Image removed by request from Sony.

The S-Series Sony Walkman has been a good seller for Sony – super-thin, music and video capabilities, long lasting battery, FM tuner, and so forth. It resides in a good price range and has probably been one of Sony’s best selling Walkmans. We recieved this picture from one of our most credible sources of a never before seen Walkman and we are guessing this will be the successor to the S series. Pictured in red, blue, pink and black, what is most curious about this device is the inclusion of what seems to be speakers on the front of the device. This could be great for those who like to use their music players without headphones, like at the beach. The design is really fresh looking and the screen also seems to be bigger. This product isn’t set to arrive for a while, but we are hoping that Sony brings it to the market with higher than 8GB capacities, noise canceling, and even better battery life.