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Google Glass Study Shows High Awareness, Low Willingness 0

While the tech media have been all agog over Google Glass, it seems like the general public has its reservations about the upcoming wearable gadget. Recent studies show that while

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Google Glass to Reject Facial Recognition Apps 0

Google Glass has yet to become available to the general public, but many people have been concerned about how this wearable gadget would ensure that the privacy of non-users is

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US Lawmakers Question Google Glass’ Privacy Issues 0

Eight American lawmakers have formally demanded Google to address various privacy concerns about Google Glass, the company’s new wearable device. The letter, addressed to Google CEO Larry Page, is authored

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Google Forbids Reselling and Borrowing Google Glass 0

A number of people who got the chance to own an early edition Google Glass were surprised to find out that Google would brick the $1,500 computer eyewear of anyone

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Baidu Eye: China’s Search Giant Confirms Own Smartglasses 0

Baidu, Google’s fiercest search engine rival in China, has confirmed that it is developing its take on Google Glass code named Baidu Eye. Although it is conceptually similar to Google’s

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