguna Neckband(0)

Hearing loss can be a problem that may need some serious attention. It can affect how one deals with all the things around him. Some can have hearing loss that may require the use of hearing aids. Others may suffer from mild hearing loss and may not yet be that ready to wear a hearing aid since all they need is to be more aware of the surroundings they are in. It is a good thing that some people now have the choice to consider the alternative in the Nuguna Neckband.

The Nuguna Neckband is not exactly a hearing aid. It can’t actually improve the level of sound people can hear. More specifically, it is a device that allows people with mild hearing loss become more aware of their surroundings by the sounds that they fail to hear. The device does this by providing vibration alerts that will direct wearers to where unheard sound may be coming from. This device is designed as a stylish open ended neckband. It comes with left and right microphones that takes in and measures ambient noise. The device can also determine the difference of the sound levels on either side. It then provides vibrating alerts that will help wearers determine where the sound may be coming from. This includes sounds their hearing may not always catch due to their condition.

When a doorbell sounds, a microwave sounds off, a phone rings, or an approaching voice is getting stronger, the Nuguna Neckband is able to capture these sounds and help notify people with hearing loss where they might be coming from. It will also be quite useful outdoors as it can help notify wearers regarding car or bicycle horns sounding off that they may not be able to hear. At least the vibration from the device will alert wearers of the Nuguna Neckband and become more aware of their surroundings.

The Nuguna Neckband is ideal for people with hearing loss but may not be ready to wear a hearing aid all of the time. This device becomes the alternative to allow them to become better aware of their surroundings through the alerts of the device despite their weak hearing. In addition, the Nuguna Neckband is also able to provide call, message, and social media alerts which allow wearers become more socially engaged despite their condition. The Nuguna Neckband will be available in two models- the Nuguna Neckband OFF which can detect high pitched sounds and notify wearer of where the sounds are coming from and the Nuguna Neckband ON which will be accompanied by a mobile app to allow users to configure vibration alerts that wearers can distinguish. The Nuguna Neckband OFF is expected to retail for $198 while the Nuguna Neckband ON will retail for $248. It is expected to come out sometime in December of this year.

Image Source: UFirst

Airdog ADII Camera Drone Airdog ADII Camera Drone(0)

Action sports have become quite popular not just because of the excitement they bring. Having action cameras to record and share the experience have given some added appeal as well, enough to convince other people to try it out themselves. Scenic action shots do even better with the arrival of drones to record the action shots from up above. This new Airdog ADII Camera Drone takes it a step further as a smarter auto-follow drone.

The new Airdog ADII drone takes the cudgels from the Airdog 1, considered as the first high performance auto-follow camera drone in the market when it came out. Better technology and improvements are integrated into the new Airdog ADII to give a better performance camera drone with added features. The drone is built with hands-free operation and control in mind. This gives the user complete freedom to capture content rather than trying to navigate and maneuver the drone to take those shots.

The new Airdog ADII camera drone comes with AirLeash, a wearable tracking device that replaces the remote control made up of joysticks and large display screens common in other drones. It also allows users to set GPS waypoints along which the drone can follow instead of simply following the device. This allows the drone to follow a track while avoiding obstacles along the way. Users can also adjust the altitude as well as other settings according to what the user wants to achieve. The drone can also be set to different free follow modes that take the complexities out of getting the Airdog ADII up in the air and capture action or scenic shots. The Airdog ADII Camera Drone is also wind resistant, able to withstand winds of up to 30knots or 15m/s. Its durable construction and powerful propulsion systems make it able to perform even in windy and other rough weather conditions. The Airdog ADII is currently available for pre-orders for $1,299.  It is expected to be available in October of this year. Afterwards, this drone will retail for around $1,500.

Image Source: Airdog

Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooter Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooter(0)

It seems that more and more people are getting tired of simply walking around. While that may be unfortunate for people fitness-wise, having a portable transport is indeed convenient. While  the younger ones have long depended on skateboards, bikes, and scooters, there are some people who want to try something new, motorized ones, to be exact. There is a market out there for portable motorized transports that can take people from point A to point B, like the new Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooter.

The Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooter is a unique type of portable personal transport intent of catching the eye of those looking for alternatives to the usual skateboards. The KO1 is a motorized one-wheel scooter. A glorified pogo stick on wheels may be an ideal comparison to it, a streamlined Segway if you will. To be more specific, it is a motorized self-balancing electric scooter running on just a single wheel.  First-time users may feel that it will be hard to ride on such a unique personal transport. But it is relatively easy to learn, taking  just minutes to learn how to ride and get accustomed to going around using the KO1 electric scooter.  Thanks to the Auto Deck Smart Control System of the scooter, riders simply need to step on the scooter tilt a bit forward to launch and then learning to control the direction through certain body motions.

The Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooter comes with rechargeable batteries built-in to provide the power for the scooter. A 2-hour charge can allow the scooter to go around  for  around 15 miles and can reach speeds of up to 15 mph. The Kiwano KO1 can also go up inclines of up to 35 degrees.  Shock suspension provides a smoother ride and a durable weather-proof body ensures that riders can use it at any time outside. The Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooter is portable and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for those who look for a convenient mode of personal transport. It is available at the Kiwano site for $999.

Image Source: Kiwano


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