Miniguru Canceled

Production of the Miniguru has been canceled. :-(

I don’t want to list the specific reasons here, let’s just say that mainly we lost faith in being able to sell the initial production run.

Thanks to all who sent messages of support and my apologies to those how have been waiting for this keyboard.


  • Zoran Zaric

    Oh no! Please tell us this is a bad joke :(

  • cynipe

    Oh my….

  • Birdlives

    I was really looking forward to a keyboard with cherry switches and a track point too. Oh well

  • gogi-goji

    That’s really disappointing. I was looking forward to buying a Miniguru as my first mechanical keyboard. The programmable layout, trackpoint, and small footprint would have combined to make the perfect keyboard.

  • iKarl

    I shed crocodile tears while reading this, good bye my almost keyboard good bye!

  • Kriston

    This is awful. I was going to order ten of them.

  • shu

    i was looking forward to finally get a better HHKB :(

  • tcptg

    For what it’s worth I believe this was a fantastic design, and congrats for coming up with it. There will always be people interested in it.

  • Birdlives

    Is there a link to the design, or some resource that shows how to make one? If it’s not too complicated, then I would like to try and make my own if I can’t buy one

  • tony

    too bad, great idea though

  • Trin

    Don’t you think about launching a presale site? The way they did it with open pandora? Then you won’t be worried about not selling your first batch. I would chip in for sure!

  • Michael

    I could not believe it when I saw this.
    The pre order might be a good option. I would join.

    Good luck !

  • Tac

    I am disappointed as a user of HHKB, thinkpad and Cherry-mechanical. It would be a perfect one for me.

  • Paul

    I was also going to be a new customer of yours. But now that’s impossible since the product was a lie. The internet is littered with great designs that the public never got to buy–thanks for making another one, I guess.

  • Tak

    I will sign for a pre-oder if you set up one. I hope you will change your mind? Is the production cost too high?

  • yoshinabu

    Oh God….
    I really was looking forward to buy it …

    Just a joke isn’t it?

  • oru

    GUTTED! I was really looking forward to this. Will keep an eye on it in the hope it’s picked up again.

  • Vath

    Maybe an already existing company would be interested in buying the design from you ?

  • Memming

    How did this happen?! I so wanted this keyboard. I hope you guys come up with something even better soon!!!! I’ll buy three in that case.

  • Michael

    Oh no! Please tell us this is a bad joke (2)

  • blueslobster

    The keyboard-market is full of pathetic and trashy keyboards. The miniguru was the exact opposite of those, the sad thing is – not many know.
    I really hope the miniguru is not dead just yet, and someday will redefine the meaning of the word “keyboard”.

  • Reiz


  • alex

    Please create a pre-purchase program and charge each subscriber a percentage of the cost of fabrication and raw materials. Put a counter on the site for the number of units sold to indicate what the minimal number of units needed for the first production run. In this first run, consider three models, white, black and blank, rather than the diverse offerings on the web site.

    In this way, this will distinguish those who are genuinely wiling to purchase and those who are speculating. It will allow the public an indication of the your concerns.

    Please also consider a more expensive, customized production run with a lower number of units for those of us who would commit to a quality product.

    Until proven conclusively, your issues appear unfounded.

  • Legazi


  • v7b8T0u7

    I was really looking forward to getting one. Despite the fact that the project won’t come to reality, maybe you could ask manufacturers to support this project. Steelseries maybe?

  • caska

    Please let me know if you are going to run the project again ^ ^lll

  • matt

    I was going to buy one :(

  • Reiz


    I really need the Miniguru!!
    Please reopen development.

  • 774

    I don’t know what to do.

  • 1111


  • Jesper J


    “I don’t want to list the specific reasons here, let’s just say that mainly we lost faith in being able to sell the initial production run.”


