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RIM outs the all new BlackBerry Bold Touch ahead of BlackBerry World Conference

RIM outs the all new BlackBerry Bold Touch ahead of BlackBerry World
By Bla1ze on 29 Apr 2011 04:31 pm EDT

We're just mere days away from the RIM's BlackBerry World Conference and while we speculated that the new device they'd be showing off there would indeed be the all new BlackBerry Bold Touch, RIM has for lack of better words -- confirmed it via a slip up on the BlackBerry homepage. While the the images are now gone, this is a pretty big slip up to be making in the first place, considering it gives out the name of the device and even shows off the fact it will be running BlackBerry 7. One more pic of the BlackBerry Bold Touch can be found after the break. Oh right, yes -- that is Facebook on the BlackBerry PlayBook as well in the background. Thanks, for sending this in Joey!

BlackBerry Bold Touch

Reader comments

RIM outs the all new BlackBerry Bold Touch ahead of BlackBerry World Conference


i will only get this phone if i get my playbook 3g/wifi and there is a way i can use the keyboard on my phone for the playbook.

if not ill get the blackberry touch.

I love the torch and the form factor but I love the bold 9000 more.

the problem that I'm having right now is the lack of new models without touchscreen. I've found they have been a little unpredictable at times - accidentally dialing another person during the call or putting them on loudspeaker, accidentally putting them on hold, its been kinda annoying. It's only really been great at showing photos but when I get a playbook - i won't even need a touchscreen on a phone :P

I might just get a 9780 :P

I REALLY hope BB World has more than this one device.... Not that it isn't awesome, but the new all touch units have more to offer the non-BB die hard.

I would love to see the other rumoured BB devices officially announced too, however I have the feeling that unlike the Storm, Torch or Playbook (which I personally feel is awesome), the Bold Touch will be held up as the saviour of BlackBerry and it will be a genuine alternative/ lure away to/from the competition.

I'm due for an upgrade in July and I'm in there like swimwear!

As you say, the Playbook is fantastic, I don't think it's fair to put it in the same as breath as the Storm or the Torch (which I have, and like, but the Playbook and the Torch are miles apart).

I'm going for the Bold touch, but I have to say since I bought the Playbook I hardly use my phone for anything at all. :)

It would be incredibly irresponsible for me to purchase this phone, my 8900 works fine and I don't have the money for it. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be irresponsible that day.

Facebook App on the PlayBook behind :), bold touch but I'm gonna wait till the full touch phone/storm replacement is out

It clearly wasn't a slip up. With RIM's stocks slipping the last couple days, they need something to generate some excitement so "controlled" leaks are always a way of doing that.

Seems a fairly stupid assumption when the far simpler explanation that somebody put the page live rather than just putting it in place ready for bb world next week is more likely, after all it is not like they are going to gain a whole lot with an extra couple of days of it being known about.

Well put.

I was wondering if some well meaning intern didn't just take matters into their own hands and float this one out there, just for a minute.

Yea with the stock news, they need some fresh energy, such as announcing a bold-touch :O!

Though I don't know if I'd upgrade... honestly. The 9700 has been quite a work horse.

Start with a keyboard, a trackpad, *and* a touchscreen in a thin and light package with no clunky slider. Add BB OS7, NFC, magnetic compass, and WiFi "N" to the standard BB features (security, multitasking, desktop sync, bluetooth, Wifi, superior call quality, reception, and battery life, etc.). Now I am convinced that this is the perfect productivity smartphone. Sorry Atrix; sorry iPhone; I'm getting the Bold Touch!

hopefully t-mobile will get it

this looks nice but i think i prefer the all touch BB. although the stainless steel accent on this looks really nice. reminiscent of the stainless steel nokia 8800

I don't understand why they couldn't include a front-facing camera in this iteration of the device. I mean it's 2011 and every single smartphone released from this day forward have it standard. Heck take my notification LED out and give me a camera. If they could do it on the Playbook in such short order why not the Blackberry Bold Touch?

If you need a front facing camera, get one of the other phones, it's all good.

I personally wouldn't want to attempt video calling unless I was in a wifi network, and then I'd use my PlayBook, well, if there was a video chat I would. I'd probs use my PC.

Given the accepted knowledge / inferrence that the QNX devices will be out in 2012, maybe RIM will be waiting till then to add the front facing cam.

As it stands today, I've personally never been requested to take a video chat with someone for my work. I have Skype on my PCs at home and never use the video chat, it's there if I want it, but right now I don't see that people want it. BUT that's just me and my circle of contacts, yours could be different.

