Japanese company offers anti-pollen allergy ringtone

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Do you remember the ringtone for dogs a Japanese company started offering two years ago? Now Japan gets to download another equally zany app for their cell phones, a ringtone [JP] that’s supposed to clean your nostrils in case you suffer from pollen allergy. The way it works is pretty simple.

All that you need to do is to download the ringtone (works in Japan only), stick your cell phone to your nose and let the Hana Sukkiri Mashinuu (“Cleared Up Nose Machine”) do the job.

The ringtone provider, mobile contents giant Index, is also responsible for the Bowlingual iPhone app for dogs. The company says there are a total of 27 ways to “personalize” the ringtone, with frequencies ranging from 420 to 1,070Hz.

Tell the app if you have S-, M- or L-sized cheekbones (I don’t know why), choose the frequency, and the nasty pollens supposedly fall out of your nose automatically. Right.

Index launched the first version of the ringtone back in 2004 with just 3 options to personalize the melody and has been working hard on improving the performance since. Just like Bowlingual, Hana Sukkiri Mashinuu was jointly developed with a real medical doctor [JP].

Via Asiajin

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