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Microsoft to Unveil Xbox Successor? 0

Just as Sony announces its PlayStation 4, rumors have been brewing about Microsoft introducing its next-gen Xbox as well. In fact, Computer and Video Games reports that Microsoft may even

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Sony Announces PlayStation 4 2

Sony has finally formally announced the launch of PlayStation 4, more than six years after its predecessor was unveiled. The company does not reveal what the console looks like, but

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PlayStation 4 to Debut February 20 3

Sony Entertainment will be hosting a PlayStation Meeting in Manhattan on February 20, Wednesday, and the PlayStation 4 is expected to be unveiled there. Images of the PlayStation 4 controller,

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China Considers Lifting Ban on Consoles 0

Video game consoles have been banned in China for over a decade and reports claim that the country’s government is considering to lift the ban. The speculations arise after Sony’s

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GameStick: Another Android Game Console in the Works 0

Look out, Ouya, another Android-based game console is about to snatch wigs! PlayJam, which specializes in providing games to smart TVs, is developing the GameStick, a TV-based console that is

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PlayStation 2 Discontinued in Japan 1

It is another sad, sad day in video game history. After close to 13 years of entertaining gamers young and old, casual and hardcore, Sony has announced that it has

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