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Airbags on the Outside of Cars Being Tested 1

A team of Japanese scientists have developed an airbag system used on the outer part of vehicles. More than protecting the car from dents and bumps, the airbags are meant

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Invisible Bike Helmet 0

Bike helmets are not the most flattering thing to wear; you do not look cool wearing them as you bike, not to mention the sweaty head and the mangled hair.

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Steering Wheel with Integrated OLED Signage 0

German research company Photonic Microsystems IPMS presents innovations in OLED device integration that automotive companies can use in their future models. Previous OLED research has found itself squeezed into a

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2009 Audi Q5 0

The 2009 Audi Q5 is the German car manufacturer’s first mid size SUV offering. The Q5 combines the beauty and strength of a sport sedan and the safe and practical

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