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Microsoft buys Minecraft for $2.5 billion 0

Microsoft pulled off a surprise that would equal the hype generated for the iPhone 6 launch, as the software company announced its acquisition of the hit videogame Minecraft for $2.5

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Nokia officially announces acquisition to Microsoft 0

As reported, Nokia has officially announced the acquisition of its devices and services business to Microsoft over the weekend. Nokia has long been offering mobile phones that run on Windows

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Microsoft acquires “Gears of War” franchise 0

Microsoft has announced the company has struck a deal with video game developer Epic Games to acquire the rights to “Gears of War”, one of the most popular action games

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Nokia’s phone business is latest Microsoft acquisition 0

Microsoft has made a surprise announcement: it plans on buying Nokia’s phone business and license its patents for $7.2 billion. This latest Microsoft acquisition has become the biggest buzz yet

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