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Tag "Camping gear"

Prometheus Power Pot 10 0

People use smartphones, tablets and other portable devices on a daily basis. Such devices have become an extension of oneself so much so that one cannot function without them. Try

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NDur Advanced Portable Filtration Bottle 1

For those who try to brave the great outdoors, having the means to survive if lost or being far from civilization will count a lot. One important gadget to have

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2 Way Pop Up LED Lantern 1

Going outdoor camping can be enjoyable only if you have all the necessities available. One important essential gear is lighting. An experienced camper never fails to bring along some portable

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A Look at High Tech Garments 0

Devices depend highly on technology in order to stay relevant in a fast changing world. Some innovative and highly useful products have taken advantage of technology to offer people some

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BioLite Camping Stove 1

Going on the great outdoors offers people some challenges that they need to face. Getting shelter and food are but just some of those challenges. Some may also need a

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