“Straddling” bus–a cheaper, greener and faster alternative to commute

| July 31st, 2010


A big concern on top of urban transportation planner’s mind is how to speed up the traffic: putting more buses on the road will jam the roads even worse and deteriorate the air; building more subway is costly and time consuming. Well, here is an cheaper, greener and fast alternative to lighten their mind up a bit: the straddling bus, first exhibited on the 13th Beijing International High-tech Expo in May this year. In the near future, the model is to be put into pilot use in Beijing’s Mentougou District (bjnews). (The official site of the high-tech expo put it as 3D fast bus, which I think is more confusing, for now I’ll just call it the straddling bus.)


Proposed by Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co., Ltd, the model looks like a subway or light-rail train bestriding the road. It is 4-4.5 m high with two levels: passengers board on the upper level while other vehicles lower than 2 m can go through under. Powered by electricity and solar energy, the bus can speed up to 60 km/h carrying 1200-1400 passengers at a time without blocking other vehicles’ way. Also it costs about 500 million yuan to build the bus and a 40-km-long path for it, only 10% of building equivalent subway. It is said that the bus can reduce traffic jams by 20-30%.

Here is the presentation by Song Youzhou, chairman of  Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co., Ltd.


What you can see from the video is traffic jams, what you can hear is noise, and there is also invisible air pollution. At present, there are mainly 4 types of public transits in China: subway, light-rail train, BRT, and normal bus. They have advantages and disadvantages, for example, subway costs a lot and takes long time to build; BRT takes up road spaces and produces noises as well as pollution to the air. How to develop environmental-friendly public transportation? Straddling bus provides a solution. Let’s watch a demonstration.

The straddling bus combines the advantages of BRT, it is also a substitution for BRT and subway in the future. As you all know, the majority vehicle on the road is car, the shortest vehicle is also car. Normally our overpass is 4.5-5.5 m high. The highlight innovation of straddling bus is that it runs above car and under overpass. Its biggest strength is saving road spaces, efficient and high in capacity. It can reduce up to 25-30% traffic jams on main routes. Running at an average 40 km/h, it can take 1200 people at a time, which means 300 passengers per cart.

Another strength of straddling bus is its short construction life cycle: only 1 year to build 40 km. Whereas building 40-km subway will take 3 years at best. Also the straddling bus will not need the large parking lot that normal buses demand. It can park at its own stop without affecting the passage of cars. This is what the interior looks like: it has huge skylight that will eliminate passengers’ sense of depression when enter.

There are two parts in building the straddling bus. One is remodeling the road, the other is building station platforms. Two ways to remodel the road: we can go with laying rails on both sides of car lane, which save 30% energy; or we can paint two white lines on both sides and use auto-pilot technology in the bus, which will follow the lines and run stable.

There are also two ways in dealing with station platform. One is to load/unload through the sides; the other is using the built-in ladder so that passengers can go up and to the overpass through the ceiling door.

Straddling bus is completely powered by municipal electricity and solar energy system. In terms of electricity, the setting is called relay direct current electrification. The bus itself is electrical conductor, two rails built on top to allow the charging post to run along with the bus, the next charging post will be on the rails before the earlier one leaves, that is why we call it relay charging. It is new invention, not available yet in other places.

The set here is super capacitor, a device that can charge, discharge and store electricity quickly. The power it stores during the stop can support the bus till the next stop where another round of charging takes place, achieving zero toxic gas throughout the process.

About the ultrasonic waves put forth from the end of the bus, that is to keep those high cars or trucks away from entering the tunnel. Using laser ray to scan, cars get too close to the passage will activate the alarm on the bus end. Inside the bus, there are turning lights that indicate a the bus is intending to make a turn to warn the cars inside. Also radar scanning system is embedded on the walls to warn cars from getting too close to the bus wheels.

Nowadays many big cities have remodeled their traffic signaling system, to prioritize public buses, that is to say when a bus reaches a crossing, red light on the other side of the fork will turn on automatically to give buses the right of way. Our straddling bus can learn from this BRT method. The car can make the turn with the bus if that is the direction it wants to go too; if not, the red light will be on to stop the cars beneath while the bus take the turn.

The bus is 6 m in width and 4-4.5 m high. How will people get off the bus if an accident happens to such a huge bus? Here I introduce the most advanced escaping system in the world. In the case of fire or other emergencies, the escaping door will open automatically. I believe many of you have been on a plane. Planes are equipped with inflated ladder so people can slide down on it in emergency. I put the escaping concept into the straddling bus. It is the fastest way to escape.