"Heck take my notification LED out and give me a camera."

dude are you serious.
front facing camera is just something to show off an say hey my phone have a front facing camera.

look how long it took android phone to use their front facing cam. IOS devices are locked to IOS devices only with face time.

when RIM have a proper BBM video app they will bring front facing cameras to their phone.

it different with the playbook because the playbook is a laptop replacement in a way.

there is no way the current BBOS could support face chat and for the most part most people with a face front camera dont even use it.

Why cant BBOS 7/6.1 support a front faced camera? Seriously tell me, hardware is there (1.2ghz processor+768mb of ram), capability is there, otherwise we wouldnt even have a rear camera. That it needs tweaking is another thing. But saying there is no way is a bit over the edge, you are just pissing outside the toilet now.

Not that i want a front faced camera, but both arguments are null. Just because you dont use the front facing camera doesnt mean others wont, this is a business device, and as far as i know, video conferencing is pretty popular in enterpreneurial environments.

BBOS 7 and its devices are perfectly capable of handling that, even OS6 with an update can do it. Releasing APIs for such functionality would allow third parties to create video conferencing apps.

yeah I understand where you're coming from my past Nokia phones and Sony Ericsson phones had them and I just never used it hey...

The playbook doesn't have working video chat but if you get one and then pair it with one of many blackberry phones, Im sure you'll be happy then right?

Unless of course the playbook is not something you ever want to get.

"take my LED"

No way, for me. There are three things that keep me BlackBerry, and not Android or iPhone:

1. Audio Profiles - ability to quickly select "Phone Calls Only" when going to bed (in case of emergency) or "Silent" when phone on desk (LED only)

(The next two, Android devices typically do cover, however, I still want a physical keypad.)

2. Mass Storage Mode / removable media - I do not want to have to use iTunes. With a BlackBerry, I can just plug it in via USB and browse files. Also, I carry a MicroSD-to-USB stick on my key chain which is use at work to put music on my work PC.

3. And the big seller: the LED! If I missed a message (text, email, call, etc.) I want to be able to glance at my BlackBerry on the table or as I walk by and see the LED blinking. I don't want to have to pick up my device and activate the screen to see if I missed anything I do NOT want to be THAT attached to my smartphone.

RIM: Never lose the LED or Audio Profiles (or you lose a loyal customer.)

Just sold my iphone 4 to buy this bad boy. I've been waiting 3 yrs for a 9000 revision and its finally here!
Come on RIM let us have it..

After 2 defective torches and low memory 9000 i think its time to splurge

I selfishly vote for Verizon since every other major provider received a newer model than the Bold 9650(AT&T's Torch,T-Mobile's 9780,and even Sprint's Style) However I wouldn't be too surprised if T-Mobile received the 9900 first.

Well i am sure other devices are going to be released here is a quote about next week conference:

“You guys will see some very interesting things, I believe,” RIM co-Chief Executive Jim Balsillie said on a conference call Thursday afternoon. “We won’t slowly tantalize these.”

notice the last part so i am sure the devices, most of them will be announced next week.

close to perfection but a while back I said I not buying another BB until I get the spec I want and one of those was front facing camera and some troll was like get an iphone well I guess you were working with apple to say such a dumb thing but we BB customers deserve to be updated too I can see bbm with video chat in the future and iphones stop selling or RIM not looking for new customers nice phone I done get money to buy mine I hoping on $500 price max

Whooooowww, this is... this is... Allways thought my Bold 9700 was perfect. But here it is. What a beauty. And yes, this will be my phone for the coming years. Combine this with a Playbook and feel the ultimate TOUCH. Thank you RIM!

It will be out in six months LOL, in time for xmas. Prepare for endless youtube videos for next six months...

Be nice. Announced in May, out in June. Not bad.

However, I believe that RIM has too many phones in the leaked lineup. Assuming the leaks are all true, I believe that RIM needs to focus on a few strategic devices with a compelling OS and great specs. Tightly integrate BBM, PLAYBOOK and QNX OS between them. They have the BBM hook so it is shameful that BBM was not integrated into the PlayBook on day 1. I understand the challenges and I'm sure that they wanted to. But my point here is that when we fail to meet market demand or seize an opportunity due to internal constraints or lack of vision then we have to fess up and say "my bad". I suggest the following lineup:

