Look Even More Dodgy, With Gadgets Stuffed In a Scottevest Trenchcoat

Trenchcoats are suspicious enough as is, but a trenchcoat stuffed to the brim with gadgets? As well as a pair of shoes, bottle of water...and is that a belt?

Yeh, I'm thinking you'd best not purchase the Scottevest Carry-On Coat if you've had any previous convictions, particularly aboard a 747. You'd be better off looking into the far safer, chicer hoodie, vest or t-shirt.

There are 33 pockets in total, in case you were wondering, but as for the price? I'm not telling you, to save your skin from the air travel pah-leese. (Really, Scottevest hasn't said just how much dough they'll be charging). [Scottevest via Technabob]