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Vivobarefoot Smart Shoe – Walking Barefoot, But Smart    Vivobarefoot Smart Shoe – Walking Barefoot, But Smart   

While some may not yet be aware of it, but footwear today is going high tech. And no, it is not just about the technology that goes into manufacturing shoes. It is the shoes themselves that are getting, well, smarter. Some of the latest to be introduced in this area of smart footwear include the Vivobarefoot Smart Shoe line.

The Vivobarefoot Smart Shoe is not just an ordinary shoe that you wear. It is a smartshoe that contains a number of fabric-thin pressure sensors provided by the shoemaker’s partner, Sensoria. The Vivobarefoot Smart Shoe itself if designed to provide less interference to natural running or walking as much as possible. It features Vivobarefoot’s 3 mm ultra-thin sole which not only replicates walking barefoot but also provides foot protection as well.

As high tech footwear, the new Vivobarefoot Smart Shoe uses the embedded sensors to collect and record data in relation to one’s natural walking and running habits such as foot landing technique, contact timing, asymmetry and toe engagement, among others. It can also monitor other essential data such as speed, pace, cadence, distance as well as GPS tracking. Based on the collected data that is recorded and streamed to the user’s mobile phone, the Sensoria Run 2.0 app can then provide runners with a way to identify bad running habits and correct them. This can help them improve their running form as well as reduce the risk of injuries. The Vivobarefoot Smart Shoe is expected to be available sometime in the second half of this year. A pair of Vivobarefoot Smart Shoe is expected to cost around $150.

Image Source: Vivobarefoot

AEE Selfly Drone  AEE Selfly Drone 

When it comes to gadgets nowadays, portability has become something that adds an appealing feature. Even gadgets that started out as big, they become even more appealing as they become more portable. It seems to be a common feature in some of the popular gadgets today. Another popular gadget going this route is the drone. Starting out as bulky flying machines, you now have handheld drones that are just as complex as their previous bigger predecessors. The new AEE Selfly Drone is even taking it to another new level.

While there might be smaller drones out there compared to the new and upcoming AEE Selfly drone, it has one feature that others may find more fascinating- the drone is embedded into a smartphone case when it is not in use. Yes, the AEE Selfly is a smartphone case that you can use as a drone to take unique selfies, if you want to look at it from another perspective. As a drone, it is equipped with 1080p Full HD video capability and utilizes high-end stabilization technology to ensure that it flies and captures images and videos smoothly. The AEE Selfly has a flight time of four minutes with a charge time of 30 minutes.

The AEE Selfly drone comes with a smartphone case that is compatible with most 4- to 6-inch smartphones. With a touch of a button from an accompanying app, the AEE Selfly will be able to hover above and ready to capture selfie images and videos at heights and angles no smartphone may be capable of taking. This portable drone and its app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It has recently been introduced at CES 2018 in Las Vegas last month. It is expected to be available sometime in the first quarter of this year. It is available for pre-order at Indiegogo for $109. Its suggested retail price in the US will be around $130.

Image Source: Indiegogo


Flip Phone Sports A Three -Display Design Smartphone Flip Phone Sports A Three -Display Design Smartphone

A number of different smartphone designs have already been introduced in the market. Some have become popular while others have fallen into obscurity. It can be quite a challenge trying to introduce new designs that can stand out. There are times when unique design captures the imagination just like this Flip Phone design concept.

The Flip Phone is a unique smartphone with a three-display feature. The displays are composed of three flexible AMOLED touchscreens. Not only that, there is also a keyboard on the reverse side of one display. The displays form a triangular piece held together by soft steel mesh hinges. It will also run on a custom flavor of Android that extends the possibilities of what a smartphone can do.

The Flip Phone design concept was developed by Kristian Ulrich Larsen. Its different display features provide additional options for users- from a larger screen display, twin-sharing displays, and more. Its coolness factor adds to its appeal. The Flip Phone is still a design concept but is available at Yanko Design for further exploration.

Image Source: Yanko Design

KwikFold Ultra Quick Folding Bikes KwikFold Ultra Quick Folding Bikes

People nowadays have it easy going around. Modes of transportation from cars to bikes make it more convenient. In busy urban settings with bad traffic, it is sometimes more convenient to go around on a bike instead of a car. But it is on the “last mile” of the trip that makes the likesof theKwikFold Ultra Quick Folding Bikes even more appealing.

