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Street Fighter IV brings the battle to… the iPhone

Street Fighter IV is coming to the iPhone, with on-screen controls and some …

Imagine a game that relies on split-second timing, one for which competitors spend impressive amounts of money on their own arcade-quality controllers. Now, imagine a platform that seems completely unsuited for that title. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Street Fighter IV is coming to the iPhone!

IGN broke the story of the port that will use existing code to keep the graphics as close to the 360 and PS3 versions as possible. A virtual arcade stick and buttons will be placed on the iPhone's screen for you to use to dragon punch and fireball your way to victory.

Still, has an on-screen set of buttons worked well for any game so far, much less Street Fighter? "To alleviate worries, Capcom offers a number of control configurations so players can find their favorite position, button transparency, and set-up," IGN wrote. "Street Fighter IV also includes a Dojo Mode for training, giving you ample opportunity to get used to the controls before heading into a tournament or into a multiplayer match."

No pricing, release date, or final character count has been given, although we're seeing hints that the game will be shown at GDC in March.

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