    Yeah that’s totally disappointing. I actually get sort of pissed off for the following reasons:

    Your lost of faith in being able to sell the initial production run is probably unfounded since at least from what is visible on this website, you don’t have much information to base that on. What did make you think it wouldn’t sell? You didn’t even specify how much the unit would sell for, nor did you provide any good feature to inform you about how many users would potentially buy one, nor for what price. You could have implemented something like “Are you interested in buying this keyboard?” (Yes) (No)
    For what price would you be willing to pay if you would buy it? (XX-XX$) (XX-XXX)$ (XXX-XXXX$) or whatever.

    Then sent out a link to this page (to various tech-sites, maybe slashdot?) where users could click the button that they were interested etc, without any hassle.

    Sure, it is your idea and your business, but since I really looked forward to this keyboard, I reserve my right to react as the human being I am, and get all grumpy on you guys (temporarily. tomorrow I will probably be in a better mood :-D and will instead think more in the ways of “That’s just a shame. :-(” ).

    Reconsider and Reopen the project! If you are unsure about the potential customer-base then make a good poll/info form (because users probably do not think that you want every single potential customer to email you guys with a single line email saying “I want to buy your keyboard when it comes out. bye”, so that is why you don’t get any people telling you they want it, except these 80 comments or so you got. Which isn’t bad considering the very little information on this website about how us users can help this keyboard become a reality.

    If you want me to help you with ideas on how to reach the users and how to make the production of the keyboard work, feel free to contact me via email, because I might have some good ideas that I will happily share with you for FREE, because I really want that damned keyboard :-)

    Best regards,

  • Jesper J

    Also, check out, which might be a perfect way for your guys to fund your project safely while keeping check about how many peope are interested.

    If I understand the concept correctly, people pay an amount for something they want to buy, and then you hold the money “hostage”, until the funding goal is met. Then when it is met and you have the required funding, you are responsible for making these keyboards and sending them out to the people who send you the money. If you fail to deliver the keyboards you have to send the money back to all these people. If your funding goal to be able to deliver the keyboard is not met at a dead line, nothing happens.

    But really, go and read more carefully how it works on their own website:

  • julien

    arg D: I wanted to buy one aswell…

  • why?

    why have you ruined my life?

  • please


  • Michael

    HI again,

    if you think of anything making the miniguru possible please let me know, because I am thinking of getting a HHKB now.
    Though miniguru would be my first choice of course.

    Ciao Michael

  • co

    I was really looking forward to this keyboard. :/
    If you reopen the project I will buy at least two.

  • Birdlives

    I’ve replied to this thread a few times, but seriously, the minguru was the only premium keyboard that I was interested. I don’t even remember how I was referred to this site, I just have had it in my bookmarks for a while now and have been checking it every now and then to see what the status on it was.

    My proposition to you:
    Name your price that would make it worthwhile to custom build one like in your prototype. I have a number in mind that is well above the hhkb. It doesn’t have to be programmable for me, I just want a quality cherry mx keyboard that has a trackpoint

  • Christiaan

    Ow come on!

    I was hoping to replace my Model M with this one and have eyeballing this site since january, drooling over the images.
    It would have been absolutely perfect for my minimalist needs.

    Judging by the comments alone you could have sold quite a few. That’s excluding all the people who stay silent.

    My first estimate would be at least 150 sales. If not more. Maybe even tenfold that number.

  • hatten

    Well, just to increase the number of comments, although I don’t have anything more to say than:

    I want one!

  • N30N

    Thanks for letting us know it’s been cancelled, no more holding off on getting a new keyboard.

  • Ken

    Could you let the buyers decide if you could sell the initial production run? I’ll echo Birdlives and Jesper.
    No need for a dead business to keep secrets.

    What would the price of an initial run be?
    What would the timeline be for production and shipping?
    Let the people vote on the prototype color run.
    Give us the price to number of units ratio. E.g.
    $800 with 1000 sold
    $400 with 5000 sold
    $300 with 20000 sold
    Don’t underestimate the Twitter or slashdot effect.
    In all seriousness don’t be idiots and just let it die, let us know- do you need startup funds? A manufacturer in China? 50,000 initial order? Take the 10 minutes and make an actual news post- did you guys just have some drama and realize that friends don’t make good business partners? I know you just put up a website and we aren’t entitled to any answers- but then at least make what work or research you’ve done somewhat open source so someone else might bring this to life.

