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Panasonic NC-ZK1 Kettle 0

Having hot water ready for your morning coffee or tea is usually the job of the dependable kettle. It does its work so well that people still rely on it

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Panasonic SC NP10 Wireless Speaker System 0

With digital devices such as tablets gaining popularity and wider usage among more and more people, it stands to someday replace the computer as a primary media device. It might

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Panasonic A100 Wearable Full HD Camcorder 1

Technology has allowed devices such as camcorders to now come in different shapes and sizes. There are now camcorder models designed for a wide range of uses. For those who

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Sony, Panasonic Unveil 4K OLED TVs at CES 2013 0

Three-D TVs did not create much of an impact in the market since it was introduced in last year’s CES, so electronics companies are banking on what they hope would

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Panasonic VS-HPS200S Cordless Phone and Tablet 0

With the popularity of smartphones and mobile phones today, it seems that landline phones may be moving on towards the road to obscurity. With mobile phones becoming handy, why would

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Panasonic Toughbook C2 Convertible Laptop 1

Some people are no longer just satisfied with having a single computing device. Some now prefer having both a laptop and a tablet as well always ready for use. For

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