GDC 2010: Sony's motion controller is called Playstation Move

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The big Sony press conference is underway, and as expected, their motion controller is the star of the show. We can’t be there personally this time, but here comes the news anyway (I’m watching a few liveblogs; the pictures are from Kotaku’s). The motion controller will be called the Move, not the Gem or Arc as suspected, and you can use two of them (or one and a nunchuk-like non-ball-topped controller) simultaneously to, say, box or use a sword and shield.

Latency is “under one frame,” so probably around 30ms, which isn’t bad. They’re showing off how it works with a few launch games. 3rd person fighters, more casual stuff, and soon we’ll probably be seeing some FPS style games as well like Red Steel 2. Lots of third party support, which we knew already, but hey, good to hear.

There isn’t much else to say until you can see it in action or try it. Hopefully they’ll get demo units out to places like Sony Style and GameStop soon. I believe they’re aiming for a starter kit under $100, but I’ll believe that when I see it.

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