1 - Bold Touch. Make it such that the business guy/gal just can't do without it. Slick and blazing fast.
2 - An ALL Touch device -aka Storm 3; It must compete with the iPhone and other android devices. If it doesn't then why bother. It hurts the brand if the device is clearly out classed.
3 - Playbook 7" AND 10". The same consumers who grabs the ALL touch phone will want this 10" device. Without the 10" device, the non-business consumers will get and iPad. Once they have and iPad, they will gravitate to other iOS devices. I love my 7" playbook but my wife wants the 10" because she could care less about the business integration. Storm 3 and PlayBook 10" goes together.
4 - Web/Multimedia/Productivity laptop device running the QNX OS targetted at businesses. I am willing to bet my 1st born on the fact that such a device would be perfect for Business types. Get businesses in bed with you even more. Make it too expensive for them to ever leave BlackBerry but more importantly, give them a reason to stay with BlackBerry.
5 - Poor man's Bold Touch and a poor man's Storm 3. They should NOT be called BlackBerries. Dump them within the 3rd world countries. Don't sell within the US market which is a critical step.
6 - I'd also like to see an iPod Touch type device with the BlackBerry brand but that can wait. Essentially the new Storm without voice.

Note: 5 is just a money maker as well as making this a BBM world. Besides, some smartphones should just be cheap.

Devices to Kill immediately:
- Kill the Torch
- Kill the Style
- Stop updating those fucking old OSes and put that energy into getting QNX onto the lineup above. There should just be 1, ONE, UNO. You can't please everyone so cut the chord and we'll all upgrade as long as you make it compelling. Give incentive etc. It will be worth it.

Apple's hook was iTunes which has allowed them to branch out into many areas. BlackBerry's hook is BBM and Corporate. Use it to branch out into other makets.

Fight back RIM. I'm behind you all the way.

Can RIM afford an exclusive launch? It's time to launch on all available carriers that are willing to support this bad boy.

You wouldn't think so but I guess if a company throws enough money it's way....I still can't believe AT&T was the only US provider to ever offer the original Bold 9000.

They may be going this way. In the previous conference call RIM sited higher marketing costs. We all assumed that wasy for Playbook but it could be non-exclusivity on carriers. One thing they get from exclusivity is help with advertising, but RIM might have said we launch on all and advertise ourselves. I hope they do this. They need to make this a "want" phone and advertising is an important way to do this.

Dimensions wise it looks to have more in common with the 9000 than the 9700, that might just be an optical illusion though...

This phone would be a great upgrade over my 9700, even though that phone is superb. But then again, I'd have to get a new contract with AT&T and be forced into a more expensive text plan. I'll probably buy it off contract in 2 years so AT&T isn't gouging me even more....

My phone is not on a contract so i am thinking about getting this of the blackberry touch. i have the 9700 currently but i had never had a full touch screen phone.

with that being said i will buy either on off contract so its a hard choice to shell out $500.

i think ill just get the blackberry touch because ill still have my 9700 so if i dont like the touch ill sell it and default to my 9700 and then wait for the QNX cupcakes..i mean superphones

Im constantly helping my wife with her DroidX. After which I find myself pushing on the screen on my 9650. So this comes at a good time if its cdma. Im too clumsy to have a touch only phone, the playbook is about as small as I can handle. I previously told myself that the next Blackberry I get would have to be 4g, but now that Verizon is charging a minimum 50 bucks a month for 4g data plans I can live without it.

Man this thing is a beaut! I think this will make a pretty damn nice upgrade from my Tour on verizon (OS 5 -> OS 7!) I was debating an iPhone, but I definetly have to wait until this baby comes out now. Hopefully RIM will be smart and release the thing within 1 month. Will it have an on-screen keyboard also? Man touchscreen AND physical keyboard ahhh. Let us have it!

i hope RIM copies Apple's M.O. here and release it shortly after being announced

the playbook announcement -- release time was dreadful

I heard through the "grapevine" that this alongside the other BB7 phones will be released around Canada day. I don't see a better way of showing my patriotism than by picking up one of these bad boys!

I agree, I have heard July as well but for a couple of devices. just didn't hear that it would be July 1.

This phone is to little to late, I am very disappointed. It's better than the 9700 but does not have capabilities that flagship phones from other manufacturers do.

No front facing camera, really, its a 2011 phone. Serious omission, everybody else has it. No dual core and 1.2 Ghz is last years tech.

Hdmi Out, Front Camera, Most Powerful Processors available and more under QNX umbrella.

This should have already been released.

I'm not entirely sure why you're comparing this to the upcoming droid phones. Htc and samsung are hardware first and software second. Of course they are going to be churning out topend hardware before rim and apple that must do both.