The bus can save up to 860 ton of fuel per year, reducing 2,640 ton of carbon emission. Presently we have passed the first stage demonstration and will get through all of the technical invalidation by the end of August. Beijing’s Mentougou District is carrying out a eco-community project, it has already planned out 186 km for our straddling bus. Construction will begin at year end.

Thank you.

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  1. Kris Haamer says:

    This is the craziest transportation device I’ve seen to date. By far.

    • pug_ster says:

      From people who complains that China copies everything, at least it is original.

      • yan says:

        Four great inventions are by Chinese i.e. The Compass, Gunpowder, Papermaking and Printing.

      • fly´bye says:

        well .. actually disney allready invented this many years ago via Gyro Gearloose in the cartoon of donald duck, so no it aint that new and original

    • carlos says:

      I am sure this is the best idea on transportation today.

      Please sell it to USA since it is broken. It need your help.

      Please read: “Mr. Obama, that was a secret am-bush”
      at realpolitica.com
      if you want to know the bold truth.

      • Gary says:

        “Please sell it to USA”

        These busses would be great in China where the regular busses are packed completely full. In the USA, where the regular busses are empty, this would be a 1,200 seat empty monster rolling around using up taxpayer money for nothing.

        • Joebin says:

          You obviously have never taken the CTA

          • Jason says:

            I’m from Chicago. I can confirm this would be an empty tax monster in US. The busses are enough for any American city.

            • Matt says:

              that may be the states problem. perhaps you should be filling up those otherwise empty buses instead of guzzling gas to and from work every day. many contries in the world are contributing to the environmental issues in the worl but so are the states and they should be utilizin gthings like this to help combat the problems

              • Jason says:

                I think people who live in Cities do utilize public transportation in the US. In a city like Chicago we’re still working on getting the population up to 3 million. Beijing has 20 million. So far, The Subway and Bus system is enough for us.

              • Lone says:

                The point you and clever Carlos above are overlooking is that most of the cities in the US were built between two relatively fine points in history. One was the mass introduction of the automobile that heavily influenced the layout of towns. Two, the most recent, was the decades well before ‘green’ and ‘evil oil’ showed up. Cheap gas, a large, wealthy developing country, and a century of the automobile with a long standing view of the positives of driving. Why confine ourselves to dense, old-world communities where everything is in walking distance when all the signs (at the time) says we dont need to.

                The international community, and many Americans, jump up and down yelling ‘fix the problem’ (which is unique in history) without ever realizing the scope of it. Good or bad, free-travel is the foundation of US society and the logistics of altering that deep mindset and the entire way it functions is immense. This bus is a tool and step in the right direction but not a magic fix and one that does not address the root issues.

                • Jason says:

                  Everyone has a car in Beijing too, Its a status symbol more than transportation device in most cases. Even if this crazy bus thing is amazing, i believe people will still buy cars.

                  • Michele says:

                    There are just over 4 million cars in Beijing–less than one-fifth of the population. Status symbol is only a part of the motivation. If that’s all people bought them for, would the roads be this packed? Another factor is the exurbanization that the government has encouraged to take pressure off the city center which pushes people further away from work and in greater need of cars. Mentougou, where the bus will start out, is one of these edge cities that could greatly benefit from such an innovation.

                    • Jess says:

                      I agree with Michele and I would like ot add that there are more cars in teh states than there are in china alone…to be quite honest I like this idea and think that maybe the states should consider it as a possibility…And most light rail or subway systems which is the closest thing that the states have to resemble this…run on either gas or electricity which in the bigger cities is fueled by gas…The whole concept of it is a greener way of transportation, that moves vast volumes of people and is cost effective…


    • huk hogan says:

      You think it is crazy because you live in a cocoon! When Americans or the West do it, it is not crazy.

    • S. Charles says:

      It looks good on the screen. And I’m sure it looks good on paper. But really, the chance of a traffic pile-up under this thing, and the ramifications of such a pile-up, are just too great. Not only would passangers avoid such a bus, but who would want to drive under this thing?

  2. xino says:

    That’s really a cool idea! Why couldn’t I think of that. Its a neat idea to lower traffic

    • AndrewG says:

      It also has the opportunity to go up a 1 way street the wrong way!!

      did not display that concept – eh!!

