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YOOLOX Wireless Charging Power Bank YOOLOX Wireless Charging Power Bank(0)

Gadget-savvy people just can’t have enough power for their portable devices. It is even essential to bring along added power on the go. That is why power banks have become quite popular. These handy power generators are also enjoying their own line of development to make their use even more convenient. Take for example the introduction of the YOOLOX Wireless Charging Power Bank.

Wireless Charging On The Go

The YOOLOX Wireless Charging Power Bank is a handy device that allows users to recharge their portable devices wirelessly. It can do so for smartphones or any other portable device that supports wireless charging. More specifically, this power bank supports the Qi wireless charging standard, which is available for many popular smartphone brands. It is designed with small suction cups on one side that will hold the smartphone in place as it is charging. The power bank is also equipped with a USB a, a USB C, ad a microUSB port for wired charging on other devices that does not support wireless charging.

The YOOLOX Wireless Charging Power Bank also features a Quick Charge 3.0 certified chip inside that increases the charging speed of Android phones for up to four times. This power bank also is developed to adjust at the right temperature automatically in order to prevent charging phones from overheating. The company behind this wireless charging power bank is introducing a 10,000mAh and a 16,000 mAh model as options. There is also a 20,000 mAh power bank in development. The YOOLOX Wireless Charging Power Bank is currently available for pre-order at the YOOLOX website.  The YOOLOX 10k is expected to retail for around 79 Euros or around $92. The 16k model will go for around 129 Euros or around $150. The first power banks is expected to be available by September of this year.

Image Source: YOOLOX

Mi-Camp ONE Modular Easy Pitch Tent Mi-Camp ONE Modular Easy Pitch Tent(0)

Going out camping is an exciting adventure for many people during the summer season.  But staying overnight in the wild outdoors can sometimes be unexciting for some. Setting up a tent, for example, can be a challenge. For those who find the task difficult, this Mi-Camp ONE Modular Easy Pitch Tent can make outdoor life a bit more convenient.

Modular Tent

The Mi-Camp ONE Modular Easy Pitch Tent is unique in that it makes use of an inflatable design when setting up. Instead of a stick pole frame, this tent makes use of an air frame that inflates from a single point using a high flow hand pump. This way, users can set up the tent in seconds and with fewer complications. Once the tent is up, it can be secured to the ground using guy ropes. This is a tent that even the young ones will be able to pitch in no time.

Not only that, the Mi-Camp ONE Modular Easy Pitch Tent is also made with a modular design. One tent set-up can be combined with several other Mi-Camp tent to add rooms as needed and design the customized tent layout in mind. There is no limit to the number of rooms the tent can have, as long as you have the Mi-Camp ONE Modular Easy Pitch Tents you need. A single tent can house up to four people and comes with an internal height that allows people to have standing room inside.

The Mi-Camp ONE Modular Easy Pitch Tent is ideal not only for camping or outdoor adventures. It can also prove to be valuable in emergency situations where instant housing or an office setup may be needed, all thanks to its modular design. This unique tent set up is available for pre-order at Indiegogo for a special price of around $399. Expected delivery will be around November of this year up to March of the next one.

Image Source: Indiegogo

Canvia Smart Art Display Canvia Smart Art Display(0)

Modern technology has improved the quality of life in many different ways.  Not only has it improved health, provided convenience, and made life in general easier, technology has also enhanced the way we view art. The appreciation of art has always been associated with classic paintings. When people cannot personally enjoy looking at the original, there are also other alternatives that technology can offer. One is by appreciating art via the Canvia Smart Art Display.

Digital Display

The Canvia Smart Art Display is a unique digital display that is designed for presenting digital images in a better light. It displays images just like a real painting, thanks to a patent-pending ArtSense Technology. Using this technology, the smart display imitates classic physical art by conserving the details such as texture, color, and even down to the individual brushstrokes.

What makes the Canvia Smart Art Display special is that it can be updated at any time. It provides the flexibility with access through a library of curated art. Using an app, users can control the display according to one’s changing tastes and on different occasions. This smart display also comes with interactive features and even supports voice recognition technology such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It has many other features that can make you change the way you look at that picture on the wall. The Canvia Smart Art Display is currently available for pre-order at Kickstarter for around $250.

