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Nintendo Wii Mini coming to US 0

Nintendo has announced it will be bringing the Wii Mini to the United States by mid-November. The $99 stripped-down version of the Nintendo Wii debuted last year shortly after the

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New Nintendo Wii U Deluxe bundle announced 0

Nintendo has announced it is tweaking its Wii U Deluxe Set in an effort to entice more consumers into buying its struggling next-gen console. The company has removed Nintendo Land

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Nintendo Wii U Gets a YouTube App 1

Nintendo Wii U is beginning to take shape as a convenient multimedia console. After Netflix and Hulu Plus, the Wii U now comes with a YouTube app. Users who were

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Wii U Launch Suffers Several Setbacks 7

While Nintendo celebrates the successful US launch of its Wii U console, with news that it has sold out in most retail stores, the launch has its share of setbacks.

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Real Racing 2 HD Update Steals Wii U’s Thunder 1

The Nintendo Wii U may be an innovation in gaming, but it won’t be the first one to introduce the touchscreen controller system to consumers. Real Racing 2 HD, a

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