      • Anonymus says:

        That isn’t necessarily possible, because what if a big truck comes down? Would it have enough time to dodge the straddling bus? Maybe possible, but surely more dangerous than just simply following the traffic direction below…

  3. Alejandro says:

    amazing. +10

  4. GuoBao says:

    Straddling buses have been theory for decades but as far as I know nobody has every built an operating one. Would be very cool to see it come to life in a real city, though I doubt it would be long before some moron driver crashes into it and derails it. Also I would like to point out the hugely inflated number of people they propose it will carry. 300 per cart is only going to happen if people are squeezed together like in the worst of today’s regular buses and nobody likes that one bit.

    • O Hai says:

      Well, in China’s fast growing cities… that’s not very unlikely.

    • Cyril says:

      As a resident of Shanghai.. believe me, they will get 400 per cart on there at rush hour.

      • Anonymus says:

        :P And that’s only 1 cart! they estimate 1200 passengers in total, so that means 4 carts by their estimates… In the end it could get up to 1600 as Cyril suggested! :D

  5. Very interesting. I’m curious to see how it handles drunks, crossing traffic……

  6. shenmeniao says:

    this mode of transportation demands an action movie

    yao ming action hero acting debut?

  7. CBC says:

    seems very innovative, but i’m sure some ass will still manage to crash into the bus. Just like those drivers that don’t read the clearence level under the bridge. :-/

  8. Devin says:

    geogrous ~!

  9. John says:

    Interesting concept, but the accidents would be nasty.

  10. Cold Heartless Fearful Guy says:

    Just need another guy dissatisfied with society to take a container of petrol on board and turn into a ‘towering inferno’.

    Interesting design, but it fails to take into account one design feature required of Chinese road users – the total traffic chaos they have when travelling!!!

    If it has to ‘turn-off’ the main road (like at 1:30) and has it’s body crossing the lane, it would be full of idiots in taxi’s trying to race the light!!! Having a moving tunnel to negotiate will be very interesting

    • yi says:

      this is not a racist comment, it is the utter truth

    • AndreBabe says:

      I guess maybe this would be a chance for the chinese to behave well on the road? A few accidents, and then they’ll become good boys and good girls on the road. :P

  11. NIGGRADAMUS says:

    Muthaf*ckers had me until I read “Inside the bus, there are turning lights that indicate a the bus is intending to make a turn to warn the cars inside.” Make a turn with vehicles inside in the driving environment in China? NEGRO PLEASE. Did the genius inventor ever drive in China?

    • KC says:

      I know, so that would cause an accident for sure as people are not paying attention and all of a sudden the bus is going to make a turn! That means that either they drive into the side of the bus, or, they slam on the breaks and then you have a 7 car pile up.

    • kai pan says:

      Why do you make as ass of yourself by displaying the crude, uncultured side of lower-class black society?

      Is it really necessary to show the world that you cannot express yourself without using vulgarisms?

  12. Devin says:

    “gergeous” should be

  13. sunbin says:

    well…..it can save the HOV lanes in freeways.
    in US (eg Los Angeles), freeway lanes were closed or narrowed to make way for Metro. with this straddling bus the original lanes and shoulders could be retained.

  14. Carl says:

    It’s a beautiful design, but given the experiences I’ve had while travelling in Beijing and other cities… lanes are pretty much non existent, so I failed to see how this could work in such an environment. Perhaps installing a super stiff brake, so whatever is crashing into it won’t even budge the bus?

    • bananian says:

      If this thing can carry 300 passengers, it will be REALLY heavy, which means no one on board would even notice if a car hits it.

  15. yao says:

    I like it but…
    with all the crashes into guardrails already, it would always be stuck behind some rail bent into its path. And it would freak people out a bit if this thing came zooming over them.

  16. TS says:

    Looks neat, but it seems that you would have to compare it to the elevated track systems that exist(ed) in many cities such as Chicago and New York. In elevated tracks, the elevation is built into the track, so you need a lot of steel to elevate the entire length of the track, while here the elevation part is built into the train.

    So, there might be savings here, but do they make up for all the technological and safety complications of the design? Hard to tell, but my money would be on elevated tracks if the choice is only between these two. Of course, elevated track systems have some image problems (think of an old elevated track with trains rattling by your window every few minutes) when compared to the neat, white, and shiny CG generated images of these “buses”.

