LIFEBOOK S761/C: Fujitsu Shows Notebook With Integrated Pico Projector

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It took them a while, but PC makers are finally building notebooks with integrated pico projectors: that’s the main bullet point the LIFEBOOK S761/C that Fujitsu announced [JP] for the Japanese market has to offer. The projector replaces the space an optical drive would occupy in the notebook.

The device features a 13.3-inch LCD with 1,366×768 resolution, an Intel Core i5-2520M CPU (2.50GHz), 1GB RAM, a 160GB HDD, and Windows 7 Professional(32bit) as the OS. Fujitsu says the projector produces images in 800×600 resolution.

The company plans to start selling the notebook in Japan next month ($2,690). A version with a 12.1-inch screen and almost identical specs (but 1,280×800 resolution) will cost $3,120 (LIFEBOOK P771/C, see above).

Via Akihabara News