The KwikFold Ultra Quick Folding Bikes belongs to a relatively new class of bikes that users can easily fold and bring along just about anywhere. Gone are the days when bikes are locked outside the venue with that possible risk of getting stolen. The KwikFold Ultra Quick Folding Bikes can be brought and stored inside the home or office instead of outside. It is easy to fold and unfold without needed added tools. The way it folds also allows users to wheel it along when it is being stored, without the need of carrying it all of the time.

The KwikFold Ultra Quick Folding Bikes come in electric and non-electric versions. The latter comes with 7-speed Shimano gears for speed options and weighs only 11.5kg. The electric version comes with a 250W motor that can travel at a range of 30 miles on a full charge. Riders can choose for pedal assist, cruising mode, throttle and go mode and can even use it for manual riding. It also sports hydraulic brakes. The KwikFold Ultra Quick Folding Bikes is currently undergoing crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo in order to collect some additional capital for production. Those interested can still pre-order the non-electric bike for 298UK Pounds or around $416. The electric version can be pre-ordered for 828UK Pounds or around $1156. It is expected to be available sometime in May of this year.

Image Source: Indiegogo

Roar Athena Smart Wearable Safety Device Roar Athena Smart Wearable Safety Device

Feeling safe is important especially if you are a woman. Having some peace of mind that you can be safefrees you from the tight grip that fear can sometimes have in your life. Personal safety is first and foremost a personal responsibility. You can have the help of new devices of today to help you feel safe. In the case of women, this Roar Athena Smart Wearable Safety Device may be just what they need.

The Roar Athena Smart Wearable Safety Device is a personal safety tool for women designed as sleek and stylish to make the device look inconspicuous when being worn. The Roar Athena may be considered as smart safety jewelry that women won’t mind adding into their daily fashion wear as an accessory. But its main function is to provide wearers with a useful device for personal safety.

The Roar Athena Smart Wearable Safety Device comes with a large button that emits a loud and piercing 90-decibel sound that can act as a deterrent for potential intruders. The sound can alert other people in the vicinity and can be enough to surprise any potential attacker into moving away. The element of surprise gives the wearer the means to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation and provide some precious time to escape as well.

Not only that, the Roar Athena Smart Wearable Safety Device also sends out messages as well as location to assigned emergency contacts in order to notify them via mobile. As a personal safety device and fashion accessory, it can be an essential part of any women’s daily wardrobe. It can be worn as a necklace pendant or as a clip on a bag or pocket. The Roar Athena Smart Wearable Safety Device is currently available for iOS users in terms of providing location alerts. But anyone can use it as a discreet personal safety alarm. The RoarAthena is available at the Roar site for $129.

Image Source: Roar

Depstech USB Endoscope Depstech USB Endoscope

Many inventions can sometimes function in a way that may not be what it was really meant to do. The endoscope for example, has an initial function as a portable medical micro camera that provides doctors with an internal view of the body’s organs, usually the stomach. But people have found other possible uses for it. That’s the reason why gadgets like the Depstech USB Endoscope gets developed.

The Depstech USB Endoscope is a relatively unique compared to ordinary camera. The 8.5 mm diameter camera head that comes with 6 adjustable LED’s and a 2MP CMOS HD camera. It comes with a semi-rigid 5-meter long felxible body thag allows it to peek into hard-to-reach and hard-to-see areas. Users can view what the camera sees when the USB endoscope is connected to a smartphone, tablet or computer using an app.

For this, the Depstech USB Endoscope is ideal for use in many areas such as vehicle repair, home inspection and maintenance, as well as other jobs that require visual inspection in tight spaces. It is a great tool that will make some tasks more convenient than how they are done previously. The Depstech USB Endoscope is available on Amazon for $26.

Image Source: Amazon

Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer

People nowadays like to take photos using their smartphones that they share online. But it is becoming uncommon for people to make physical copies of them. It is not a matter of people not wanting to. It is more along the lines that it is not convenient for people to do just that. This Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer might just help change that.

Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer allows users to conveniently print out copies of their digital pictures taken from their iPhones. It connects to your phone via a lightning port and then transforms your iPhone into a mini digital camera. You can then take photos right from your smartphone and then print it straight into the connected device via the Prynt app. Users can then easily print copies on special photo paper that zero ink, thanks to Zink technology. The app also helps you share your captured photos online. But that is not all that it can do.