Image Source: Kickstarter

Lexon Terrace 3-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker Lexon Terrace 3-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker(0)

People love portable gadgets nowadays, most especially if they provide a number of useful functions. Aside from tablets and smartphones, many portable accessories are also available to enhance the use of these devices. And with the Lexon Terrace 3-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker, users of gadgets can really get quite a deal.

The Lexon Terrace 3-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker is a gadget that many people will learn to love. Aside from being a Bluetooth speaker it also acts as a desk lamp to provide lighting in dark areas. Not only that, this Bluetooth speaker also comes with its own rechargeable battery to that it can operate without the need for wires.

The 4000 mAh lithium battery of the Lexon Terrace 3-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker also acts as a powerbank that can recharge other devices using the USB port. The battery takes about five hours or charging time and can offer up to 25 hours of music or light. The Lexon Terrace 3-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker is an ideal accessory for your portable entertainment device. With its different functions, it can really be a great space saver for your room. It is available at Lexon for $150.

Image Source: Lexon

Soul Solar Scroll Portable Solar Charger Soul Solar Scroll Portable Solar Charger(0)

Many gadget users always have this need for power on the go. Powerbanks provide a portable solution for added power to recharge devices. But once they run out of power, they become useless. The new Soul Solar Scroll Portable Solar Charger provides a better alternative.

The Soul Solar Scroll Portable Solar Charger offers an eco-friendly way to generate power for your portable devices. It makes use of a flexible yet highly efficient solar panel that extends when needed and retracts when not in use. it comes with a 5200mAh power bank to store up the power generated by the solar panel. There is also a USB slot to recharge the power bank via a power outlet.

The Soul Solar Scroll Portable Solar Charger is ideal for people who love the outdoors and those who are always on the go. Having a means to generate power to recharge devices can be very valuable especially of you are off the grid. The Soul Solar Scroll Portable Solar Charger is currently undergoing a Kixckstarter crowdfunding campaign. But interested parties can pre-order one for $115. It is expected to be delivered around November 2018.

Image Source: Kickstarter

Alllu VehiGo Alllu VehiGo(0)

Portable electric scooters have become quite popular as an alternative means of urban transport. The idea of a foldable portable commute can be quite enticing for people who just need to go around a couple of blocks. That would be a distance that driving a car will not be practical. This is one reason why going around with the Alllu VehiGo makes better sense.

Quick-Charge Stand Up Electric Scooter

The Alllu VehiGo is a foldable stand up electric scooter. It is designed for traveling in city streets and urban areas with traffic issues. The company is marketing it to be the world’s first quick charge stand-up electric scooter. It features a three-wheel design that adds a level of safety and stability for its riders. It has a 36-volt, 250-watt toothless motor that is capable of carrying up to 100kg or 220 pounds of weight. The frame is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum for added durability and to be lightweight as well.

The Alllu VehiGo offers 360-degree limitless steering that allows riders to operate the scooter forward and backward without even stepping off it. The electric scooter rechargeable lithium batteries offer a quick charging feature that provides up to a 20-km range for a 15-minute charge. The folding design makes it convenient to use and bring along anywhere. The scooter is not bigger than half a square meter when folded. It can be dragged around easily like a luggage. Users can put it next to their office desk or inside a storage room until they plan to use it again.  Other features include a 130MP wide lens camera for recording the trips, the anti-theft system and the Alllu app for convenient controls and connectivity online. The Alllu VehiGo is currently going through a crowdfunding campaign  on KIckstarter where early birds can pre-order one for $649.

Image Source: Alllu

Hanergy Thin-Film Solar Charging Pack Hanergy Thin-Film Solar Charging Pack(0)

Solar power technology has progressed quite a lot these past few years. There are now a number of high efficiency solar panels in the market that makes solar power an even more viable clean energy alternative. Flexibility and convenience are also features that make the technology even more enticing, such as what the new Hanergy Thin-Film Solar Charging Pack offers.

The Hanergy Thin-Film Solar Charging Pack makes use of world-leading technology in order to make flexible and thin solar charging panel. It is also efficient enough to even generate power in low light and low temperature environments. People can now use this to charge their smartphones and other portable devices while on the go.

