We're not sure what we were expecting to experience when we picked up this gun-style "shooting attachment" for the PlayStation Move, but it was hardly full of surprises. Basically, it's a comfy, lightweight attachment that makes holding your Move controller feel like holding a gun, and pulling the trigger button feel like pulling a trigger. We do love the retro look, quality Sony construction (we're pre-rolling our eyes at the inevitable crappy third party versions and their inferior plastics) and pretty much everything else about the attachment. The biggest perk is that for shooting games you'll be able to hold your arm out straight more naturally, instead of pointing "up" at the screen with the traditional Move controller grip. Unfortunately, the Big 3 Gun Shooting title we tested it on wasn't showing off 1:1 aiming to really let us know how this would feel in that scenario, but for the on-rails-shooter lovers out there (the attachment puts the face buttons out of thumb's reach, so it's useless for more in-depth games like SOCOM 4 or Killzone 3) we'd say there are worse things you could spend $20 on. Check it out on video after the break.
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PlayStation Move shooting attachment preview