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Uncle Slam iOS Game App

It the heat of election seasons and politics once more becomes a focal point in daily news and talks around the country. Deciding who will next lead the country is something that is in every minds of the ordinary Americans. While the presidential candidates are slugging it out in the political arena that will eventually be decided during the elections, some people may have wondered at one time or another if past presidents duke it out with one another. This is something that the Uncle Slam iOS game app aims to offer, if only just for fun.

The Uncle Slam iOS game app is a fun and interesting boxing game that pits presidents past and present with one another. It’s a gentleman’s game of boxing with past and present US Heads of State having a match with each other. Each of the US presidents have their own distinct fighting style and unique “Presidential Powers” that have been attributed to them at the significant moment of their stay in office. Dynamic and physics-based gameplay with direct touch controls makes the game easy and yet interesting to play. Hand-drawn visuals of the presidents give the game a unique look.

The Uncle Slam iOS game app initially comes with presidents George Washington, John Adams, Millard Fillmore, Abraham Lincoln, Chester A. Arthur, William Howard Taft, Harry S. Truman, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and is available at the App Store for free download. Additional presidential characters are available as in-app purchases.

Image Source: App Store

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