  • NOOO

    Get on kickstarter and see how your first production run is paid off before you’ve even started.

    If you don’t get enough funding with kickstarter, you can just back out!

  • Thomas M

    I already thought this project was to ambitious with all those colour options. I don’t think people will buy this necessarily for how it looks like but what it can do.

    How’s about a first version – just what makes this keyboard special. mechanical keys – integrated mouse – stored keymaps.

    Maybe you can speak to the warmouse guys – with delays they seem to have done rather well shipping now the first batch. They at least should have a solution for the keymap.

  • Joakim

    Nooo. I was so hoping for this keyboard!
    I hope the project will be uncancelled.

  • Jules

    Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! =(

  • luciano

    my life just lost sense

  • George Cox

    Man. Please reinstate this project. I will buy four of these as I’m unable to get my RT3200 as easily as I’d like. the guru board needs mouse buttons though.

  • Morf

    I wanted this SOO BADLY!!! Can you please opensource the PCB design and the frame so we may hobby-build these!?


  • csfuu

    Argghhhh. This is very disappointing. I so wanted one of these. I have a unicomp, but yours looked so much better (compact, great placement of mouse buttons).

  • wd

    oh noes!

  • harald

    too bad :-( … what have bought at least two: one for my private living-room and one for the data center at work. the keyboard design was great — too bad, that it was cancelled :-(

  • Me Again

    Would have bought. Several, probably.

  • batteryslave

    come on, lets givve it a try. really need this thing

  • ZeriouS

    Want this :/

    The size seems optimal, the technical specifications already proven… C´mon!

    There are other companies who sell keyboards with lights, macros, oversized displays and keys that glow in the dark, but yours is different.

    It seemed so great!

    I´m in for a pre-purchase.

  • jwpeddle

    Would have purchased 2 of these for any price below 350.

  • Tian

    I was really looking forward to this keyboard. I hope you will reconsider and continue development in the future :)

  • sam hermans

    To bad, you should try a pre order tho … :(

  • Psydotek

    Awww, I was waiting for this but forgot what the keyboard name/brand was. Then I stumbled across it again only to find out it’s not coming. :(

  • d j

    PLEASE consider running a test preorder for this. it’s the keyboard equivalent of jesus

  • zorg

    I never heard of this until the cancellation announcement. I search for a better keyboard (like this) about once a year, so I guess I just haven’t done my 2010 search yet or I would know about it. I certainly hope the idea gets resurrected. I am a keyboard junkie and would gladly buy two.

  • Markus


  • Alimas

    Aw, crap!

    This would’ve been awesome!

    I didn’t even know of this till today, but I still feel gypped. :(

  • Ashley

    This is the most butiful and perfect keyboard I ever seen in my life. Please guys…

  • Thomas

    I’m sad bout it

  • Joseph

    Its sad to see you throw the towel in so early. You have a very nice concept here that I and many others show strong interest in.

    Before you walk away from this, I must insist that you host a pre-order to properly gauge market interest in your product. I could stand to own a few of these.

  • Soaa-

    Damn, I would have wanted one too! Look at all the people who want one. Don’t worry — you will sell if you actually make it!

  • Edwin

    Sorry to read that, I wanted to order the nicest keyboard I ever seen, even if I am in Spain :(

  • Jostein

    Please consider doing a Kickstarter project, or at least set up a way to do preorders. I’m convinced you’ll find that theres a lot of people waiting for this!

  • Elliot Larson

    Damn it. Just… damn it. This is exactly what I was looking for – the exact product, start to finish. Have been looking for this keyboard for the last 10 years. Then I find this website, and the keyboard even looks amazing… then I read this blog post. WTF. Why, God… why?

  • gabriel

    Do presales!

  • Peter

    I’m saddened to hear this. I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile. But as people have said, if you try a Kickstarter project, you can really gauge interests in the project. I’d be willing to donate to see this come to life.

