Oh, sure -- you've got at least 893.1 options (at last count, anyway) when it comes to noise cancelling headphones for your iDevice, but do any of those plug directly into the dock connector instead of requiring a separate battery? Exactly. That's the claim to fame for Blackbox's i10, a new set of earbuds that rely on power from your iPod or iPhone in order to achieve that active noise cancelling action that the youngsters are so crazy about these days. According to the company, these will filter out 92 percent of background noise using Phitek Systems' ANR technology, and the inline remote makes it easy to adjust volume and the like. They're available today for £79.99 ($123) over in the UK, but only heaven knows when they'll mosey over to North America.

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Active Noise Rejection now available for Apple devices, batteries not required

London, 22 July 2010 – Blackbox, the world's premier provider of best-in-class audio products designed for personal listening, today announced the launch of its exciting new i10 earphones specially created and designed for iPod and iPhone users.

In a UK first, the i10 earphones (£79.99 RRP) are powered directly by the device through Apple's unique 30 pin dock connector. The i10's are designed to improve the device's sound quality and provide a clear and authentic listening experience through Active Noise Rejection™ (ANR) technology. The earphones offer maximum comfort, wearability and style with an integrated monitor function and volume control which is ideal for listening to music on the go.

The i10 earphones provide an enthralling listening experience with deep bass, clear vocals and natural highs by cancelling 92% of background noise using ANR technology provided by Phitek Systems; a global leader in electro-acoustic technologies and active noise-cancellation. ANR is a unique patented technology that virtually eliminates disturbing background noise. It works by intelligently measuring the noise field in the ear, before calculating and reintroducing an 'anti-noise' response, resulting in near silence by continuously adapting to the prevailing noise conditions.

Neil Truckell, UK Brand Manager of Blackbox comments: "This product presents something truly unique for Apple and music enthusiasts here in the UK. Through its Active Noise Rejection technology, the i10s are the first earphones to operate without the need for external batteries and provide the ultimate upgrade path for iPOD/iPHONE users, keen to dramatically improve sound quality and comfort. Its competitive price point makes it an amazing addition to your device so you can simply enjoy music on the go. This is just one of the upcoming innovations from the Blackbox family."

The Blackbox i10 earphones are available to order now from Amazon.com and Play.com.

Technical Specification for the i10:

- iPod 30 pin dock
- Active Noise Reduction – Up to 92% (22dB)
- Passive Noise Isolation – Up to 30dB >1kHz
- Connector cable 800mm, Earphone cable 450mm
- Slide volume control
- Lateral, in-ear earphone with an ergonomic design and monsoon skin
- Power – supplied by iPod
- Comes with a set of 3 grommet sizes (S,M,L)