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Monolith Electric Skateboard 0

People nowadays have different modes of transport to choose from. Some are ideal for long distance travel. There are also others designed for short distance trips. Some people prefer energy

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Cyberith Virtualizer 0

Merging virtual reality in gaming has long been a dream. Even while many people like the idea about it, setting up a virtual reality gaming rig had its limitations. The

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Silic T-shirt is impossible to stain 0

A white T-shirt is arguably the most delicate outerwear ever invented, as stains and dirt become very obvious. Even a small drop of red wine could spell disaster to your

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AppSeed: Turn drafts to app prototypes 0

You probably have created the “next best app” in your mind, but you have absolutely zero knowledge in building the necessary codes to make that dream app a reality. A

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i90 Tablet Glasses: Eliminate “tech neck” 1

Office workers nowadays suffer a phenomenon called “tech neck”, which is chronic pain on the back and shoulders caused by improper position from looking down at the computer screen for

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Tikker wristwatch counts down your life 0

They say make the most out of our time, but how do we know how much time we have left? This interesting watch not only tells you what time it

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