  17. Buhaoyise says:

    Cool! I like this idea.

    On the other hand China could greatly improve traffic flow by simply teaching basic road safety / efficiency to drivers: ie. right of way, shoulder checks, lane discipline.

  18. Crystal says:

    “… and there is also invisible air pollution …”

    Hehe, air pollution in China is quite visible :-)

  19. Simon says:

    Brilliant idea though to be honest some of the points brought up are a bit impractical or at least unrealistic. Personally I just don’t like the idea of more than one vehicle occupying the same space at the same time. I think with a bit of work and perhaps slightly more realistic goals, this could be a great alternative to a lot of traffic congestion. Nice job, dude

  20. Cleo says:

    I only know that I hate being out in direct sunlight which is why the expo in Shanghai looks so unattractive to me. There are covered walkways in the Summer Palace for a reason. It’s all well and good to enjoy “the great outdoors” but not if one emerges permanently speckled and creased. We call ourselves the Yellow Skin people not the brown paper bag skin people. In Hongkong, most recreation happens indoors, air conditioned and the girls bronze beautifully in the half minute it takes them to go from haven to haven. But it IS only half a minute. I would think twice about designing anything that doesn’t offer sun protection.

    • KC says:

      I concur because of the UV rays and also the internal temperature would be lower so they wouldn’t need to waste energy on AC.

  21. Andi says:

    Nice idea,

    How can they set the tires in motion? There is no space for a normal motor – axis system? The only way I can think of is a caterpillar.

  22. ben says:

    How about having the bus go over reverse traffic. Therefore it can prevent trucks going under it. Cars spend less time underneath and have a less chance of a accident.

    • KC says:

      This is not a solution for trucks because now they have even less time to react because this bus is coming at them during a traffic jam, how can the truck get out in time?

  23. s says:

    there’s so many problems with this concept
    1. what if there was a accident ahead? everyone will have to get off the bus or wait till accident clears?
    2. there’s a lot of j walkers in china, there’s no dout someone will get hit.
    3. is it safe enough for the passengers if some driver hits it from below.
    4. there’s bound to be some truck drivers who think they can make the 2m mark

    • KC says:

      I think it’s a great idea but like you, I am skeptical about the safety. I value my life too much to ever step foot on one of these things.

  24. Tony P says:

    I like how it destroys cars or trucks that get too close to it with a death ray.

  25. Alindor says:

    Esta muy interesante… mi cordial saludos para quien lo invebto este sistema de transporte…

  26. keegy says:

    this electric stuff is really a GLASS for Chinese.
    GLASS means tragedy in China.

  27. Bill says:

    Its simple to prevent people from doing things that may cause accidents when near this thing: Just make it so that at least one member of the People’s Armed Police (PAP) always rides one of these things and make it well known that they do so. This way if there is an accident, the one causing it will immeadiately get caught by a PAP officer. That should make people think twice about cutting in front, tailgating etc.

  28. Leah says:

    Great concept, but this is either gonna be a hit or miss. On one hand, in most of the cities of China, drivers are crazy maniacs that truly make the road a stage for natural selection & the pedestrians people who j walk like hell, but from my time in Beijing, they’re also ridiculously adaptive so maybe it’ll work out.

  29. Jason says:

    This seems to basically be an elevated rail like what we refer to in Chicago as the “el” http://indospectrum.com/images/photos/chicago-3/cd033_31may04_under_el.jpg

    We’ve been doing this since 1893. Only without the train having the possibility to make contact with cars below. I also think it would be great if the Beijing subway adopted the idea of the “loop” system where the trains don’t just go back and forth on one line but to have a central meeting place where you can pick up more than one line’s train. It would cause less clutter in the center if everyone wasn’t intending to ride the same train.

    • Paul says:

      It’s not though is it? The ‘el’ is a fixed overpass on which trains run. The Chinese concept is for the train itself to be the overpass. Did you even read the article? Watch the video?

      • Jason says:

        I did. Moving a train above the traffic is the same concept as the el. I think China is good at taking an idea and making it cheaper and faster to build. In my opinion this is the el. . Cheaper and faster. Plus, it’s easy to remove if it doesn’t work out.

  30. roozbeh says:

    so good

  31. Eddy says:

    As the saying goes…..” Nothing is Impossible” has proven ‘not in our dictionary’ as far as China is concerned.

