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New Nintendo Switch Console Comes With A Versatile Controller New Nintendo Switch Console Comes With A Versatile Controller(0)

Nintendo has recently given its mysteriously new console a name, the Nintendo previously went by the simple project name of NX, which was announced as a mobile gaming console more than a year and a half ago. But now, Nintendo has recently renamed its new mobile gaming console as the Nintendo Switch and with good reason.

The new Nintendo Switch is an interesting hybrid gaming console with mobile features added to it. It comes with the power of a typical gaming console that is also something that players can bring along just about anywhere. The new console comes with a tablet component that Nintendo calls the Switch Console. It comes with a 7-inch screen with still unspecified resolution. This tablet can be plugged into a Switch Dock, which is in turn plugged in to the TV. By virtue of this design, players can choose to play their favorite Nintendo game from the TV or unplug the tablet and then play from it while going out.

The controllers of the Nintendo Switch console are just as versatile. Players can use it as a single game controller when attached to a central unit called the Joy Con Grip. But the left and right components of the controller can also he detached and then slid into the two sides of the tablet. This transforms the tablet into a Wii-U like device. But that is not all. The controller buttons on each side of the tablet can also act independently as separate gamepads so that two people can play with each other.

The Nintendo Switch allows gamers to have the flexibility to play their favorite games wherever they are and whenever they want. No longer are gamers limited to playing console games at home. They can now play anywhere with this added mobility feature. For now, Nintendo has shown its concept for its upcoming console. Actual specs have not yet been provided. But Nintendo reports that it is making this new console available worldwide by March of next year.

Image Source:  Nintendo

NVIDIA Introduces The SHIELD Tablet NVIDIA Introduces The SHIELD Tablet(0)

When the first laptops came out, they were geared towards office use and increased productivity through portable computing. But as the technology around them advanced, laptops became more powerful and even better equipped than some desktops, they also begin to change in terms of usability with improved performance. Soon enough, gamers were eyeing them as alternative gaming rigs because of their portability. And as demand grew, gaming laptops soon began to enter into the market. Today, these gaming laptops have become part of the general market. The same thing is happening to tablet with NVIDIA introducing the new SHIELD Tablet.

The SHIELD Tablet is designed as a mobile gaming rig for gamers who just cannot get enough of playing their favorite video games. The SHIELD Tablet features NVIDIA’s powerful Tegra K1mobile GPU designed to run some of today’s powerful gaming PC’s. It also comes with a 2.2 GHz ARM Cortex A15 CPU with 2GB RAM. Its 8-inch multi-touchscreen can display video in Full 1080p HD quality, making it an ideal tablet for playing games and watching movies. It also features front-facing speakers and dual bass reflex port to provide audio quality that complements the high-end visuals. Other features include the NVIDIA DirectStylus 2 and 5MP front and rear cameras.

The SHIELD Tablet works with the SHIELD wireless controller to provide gamers with a unique gaming experience on a tablet. It also supports the NVIDIA GameStream technology that allows gamers to stream games from the GeForce GTX-powered PC to the gaming tablet. Gamers can also have the option to connect the tablet to a TV, switch into console mode and play the games on the big screen. The SHIELD Tablet is preloaded with the NVIDIA SHIELD Hub, providing gamers with access to over 200 SHIELD optimized game titles aside from game apps from Google Play. The SHIELD Tablet will be available in 16GB WiFi only models and the 32GB WiFi and 4G LTE models. The SHIELD Tablet 16GB model is currently available for pre-order at $299. The 32GB model will be following suit for around $399.

Image Source: NVIDIA

Google Play soon allows cross-platform gaming with iOS Google Play soon allows cross-platform gaming with iOS(0)

During the Games Developers Conference this week, Google has announced that Google Play Games services, the company’s backend that activates online features for many Android game apps such as multiplayer capability, will soon be available to iOS. Google says that it will offer the service to app developers so their games can employ turn-based and real-time multiplayer gaming into multiple, cross-platform devices.

This means that you can soon challenge your iPhone-totting friends to a round of Badland, even though you are using an Android mobile device.

Before the announcement, iPhone and iPad users have to settle on a Google-provided plug-in for the Unity game engine. Google also says it is releasing a separate SDK for non-Unity game apps.

Aaron Souppouris of The Verge says that Google’s announcement of expanding multiplayer capabilities to iOS, as well as Microsoft’s anticipated announcement, could “signal a change in the way the big three mobile operating systems approch gaming.”

Google adds that many of new features in Google Play, including the cross-platform multiplayer service, will go live on March 18, Tuesday.

Source: The Verge

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