  • foobar

    are there any working prototypes? do you sell this?

  • sixoffive


  • eh-dub

    boo! definitely would have got at least two.

  • br

    I would pre-purchase should such a program exist.

  • br

    Also, consider less options. Not to get all crowd-sourcey, but i’m sure most people would be happy if you offered one with printed keys and one without. Keeping the skyblue nub of course.

  • veterinary technician

    My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  • Wiremaster

    Dang. I just found this and was really excited. BRING IT BACK!

  • j-5

    This is really a shame, I was looking forward to getting one of these. I hope you produce it sometime.

  • CoolNzzz

    Oh, no…

    Why whywhy??

    I’m so disappointed for this BAD news!

    Plz tell me this is surprised jokedT.T

  • Napalm

    I hope you decide to rethink the cancellation and bring back this idea. At least do a pre-order page to find out if there could be major interest. Add a suggest-to-a-friend type page so we could get others involved.

    If you could link peoples configuration choice to the pre-order page you would be able to gauge if there is some configuration which is most popular and choose that for your initial production run.

    I hope this project continues. All the best.

  • co

    I was really looking forward for this product. even tough I have known of the cancellation, for a long time I still find myself visiting here with hopes of you changing your mind.

    Please, this would be the best keyboard ever!

  • Nick

    Are you crazy? This is keyboard of my dream! I wanted this kind of keyboard many years!

    You need to find sponsors and finish this keyboard! I want to buy it!

  • Michelle

    One of the saddest days of my life :((

    If you really cancel this project and never bring it to life, I will go with my other dream option without integrated pointing stick but small, ergonomic, and mechanical keys.



    sad, im sure they would sell if you guys actually tried

  • Tafryn

    This was the keyboard I’ve been looking for. Elegant design, small form-factor, quality key switches; it had everything. Add my name to the list if you ever decide to resurrect this brilliat idea.

  • Warning

    Gutted, i was looking forward to a custom board with Cherrys Reds :/

  • Techy01

    Why did this have to happen to me? I REALLY wanted this keyboard, and the website and teaser for it was awesome. I was fooling around with the configurator and had some wicked combinations. Still, it wasn’t about the colors…the layout was awesome. I really wanted a couple of these…

  • DamianS

    Ohh crap! :(
    Just as I found my perfect keyboard, I come to the site to find it has been cancelled.

    For anyone else thinking of manufacturing a similar board, I liked these features:
    - minimal design
    - quality switches
    - trackpoint

    I would have been prepared to pay up to about US$400 each for two keyboards.

    The only thing I wasn’t sure about was it seemed to be USB, whereas I prefer PS/2. But that is no real biggie.

    I didn’t care about the different colours – a choice of white or black is fine by me.

    FWIW, I presently have a Model M but need several other good keyboards and don’t feel like battling the snipers/collectors on ebay for another Model M.

  • Anon

    Awww, I really looked forward to this. :(

  • Cyberdrew

    This is crushing news. I was looking forward to owning a few of these. :(

  • Mike

    No no no… The pre-order thing is really a great idea! Make it and you’ll be surprised how many of those will be ordered. HHKB was also successful although nobody thought it in the beginning.

  • Lâm

    Someone please resurrect this great project !

    I had at least a dozen buyers in…

    Can the guys behind mini guru at least give us some more details ?

  • qp

    damn, there goes my christmas present for the company and friends :/

  • spremino

    You shouldn’t have cancelled such a wonderful project without asking first help from the community. If you shared info about the issues you were running into, we could have managed to find a solution. Peace.

  • Alex

    I won’t question your decision to cancel this project but if there isn’t a stronger a reason than not believing to be able to sell the first production build then i must agree with all the commenters who suggested making pre-order polling or something, also consider there might be some people here willing to donate something just in order to try and keep the project alive.

  • steven

    Why leave the website up if its canceled? Youre just tempting us all with the perfect keyboard we can never have.

