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Evernote Resets All Users’ Passwords 0

Evernote, the popular notetaking and archiving app, has announced on its official blog that its team has detected a coordinated attack to gain access to its servers. In an effort

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Paper By FiftyThree iPad App 1

Technology has changed the way people do things. For one thing, it aims to make things convenient and easy to do. Smartphones for example help make communications more convenient and

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Book Of Sarth iPad App 1

For those who like to get a better experience from their iPad, the different game apps out there may only offer a variation of the same experience. It may take

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TableTop Translator iPad App 0

The Internet has allowed people from different parts of the world to easily connect to each other. Now, it is more than possible to have a chat with someone who

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Mixlr iOS App 1

There are people who are just too vocal sometimes that they can’t seem to just stay silent for long. If they want something to share to friends and other people,

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Real Racing 2 HD Update Steals Wii U’s Thunder 1

The Nintendo Wii U may be an innovation in gaming, but it won’t be the first one to introduce the touchscreen controller system to consumers. Real Racing 2 HD, a

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