The Hanergy Thin-Film Solar Charging Pack can practically provide power when needed at all times. Aside from the flexible and efficient solar panels, it also comes with a 5000mAh capacity power bank. The free-folding thin-film solar panels make the device lightweight and easy to carry and store.  It is even designed to meet aviation management requirements so people can take it with them when taking commercial flights. The Hanergy Thin-Film Solar Charging Pack is set to be available sometime in July. No pricing details have been provided yet.

Image Source: PRNewswire

Tanita ES-100, The Body Odor Detector Tanita ES-100, The Body Odor Detector(0)

A lot of people are quite sensitive about how they smell. They always wish to smell good and avoid being caught with unpleasant body odor. There are situations where it cannot be avoided. But still, some people just need to know if they smell “differently” before the others do. And while it may take a sensitive nose to detect early body odor, some people who don’t have that keen sense can use this new Tanita ES-100 body odor detector instead.

Detecting Body Odor

The Tanita ES-100 is a unique device that can tell users about their smell profile before it can get worse. It is available in Japan, a country where a good impression can take you places. When the Japanese can now have away to measure body odor, you can, too. This device comes with sensors similar to that used in breathalyzers to detect alcohol. But this time, the sensors will try to detect the presence of chemical compounds known to create different unpleasant smells. All one needs to do is to power up the hand-held device and then place it somewhere the user suspects a potential body odor may be coming from. For around ten seconds, the Tanita ES-100 sensors will check the surrounding air for potential unpleasant odors and then provide its level on a scale of one to ten. The higher the number of the surrounding air in question, the worse the smell will be.

The Tanita ES-100 may be a simple gadget, but it offers a function that many people would welcome. It was launched in time for the upcoming summer season when hot and humid air can cause a lot of odors to come out. With the Tanita ES-100, at least you can do something about it before the body odor gets worse. The portable odor detector can be your lifesaver. It is expected to be available on August of this year for around $30 to $40.

Image Source: Tanita

Cybershoes Can Complete Your VR Experience Cybershoes Can Complete Your VR Experience(0)

The virtual reality experience has become quite interesting as it has become popular nowadays. The reason for this is the introduction of different gadgets that aim to offer an experience in a virtual world like no other.  But currently, different devices out there seem to address just a part of a total virtual experience. From visual to hand actions, there are now devices developed to do the same in a virtual world. This experience in virtual reality may get even better with the launch of the Cybershoes VR accessory.

The Cybershoes is a new accessory that can complement a total VR experience. This new VR accessory aims to add foot and leg movement as a part of your interaction in a virtual world. Users only need to wear the Cybershoes on their feet and sit down on any swivel stool. The shoes are compatible with current VR systems such as Steam VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality. The Cybershoes provide foot movement as a way to interact with the virtual environment. Users can now walk, jog or run in the virtual world, making the experience all the more immersive. The Cybershoes VR accessory will go through a Kickstarter campaign, which is currently ongoing. There’s no additional news yet on how much the consumer version of the new upcoming Cybershoes will be.

Image Source: Cybershoes

Ozobot Bit Creative Coding Robot Ozobot Bit Creative Coding Robot(0)

It may seem difficult trying to teach kids how to code at an early age. When you think of how older adults are taught programming, then it may seem to look so. But if you look at it from a fun perspective, then you can see how it may be possible to plant the seed in kids to help them build their coding knowledge early on. That is what the Ozobot Bit Creative Coding Robot aims to do.

The Ozobot Bit Creative Coding Robot provides a creative and fun way for kids to learn about the fundamentals of coding. Aside from the robot, the set comes with color code markers, stickers along with 25 STEAM activities for kids to do. Kids can personalize their Bit pocket-sized robots with the stickers and then use the markers for Bit to follow by drawing lines.

The robot comes with sensors that can detect lines as well as color codes. Kids can then use the colored markers and stickers to make Bit do a task. Kids will have fun trying to learn how to make Bit to perform tasks by using the tools they have. And soon enough, kids can learn advanced coding by using the OzoBlockly programming.

Kids can learn to load the code from a laptop or tablet and then load it to Bit by simply holding the robot up to the screen. The activities will help build their foundation on how coding works and how it can be used to perform certain functions. The Ozobot Bit Creative Coding Robot is ideal for kids from ages 6 years old and above. It is now available at the Ozobot website for $59.

Image Source: Ozobot

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