Let's Chat: Panasonic's "Tablet" Helps Handicapped People Communicate

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Panasonic‘s subsidiary, Panasonic Healthcare, has developed the “Let’s Chat” [JP], a tablet-like device that helps people who can’t speak or use their hands anymore to communicate with others. According to the company, the target group includes, for example, people suffering from sclerosis or those recovering from serious accidents.

The way it works is that the user just needs to push a button on the device to make a phrase (“Get me water”, for example) appear on the display. Alternatively, the message is read out loudly, with Panasonic saying the Let’s Chat can be used for up to 62 phrases.

If no one is around, the user can press a buzzer button. The device also doubles as a simple TV remote control, as it’s compatible with most TVs made by Japanese makers, according to Panasonic.

The Let’s Chat went on sale in Japan earlier this week and costs $1,980.