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BlackBerry considering BBM for desktop 0

It took quite a while before BlackBerry threw away its hesitation of providing BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) to other platforms. By the time the company unveiled BBM for Android and iOS,

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BBM for iPhone, Android downloads reach 5M in 8 hours 1

BlackBerry must be screaming, “You REALLY love me!” The company’s has stated that total downloads for both BBM for iPhone and Android has reached five million in just eight hours

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BBM for Android and iPhone returns 0

If having a BlackBerry Messanger on your iPhone or Android phone still excites you, this should get you giddy. BlackBerry has announced it officially resumes the global rollout of BBM

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BlackBerry Messenger for iOS and Android pulled out 0

BlackBerry was supposed to release its erstwhile popular messaging app, BlackBerry Messenger, for iOS and Android last weekend. However, things did not go as planned. BlackBerry Messenger was pulled out

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BlackBerry Messenger for Android, iOS coming this weekend 0

After rounds of internal testing, the Android and iOS versions of BlackBerry Messenger will be available to the general public over the weekend. Rumors on when the BlackBerry Messenger app

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