Leaked Keyboard-less HP Device Said To Be Like "an EVO with webOS"

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While Palm’s early marketing efforts and their decision to launch exclusively on Sprint may not have made webOS’s pre-HP life any easier, there’s one thing that just straight up hurt them: the hardware. Be it design issues (the razor sharp lip on the original Pre) or underpowered specs (see: the Pixi), Palm got off to a pretty rough start on the hardware front and nothing they’ve released since has really been enough to get’em past that.

But this… this might just do it.

PreCentral just nabbed the image above from an unnamed (but thus far dependable) source. Alas, there’s not much to be said about it beyond what can be gathered from the photo, though the original source says its like “an EVO with webOS”. Uh, sold.

There are a few codenames being thrown around with this one, ranging from “Mansion”, to “Stingray”, to “Windsor”. My sources have previously told me that the “Mansion” codename was just nonsense churned out by the rumormill — and given that the Pre 3 is dubbed the “Mantaray” behind closed doors, the “Stingray” name fits this one pretty well.

Think that’s a front facing camera on the face, or a proximity sensor?

We’ll dig for more information on this guy, if only because I really want one.