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Suunto X10 GPS wristop computer


August 12, 2008

Suunto X10

Suunto X10

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August 12, 2008 Suunto has unveiled an upgrade to its X9i flagship outdoor GPS wristop computer. The more powerful X10 model features improved tracking, longer battery life and faster performance, including the ability to track better in difficult conditions such as heavy foliage.

The Suunto X10 is a small and lightweight wrist-mounted GPS device which features hands-free operation, so you can focus on the action instead of worrying about dropping or losing your GPS. The Suunto X10 also records waypoints and routes, allowing users to analyze and catalog trips on a home PC.

Compatible with several digital mapping services, including National Geographic TOPO! and Google Earth, the package includes Suunto Track Exporter PC software to make route planning and waypoint programming easy and accurate. Users can plan their trips on a digital map and download routes directly onto the watch or print out their own customized maps. The software also allows users to export “tracks” from their GPS units to Google Earth, where they can view their adventures anywhere with satellite imagery. When navigating on a pre-planned route, the Suunto X10 shows the direction and remaining distance to the next waypoint and calculates the estimated time of arrival. When you’re on the move, it shows the current speed and distance traveled using GPS functions.

The Suunto X10 includes an altimeter, barometer, digital compass and thermometer as well as standard time/stopwatch functions. Available in two colors, the new wristop computer is also more dependable, with a battery that lasts 33 % longer than the previous model. The X10 comes with its own USB charger that doubles as a data link, so users can charge up through any PC. Plus, the Suunto X10 is compatible with most commercially available USB chargers and adapters.

The Suunto X10 will go on sale in September, however no pricing details have been confirmed as yet.

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