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If you’re just remotely interested in electric cars, you will know of i-MiEV, Mitsubishi’s mini “green” vehicle. The i-MiEV has been around for years in Japan (the US will get it in 2011), and now a local retail chain called AEON is offering two e-bikes [JP, PDF] whose design is supposed to resemble said car.

AEON chose white/light green and white/red as the colors, which are also used by Mitsubishi for the i-MiEV. The e-bikes have 20-inch wheels and are powered by a 4Ah lithium-ion (MiEV-branded) battery. Once fully charged (for 2 hours/$0.12), the battery makes it possible to travel about 15km.

AEON already started the bikes in Japan (price: $1,200), but don’t expect them to hit other markets anytime soon.

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