September 10: Lord Of The Rings Online Goes Free-To-Play

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September 10, 2010. That’s when you’ll be able to play the newly relaunched, and, most importantly, free to play, Lord of the Rings Online. That’s a pretty big deal, yes.

The MMO, which has actually been available for several years now, switches over to the increasingly popular “free to play” model once September 10 rolls around. You’ll be able to download the game client, create an account, and battle the forces of EVIL~! without paying one red cent.

Of course, you’re free to purchase additional content, such as fancy weapons and armor and other premium content.

In short: the game = free, but any accouterments will cost ya.

You know what other MMO is going free-to-play? Everquest. Who saw that coming?

Methinks Blizzard would do well to come up with alternatives to this $15/month system if it wants to maintain its top spot, particularly as we get closer to the release of The Old Republic. Not that I know a darn thing about Star Wars, but the game certainly looks like it’ll be worth a punt.

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