  • Orni

    Please reconsider !!!

    I just waited all my life to have a keyboard like that !

  • snogglethorpe

    If faith in sales is the problem, how about just taking deposits upfront, before production? Then if you receive enough to cover your costs before some deadline, make them, otherwise, refund the deposits.

    Yeah I know, even just handling money like that entails some risk, but at least it spreads the risk around a bit.

    Otherwise maybe release the designs, and hope somebody else takes up the mantle?

  • Me

    Yeah methinks there is waaaayyyyyy more to this story than just “lost faith in being able to sell the production run.” Looking at this thread, plus the previous threads/posts, you have hundreds of interested people. You have people (like me) who want to buy more than one of these. So just how many of the damn things do you need to make in your initial production run? A million? 2 million?

    There are lots of good suggestions on here for reviving the project, the best of which are, IMO, holding off on the color/configurator and just going with some basic black and white models at first, and setting up a preorder site. You could also dramatically raise interest and awareness levels by putting out news blurbs on keyboard fanatic sites like Those sites are full of people who happily pay $150US and more for their Filcos, HHKB’s, Realforce, Das, etc. My God go look at, $230 bucks for a Realforce?! People not only pay that for ONE keyboard, they buy multiples, they even try different brands for crying out loud!

    Of course, these good ideas assume this project was real to begin with. Otherwise, to post basically one sentence, AND leave the site up as it was, with all the old photos and such…with no further explanation or details given as to the production runs, costs, etc….

    Yeah. We been trolled, boys. Oh well, just another day on the intarwebs I spose.

  • winion

    I’m waiting for it over half years..

  • Saddy


  • Victor

    What a shame :( I guess I’ll have to get a HHKB in stead..

    I think you’d be able to sell a _LOT_ of units since you can’t get a keyboard with Cherry MX red switches outside of Asia.

  • Tiago do Vale

    I’m always searching for my perfect keyboard.
    Nothing ever came so close to it than this…

    I’m still hoping for good news.
    I’d be happy to pre-purchase and wait.

  • JHSF

    Please~ production again.. T,.T

  • 天才チルノ

    Too bad. I just got hard on browsing site and was ready to charge paypal :(

  • Kaio

    May be you could contact Fujitsu and see if they could buy your design and mass produce for you?

  • rlonstein

    I just ran across this but I’m with the others on the pre-order. A small form factor, tactile switch keyboard with integrated pointer and USB is *exactly* what I want for coding when I travel.

  • Jeanna

    I really hope you end up bringing this back. I just found this keyboard on a forum, came to the site, and now see it has been canceled. This would have been the PERFECT keyboard for me. Pleeaaase bring it back! :(

  • Alex

    As some others have suggested maybe you should check out kickstarters as a way to get some start-up funds. I just found out about this keyboard and was really excited until I saw that it was canceled.

  • Casey

    If the product has been canceled why is this site still up? Why do you tease us???

  • Beowulf

    Oh COME ON

    I only just found this keyboard today, and I want it so bad.

    Anyone know if someone else has taken this on under another name? Or is anyone here willing to.

    If you contact the original devs oyu can probably get the designs.

  • Pedro Coelho

    I’d buy it. I see other 113 people that most probably would, also.

    I don’t know what are your production costs, initial investment or ROI, but I do know that you got 114 people admitting they’d buy one of these keyboards just by just posting in your blog. This surely isn’t due to your outstanding marketing skills, since you don’t seem to have any, but due to the product, that seems awesome all by itself.

    Shame I only found this today. Had you publicized your product better you’d definitely have a wider user base by now. Twitter, facebook and other petty social networks are your friends. Why would you keep this all to yourself, anyway?

    So what? You got scared when you saw how much it would cost to produce an initial batch? Are those the reasons behind this cancellation? You could at least get up your lazy ass and give your 114 fans a decent explanation…

    To achieve greatness you’ll have to consider sacrificing stuff. Good things come to those who wait, but then again good doesn’t play well with great, let alone with perfect.