  32. GV says:

    What is the length of the bus please

  33. ArnoA.Evers says:

    That is so cool. I can think of so many cities, including my home town,
    where a solution like this would be ideal.
    More here:

    World passenger car production incl. P.R. China

    The graphic of the global motor vehicle production from 1900 to 2008 shows that in the beginning, car production was shared between North America and Europe only. After 1950, other players appeared on the market like Japan and South Korea. China started their domestic car production in 1985. However, the production of cars in China skyrocketed from half a million in 1995 to over 6.7 million in 2008. Once more Asian reality has overtaken all the estimates made by the so called experts: In 2007, 6.4 million passenger cars have been built in China – the quantity which was predicted in 2003 to be produced not before the year 2010. …more:


  34. JET says:

    This is by far the most amazing creation I’ve ever seen! We need this type of transportation every where in the world. In the USA especially; where the pollution and traffic jam are outrageous. Not to mention how much greener and safer the earth will be, also very cost effective.

  35. Chin-Chu-Lan-Cha says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA…..this is the solution to traffic congestion?!?!?!….HAHAHAHAHA….this is a Mickey Mouse band-aid that will only create a more hazardous roadway and will lead to more accidents and deaths on the roads!!….what do Chinese know anyway?…..they always copy someone else. I’m sure this is NOT their original idea, they got it from someone else. Someone else who saw the huge problems I mentioned above. Oh, wait, but in China there is no liability so it is OK to use this hazardous proposed system….life is cheap in China…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  36. N says:

    This looks like a horrible idea, Good intentions sure, but bad idea. I can only seeing this thing causing lot’s of accidents. think of being a driver under this thing it would be insanely distracting, imagine being stuck in traffic after it does have an accident and the amount of people potentially involved in said accident. The roads aren’t a very safe as they are now, this will only increase the danger. Bad idea.

  37. Marky says:

    simpsons did it

  38. D. Lama says:

    So nothing can exist on the right side of the road, i.e. no more right turns. Ignores the handicapped wheelchair people, they can’t climb stairs. Utopia yes, practical no.

  39. D. Lama says:

    And the entire purpose of elevating a railway or bus for that matter is to make the train or bus virtually unaffected by a traffic accident below it. This system would be stopped too if an automobile accident occurred that blocked the area where the bus wheels ride or a car fire that would prevent it from going overtop.

  40. Johnson says:

    Hmm, I don’t know about this. I think Subways are pretty well the way to go.

  41. adjee says:

    This idea looks very promising but I guess every idea has some nicks that need to be patched up first before they start implementing it. But I do hope they get this thing working, this is gonna be really helpful with the traffic nowadays.

  42. zorro says:

    wow! china going ahead of any other country to control pollution, i wonder how much taxes are the people of china going to paid for such as good idea, i know it would work but it will cost the the people best of luck!

    • Anonymus says:

      nah, probably not… not because it’s not costly like any mass solution…


  43. d says:

    Eh, here’s a though. What happens in you are under one of these things and it’s going slowly at the same speed and the car (Also under) infront of you and behind you. And what happens under the same situation but you what to left or right turn?

  44. Jon says:

    i dont like chinese government, but i love this idea

  45. alan says:

    Some goes underneath, zips through, cuts in front of the edge of the vehicle to get into another lane.

    A crash happens, the coach has no time to stop, hundreds get hurt, or worse.

    Massive vehicles have lots of inertia. You don’t want to invite disaster by letting other vehicles too close. Letting them go underneath seems to violate all common sense.

  46. george says:

    If they put the rails it rides on on an elevated platform like in the middle of highways then the cars crashing into the bus will be much lesslikely. So the bus will ride a foot higher than the traffic. The bus will go down to road level when turning corners. Its route will have to be planned.

  47. Игорь says:

    Молодцы! Китай очередной раз удививил весь мир – отличная идея из Поднебесной, скоро полностью изменит облик городов. Эта идея давно висела в воздухе, но найти решение транспортной и экологической проблеме быстрее всех удалось китайцам.
    Теперь не Китай будет копировать западные технологии, а «развитым» западным странам придется догонять Китай.

    Отлично ребята! Мне очень нравится ваша страна – у Китая великое будущее.

  48. tuff says:

    I donot think it is a good idea. A Trolly-car would be better. How about
    the horse and wagon? Bring in the camels. Give up the cars and take a
    seat on a triple decker bus!

