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There Came an Echo: Control this game with your voice 0

Voice-controlled video gaming is coming to PlayStation 4, as Iridium Studios introduce “There Came an Echo.” This crowdfunded strategy game, which will also be available on PC and Xbox, lets

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1 million PlayStation 4 sold 24 hours after launch 0

Looks like Sony’s future in next-gen gaming is bright as the company announced it has sold over 1 million PlayStation 4 consoles in North America within the first 24 hours

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PlayStation 4 will let you play PS3 games via cloud 0

Playing with Sony PlayStation 4 is a bit different from what we are used to. While it supports games from Blu-ray discs, the upcoming next-gen console will also allow gamers

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Sony PlayStation 4 Finally Revealed 0

The last time Sony introduced the PlayStation 4, the company only revealed the controller. During a press conference at E3 trade event, Sony finally unveiled the main console and it

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Sony Announces PlayStation 4 2

Sony has finally formally announced the launch of PlayStation 4, more than six years after its predecessor was unveiled. The company does not reveal what the console looks like, but

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PlayStation 4 to Debut February 20 3

Sony Entertainment will be hosting a PlayStation Meeting in Manhattan on February 20, Wednesday, and the PlayStation 4 is expected to be unveiled there. Images of the PlayStation 4 controller,

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