  • Brian Meidell

    Sign me up for 3 units for pre-order if you change your mind. My email is on this comment.

    Please reconsider releasing this!

  • Almad

    +1 for reopen.

  • aj

    I want this :(

  • sj

    I was going to order this (to Finland) the moment it came out as I had been looking for a small keyboard (with normal sized keycaps though) for some time, the design looks just perfect to me. There are some similarly sized keyboards on the market, but they all have excessively large frames compared to this and are for the most part also ugly.

  • bj

    even if this was an elaborate troll like someone suggested, its still a BRILLIANT idea, and I at least hope gets stolen by a company that will actually bring it to fruition

  • bwwaaaa

    Shame that this never came to fruition. I’d buy it if it ever did.

  • Stéphane Lavergne

    With just 2 posts in the blog, maybe this was a hoax to begin with? Regardless, this seemed like a great alternative to the HHKB.

    If there are no patents on this, maybe us enthusiasts should pool together and make it happen as a community project…

  • Flooberjobby

    Wow, I think there are over a 1,000 comments here, about wishing this keyboard came out. I’m guessing there is probably another 1,000 people who read threw this, in hope it would be brought into production but didn’t comment.

    As well as even more that would of bought it by coming to the site. I was so ready to buy one, then I was like where the hell is the purchase… looked up and saw it said “cancled” :’(

  • i208khonsu

    i can haz mini gooryu?

  • The guy that'd buy ten.

    I’d buy ten.
    Please let this be some joke!

  • Wiremaster

    Ok… this is ridiculous.

  • A_Rival

    I JUST found out about this keyboard. Already canceled? What a shame. I swear, one week ago I was looking for a keyboard which had:
    a. a trackpoint
    b. wasd arrow keys

    Seriously, a complete shame. I own a Lenovo T60p, so I swear by anything that keeps my fingers on the home row.

    A serious letdown.


  • matt

    Awwww noooo. Miniguru was and is a great idea.
    Maybe someone
    Please come forth with as much detail as you can about why it failed. Perhaps the group mind can devise solution(s) to what killed it. And, if that doesn’t work, please also consider releasing the plans. It would be a shame if all of it were lost.


  • MrInterface

    Very sad to read this project got cancelled. Maybe you can start it again at the moment more people are using mechanical keyboards? There seems to be a trend towards this.


  • Aaron Toponce

    I came here from

    I own two Das Keyboards- the Das II and the Das III Ultimate, both are solid keyboards with the blue Cherry MX switches. I was debating getting a third that would be more portable, and this keyboard looked like it would be the answer, but I see that you’ve decided against production. Bummer. You had something solid there.

  • szarpaj

    Nooooo!!! \:

  • Devric

    I understand the cost for the mold is quite expensive, have you guys considered partnering up with existing manufactures that might interested in providng their facility in return for a investment over your product? I have to say it is a very good design, it looked a little wider than HHKB but still looks good, and should be demanded over the world, especialy the chinese market, they sell HHKB pro for 2000 chinese yuan where normal keyboards are only 15 yuan, and people still buys the HHKB. So dont give up just because of the production cost, there would be people interested in partnering up if it is a good product.

  • Nick Blah

    Just wanting to throw my support behind the whole thing.

  • Henrik

    +1 for Kickstarter or preordering.
    +2 for an explanation…

  • entev

    Aww, rats! Please, if there’s any chance of production, I will pre-order.

  • Isonsumeinfum

    Pleased Reborn Year everybody under the sun! :)

  • Julius

    I would be interested in a prototype, or pre-ordering?

  • studyofmatter

    it really does feel like i was trolled..

    the best keyboard ever constructed is now, not for sale, and never will be..
    and the explanation is just one cheap little sentence.

    i was prepared to pay 500-600$ for this.
    good job guys *clap, clap*

  • orerousethy

    good start

  • Richard Gomes

    The keyboard is absolutely perfect.
    The only product better than the HHKB, imho.

    If you have enough audience and interest, you may eventually find angel capital for it.