Reversible Jacket For Both Warm Or Cold Weather

Reversible Jacket For Both Warm Or Cold Weather
July 23 17:36 2012 Print This Article

There are jackets that are designed to protect the wearer mostly from the cold. Not many of them are designed to try and keep the heat out. And it’s pretty rare for a jacket to be designed to do both, except for the Polychromelab’s line of reversible jackets.

Austrian company Polychrome AB has developed a type of reversible jacket that can work for all seasons. The reversible jacket makes use of the patented Polychromelab fabric that works both to keep the wearer warm or cool, depending on what side you wear it on. It comes with a waterproof and breathable fabric that comes in three layers. The black layer is the special insulator that works by absorbing heat from the sun and keeps the wearer warm when worn from the outside. The reverse layer is a bright silver fabric that reflects sunlight and heat away when worn from the outside. This dual-purpose reversible jacket makes it quite useful enough to wear, no matter what season it may be. The new Polychrome reversible jacket is expected to come out sometime this September. No pricing details have yet been provided.

Image Source: Polychrome AB

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