  49. sch says:

    This Straddling bus is not mature for obvious safety reasons as you guys said ;-DD
    But yes, China starts to invent on it’s own. The next flow of ideas will come from there. Vitality + pressure are seeds to creativity . I thing the guys are brilliant.
    Just wait&see (this is all we seem to do in the West anyway…)

  50. SDS says:

    You know they can get rid of traffic congestion quite easily by banning cars and adopting mass relocation so everyone ended up living near their workplace. Everything will be centrally governed, everyone must carry certified identification and nobody is allowed to appear on the streets without authorized permission after 9pm. In these times, the powerful government will direct the flow of trade, force people to purchase certain items and forbid the consumption of others, whilst allowing marginal freedom on others. This will be a truly efficient China. All cargo will be transported in standardized, militarized and streamlined trucks traveling one direction on designated lanes. Limited buses will operate on another lane. The third lane will remain a clearway for transit stops and emergency vehicles. In this China, traffic congestion and all other urban problems will be solved. Push rationalism to its finest.

    You like my China no?

    • pierre says:

      Very surprised to find such a stupid and ignorant comment from some one who
      has certainly never travelled all his life nor has not enough education and objectivity to acknowledge nor acccept the fast evoluting world of today,
      what a pity !
      you better shut your mouth up before getting appropriate information.

    • Игорь says:

      Привет SDS! Было интересно прочитать Ваш комментарий. Вероятно Вы придерживаетесь либеральных взглядов. Вы думаете что, при демократии больше свободы? К сожалению это не так – проблема тотального контроля населения существует и при демократии. Но эта тема выходит за рамки новости.

      Проблема больших городов существует во всем мире, но именно в Китае появился такой проект, как этот автобус. Мое мнение – это не случайно, а стало возможным благодаря экономической и политической модели Китая.

    • shit SDS says:

      SUPPORT pierre! SDS, you’re so nasty

    • charlie makan says:

      If you keep your month shut, people will not call you dumb!

    • David Li says:

      You simply make me feel you an idoit.
      Want to be respected? First respect others.


    Me gustaría saber la forma de obtener información detallada respecto a la empresa y la manera de conseguir una representación.

  52. Chris P says:

    This looks like a great idea. My only question is how does it go round corners?

  53. Delmy Kar says:

    they want your money

  54. Mark says:

    Hey this was my idea? Straddling bus is cheaper because it straddles SUV’s and mates with them producing superior hybrid offspring. See official picture above.

  55. Joey says:

    What happens when a car hits this thing?

  56. trailboss says:

    Pure genius! What an idea.
    My best wishes for a successful venture gentlemen.


  57. alpha says:

    I love the idea, but I’m a little bit concerned with the increased accidents that would occur.

  58. Conan776 says:

    Well, sir, there’s nothing on earth
    Like a genuine,
    Bona fide,
    What’d I say?

    (only half kidding, it’s a pretty neat idea)

  59. Jere Guareno says:

    search online for true crime. There are some crazy, crazy stories out there that are true. It could be inspiration for your characters, especially if you pick and choose and combine the true crime stuff.

  60. lorena says:


  61. Tilahun says:

    This is great invention.

  62. Charles Cotsis says:

    I believe that is a very ingenius way of relieving the heavy traffic problem in China.
    My concern would be is how would they handle problems that would come in inclement weather. Such as heavy snow deposits, freezing rains that could cover sensing devices and not make good electrical contact, falling debris during heavy winds, etc, etc.
    I suppose like any other traffic, they could shut down until conditions are such that they can open traffic again after an all clear notice. Like in airports; there would be some delays.

  63. Theodore says:

    The problem with this bus is that it requires drivers to not freak out when this thing comes up from behind them. What if you are driving and caught under this bus and want to change lanes? I think the most important problem however, is just the concept of motion sickness. When I am riding a subway and am watching another subway car moving while I am moving, I feel a little bit dizzy and disoriented. Now if I was driving at one speed, and my peripheral vision was partially enveloped by a bus moving at another speed, I would surely feel at least a little disoriented. For a drunk driver so much the worse. Basically, it demands too much from drivers.

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  65. Hadi BITAR says:

    Dear Sir,

    are you intrested to presint your 3d bus to saudi goverment
    please let me know m we are ready to do,

    Hadi BITAR

  66. Peter says:

    Very cool idea!!! I like it!

