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Three-In-One Retro-Console Uses Original Game-Controllers

The RetroN 3 Video Gaming System is a piece of hardware that gets almost everything right. The red (or black, thankfully) box houses chips capable of playing any NES, SNES or Genesis (Megadrive) games you may still have lying around. Simply slot the cart into the correct top-hole and you can play anything from Streets of Rage through Super Mario Anything to, erm, Top Gun: The Second Mission.

Output is via S-video or composite AV, and input is via a pair of wireless game-pads. But here’s the clincher, the feature that makes this probably the greatest retro-gaming rig we’ve seen: You don’t have to use the supplied controllers. The box has six extra sockets so you can hook up two each of your original joypads for all three consoles.

The box is quite reasonably priced, too, considering the amount of kit that you get, at just $70. Sure, it doesn’t have the old-school, chunky plastic good-looks of the originals, but so what? It’s retro-gaming heaven.

RetroN 3 Video Gaming System [Hyperkin via Oh Gizmo! and Gadget Review]

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