CPR Flashlight

By on Sep 7th, 2008.

Would you believe that this flashlight can save lives?  Yes, it’s just a flashlight, but it can help you provide CPR when you most need it.  This flashlight will talk you through the entire CPR procedure.  This gadget can be very helpful especially for those who doesn’t have CPR training, for it will guide them on the step-by-step procedure of CPR.  And even if someone is CPR certified, he/she might forget some of the steps during an emergency situation.

It’s very easy to use this gadget.  To use the flashlight, simply press the green button.  To access the CPR instructions, just press the “ON/OFF” button and the instructions will begin.  You will then be asked to choose the age of the patient, for which you have choices for ADULT (A button), BABY (B button) and CHILD (C button).  After you have chosen the specific button, the voice will then prompt you to call 911, then it will ask you to check for the vital signs of the patient, like the patient’s consciousness, breathing and pulse.  Then, you will be told to press the CPR (red) button and the CPR instructions will begin. You also have the option to use the PAUSE (yellow) button in case the instructions are too fast for you.

Step-by-step CPR Flashlight Procedure

Now, you can do something during those unfortunate times when you encounter an emergency situation and CPR is needed.  Always remember that in an emergency situation, every second counts.

If you’re wondering what’s worth buying with your hard earned money, then I suggest you get yourself one of this.  I highly recommend that you keep this gadget in your bag, car or medicine cabinet at home.  At a very affordble price of $35.98, you might be able to save a life with this device.

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