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PIQO Mini Projector 0

People like to be entertained most of the time. That is why today’s smartphones have become more of an entertainment device. It is no longer used mainly for making calls.

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Philips PicoPix Max 0

Enjoying a movie becomes a better experience if you view it on a larger screen. While you cannot always have the means to enjoy movies at the theatre, there are

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Lenovo Announces Smartphone With Built-In Projection Keyboard 0

The smartphone market has become quite competitive and tight. Only the best and innovative models seem to catch attention, not to mention brand recall. Well, that is what most smartphone

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AAXA P2 Jr Pico Projector 0

There has been a lot of hype surrounding pico projectors when they first came about. But unfortunately, they haven’t really become popular as expected, at least not yet. While pico

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Innocube DLP Pico Projector for Kids 1

The recently concluded CES 2013 has brought out some innovative and interesting devices. There were some that catered to general consumers while there are also other devices introduced that cater

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