  67. John says:

    They’ve got it all figured out over there in China. What would it look like if we put something like this in the North America, perhaps as an add-on to the congested Lincoln Tunnel in NYC? http://ideavein.com/2010/11/24/straddling-bus-lincoln-tunnel/

  68. Tucci says:

    Quite amazing,one of the top 50 of best innovations of the year by Times.

  69. andy says:

    i am proud that human innovation is alive somewhere.
    america didn’t invented the physics or mathematics…greeks, chinese, indians and at last europeans invented and did the basic research in those fields. we copied them-use them- and then we used human innovation to build the whole empire here in america…but finally it felt like it was all dying around…
    we should welcome innovation and shouldn’t be critical of people who are doing good for society.
    bravo china…way to go…soon, things will change and will come…human rights, peace and well-being of the whole world…democracy will follow till things will weigh somuch that the great empire of china will fall and some-one else will take its place.
    science has no boundaries and this is an example.
    good luck.

  70. naila says:

    hi ù
    that is really great
    xiexie nin

  71. Mr. F you in THa Bum says:

    RE:I H8 This!!-by Mr. Shinigaru aka( mr r)

  72. S13 says:

    We think it is a great idea. It would be awesome but people think when it turnes corners you will crash into the wall. Thanks Sunrise

  73. anush says:

    the idea is just mindblowing

  74. Yadav says:

    Yes………………………….It’s very cool

  75. mindbreaker says:

    I think this will make some drivers nervous and they will crash, but I do think the concept has potential. As it is, the accidents can be very deadly because if a car does run into it, the bus can push it into several other cars leading to chain reactions. There is very little room for other cars around the vehicle to adjust to get out of the way once things get crazy.
    The escape seems a bit silly. Who wants to jump out into traffic? Safer inside. Just have fire resistant bottom and the top openable to the air. It would cost less and be safer.
    It is also vulnerable to terrorists. They can drive a car bomb under it and detonate it killing everyone.

  76. Chad says:

    Hey all, I found your blog through Bing even while hunting for a related matter, your blog came up, it appears to be great. I’ve got saved it at my yahoo book mark

  77. kshitij parashar says:

    nice bus…….very advantageous in future

  78. amirul says:

    How to make right or left turn when under the bus?

  79. Ga Law says:

    I live in Jakarta-Indonesia. The traffic is damn crowded in the busy hours. I guess straddling bus is the best solution to overcome the traffic jams right away.
    Will somebody tell me the progress of straddling bus project?
    Has it been commercially operated in Beijing, California or whatever part of the world?

  80. Pradeep Vishnu Tendolkar says:

    I am very interested to see this bus project in working. Can someone tell me about the status of this project and the present development as on today?

  81. joony macau says:

    can i have a reserch paper of stardling bus services and related any…???

  82. Hey that’s great! haha, try that in our city in Seville and we give you all the support to work through administration obstacles ;)

  83. Liy says:

    What makes you think this is NOT original?

  84. O Hai says:

    What makes you think this is NOT NOT original?

  85. Jason says:

    This seems to basically be an elevated rail like what we refer to in Chicago as the “el”

  86. Ste says:

    be nice. benefit of the doubt.

  87. Murph says:

    it’s not even close to the el, because its impact on streetscape is so limited and requires such little right-of-way acquisition – the most expensive part of infrastructure projects. Hence “10% of the cost of building a subway.”

  88. longtea says:

    The page you were looking for doesn’t exist.
    can anyone post a exist page? i really want to see the Chicago huge Bus.

  89. Jason says:

    At least cars dont have to yield to a passing el car. And I dont think anything that cars will have to yield to will be very efficient in China.
    I believe this thing has a huge impact on the landscape of the street or whatever streetscape means.

  90. Not Ste says:

    What makes you be nice and benefit of the doubt?

  91. Spence says:

    The “el” is ridiculously loud and obtrusive.

  92. Jason says:

    I dont agree that its obtrusive. But it is very loud. If they built it today im sure it would be quieter. It was built more than 100 years ago. The main point is that this idea to put public transportation above traffic is not a totally new idea.

  93. Mak says:

    The El is an elevated train, hence the name. The straddle bus is a significantly different concept.

  94. SDS says:

    What makes you ask stupid recursive questions?

  95. SRS says:

    What makes you ask stupid recursive questions?

  96. What makes me butt-rape you all in the butt?

  97. Im a troll! Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy

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