Together with the Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer, users can also take videos and embed it into selected photos via the Prynt app. And when people view the printed photo on the Prynt app, they will see it come to life as the photo turns into a video file. The Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer is quite an interesting gadget for iPhone users to add into their collection of accessories. It is currently available for iPhone users with an Android version still in the works. The Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer is available on Amazon for around $148.

Image Source: Amazon

Pen Mouse Pen Mouse

The computer mouse has been a common and usual companion of many computer users. It offers the most convenient means of  navigating around the computer screen. The standard computer mouse has become so successful in its tasks that it remains largely having the same design since it was first introduced. Some people may be looking for other alternatives. This new Pen Mouse will fit right in quite nicely.

The new Pen Mouse is a unique and ideal choice to replace the dependable computer mouse. Unlike an ordinary mouse which requires a flat and smooth surface to work its magic, the pen Mouse just needs a small area where users can point it. It is designed just like a pen and can be used almost the same as when you are writing with it. The difference is that the Pen Mouse comes with buttons situated where a user’s fingers are placed when in the act of writing. The buttons also act the same way the buttons work on the ordinary computer mouse. It even has a scroll wheel as well.

The Pen Mouse is convenient to use in that users need not look for a suitable surface to function. It works on most surfaces and can even be used since using the Pen Mouse requires the hand to stay upright, there is less tension on the wrist, preventing hand injuries from occurring. It is also wireless and has a transmitter that allows the use of the Pen Mouse up to 10 meters away. Just like an ordinary computer mouse, it is also battery powered, running on a single AAA battery. The Pen Mouse is also ideal for use at presentations during business meetings, teaching, and other similar instances. The Pen Mouse is available at iCoolGadgets for around $34.

Image Source: iCoolGadgets

Self-Training Tennis Tool Self-Training Tennis Tool

Playing better tennis requires regular practice of your tennis swing and on improving your stroke. When trips to the community courts may not be ideal, you can always practice at home. But then again, you usually need a tennis partner. In case you find yourself alone and wanting to practice your swings, this Self-Training Tennis Tool will be a great help.

The Self-Training Tennis Tool is a great device to allow you to practice your tennis swings even if you do not have a training partner. It features a base that you can fill with water and with non-skid pads to make it stay in place. Connected to it is a tennis ball roped with a rubber cord. Place it in a vacant space where you can practice your tennis shots by hitting on the ball. The rubber cord stretches and will return your every shot just as if you are playing with a tennis partner.

The rubber cord is 15 feet long and can stretch to 30 feet if you hit the balls hard enough. You can adjust the rebound of the balls by wrapping the cord around the base of the tennis trainer. It is a great tool for practicing your tennis swing, doing warm ups, as well as improve on your reaction times. You can use it in areas at home such as driveways, garages, and basements with enough space for the tennis ball to fly out and return. The Self-Training Tennis Tool is available at Shock Best for around $33.

Image Source: Shock Best

Apollo Cloud 2 Duo Powerful Storage Device Apollo Cloud 2 Duo Powerful Storage Device

People nowadays have to deal with a greater amount of data as before. From digital documents, images, audio or video files, the amount of data that needs storage increases over time. In so doing, the need to conveniently access the same data increases as well. That is why Apollo Cloud 2 Duo provides a possible solution for such concerns regarding data storage and access.

The Apollo Cloud 2 Duo Powerful Storage Device provides a means of storing and organizing your digital files all in one device. Aside from directly storing data, people can use it to store and access files from the cloud. It comes with two 4TB surveillance class hard drives, Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 connectivity.  It is powered by a 1GHz Dual Core processor with 1GB DDR3 RAM. It works together with an app for Android and iOS devices to conveniently access the stored files in many different ways.

The app makes it easy for users to take advantage of the features provided by the Apollo Cloud 2 Duo Powerful Storage Device. It can be used as a camera roll backup, create and store albums based on location or on facial recognition. Up to 40 members can access the files of the Apollo Cloud 2 with different levels of security access. The Apollo Cloud 2 Duo Powerful Storage Device is now available at Promise Technology for $449.

Image Source: Promise Technology

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