As for the dualcore droid phones coming out soon... They pack more processing power than the playbook, ipad2, and galaxy tab! Wtf?!

Heck yes! I'm finally getting excited about this. I was holding off because we all know how long it takes for RIM to get "rumored" products pushed out. If it came out in July sometime, that would just be perfect!

They probably should have left the page as a teaser or something. Their stock tanked 15% today. Things don't look good for RIMM

i soooooooo want one of these my 8330 is limping along and needs to be retired and please be on Verizon

So, after having a dismal sales report and watching their stock value plunge, RIM is going to "announce" just one new phone, which could still be months away from actual availability, and show off a Facebook app? At the biggest BB show of the year. Am I the only one missing something here!!?!

Its gng to cost upward of ₹28,000 or $700, but its worth it! Definitely gng to start saving. Just a question.. will this get the QNX upgrade?

I love my 9800 but would have gladly kept my bold. I have always said that my perfect phone would be the 9000 with a webkit browser, but unfortunately it didn't exist at the time. Now it looks like it may become a reality.... OS 7 with a webkit browser and touchscreen capability? Not to mention the great keyboard on the 9000... I just may have to get this phone.

I only hope, there will be no exclusivity for an operator, like it was for the Torch with ATandT. This would really suck very much.

I'm due for an upgrade in July, but if and when I recieve my PlayBook do I really need a touch screen phone? Hopefully while I get acclimated with the playbook, I can make up my mind on wether to allow the BOLD TOUCH to work out the "KINKS" before I buy one. I've been waiting on RIM to design a phone like this for quite sometime and finally its hear. The question is,"does all the necessary hardware come with the release or do I have to wait three(3) months like with the PLAYBOOK?" .

I've got a Sprint Curve 8330 and hoping that the Bold Touch 9930 gets released by June 10th on Sprint. And also hoping no kinks in it to work out, my Curve 8330 never had kinks, nor did my fiance's Style she got in March. LET'S GO SPRINT! get this baby out late May-early June :)

I went droid because bb can't seem to make anything but micro small phones,
but if this is truely going to be a nice large phone like the 9000 I know alot of
dark siders will be back!

I really hate people who are constantly bitching about front facing camera. Most of the people don't need it / don't want it, OK? Buy a phone that has one or wait for the QNX-based phones. Just please shut the fuck up.

You "hate" people because they want their phone manufacturer of choice to make a better product than everyone else?

That simple minded slackness is precisely what is making Rim an irrelevant entity in the cell phone sector.

"Fanboy's" like me are a tiny tiny portion of the buying public, they just wanna know what phone has the most features and what phone lets em do the most. The omission of a Front Camera is a serious flaw in the market place.

Why do so many of you insist on giving Rim a pass? With all the money and engineering and distribution at their disposal, there is no reason that for once in the last 3 years, they cannot simply make a phone that out-hardware's or out-software's the competition and lets them be in the enviable position of waiting for others to catch up to them.

Rim, stop talking shit and just put out a hardware rich QNX device now, not next month or next year but now.

Verizon was nice enough to upgrade me from a Tour to a Bold (9650). This was my first smartphone and now that I've been introduced to the capabilities of a smartphone, I want more.....

Things I never did with a cell phone;

Surf the internet, gps maps, take pictures, make videos, do email, instant message, gps directions/routes, text messaging, social networking, media player, just to name a few.

Now I want it all, and I want it faster.

I'm not sure Blacknerry can deliver. I sure hope the new phones do it all, but the screen of a Bold for older people like me (55 years old) is just a little too small.

Good luck to Rimm and let's hope they announce some great new phones next week.

Just got my Torch 2 weeks ago after having an 8310 for 2 years. I'll have to get this out of contract for probably $600 but it definitly looks worth it! Time to start saving up!

I want it...but i will not invest in a new device until september. And if in september, if no fully functional skype app is proposed (like on iPhone) i think i'll have to switch (with regrets). I can accept the lack of "look i'm cool with my fart app" on the app store, but they are plenty of apps which are useful on iPhone, and for me, Skype is number one. If Skype goes out on Blackberry, i'll stay, if not goodbye!

I am sad that Bold Touch will not have front facing camera. People would not view it as work phone as much if the phone had it.

I want to see the full lineup, and which carriers are getting what before deciding. I think I'd like more screen real estate, but only if the touch ui and virtual keyboards are great.

whatever phone that comes out they all look and sounds good but nothing compare to the torch... cant wait to get mines im excited

I can't wait, either! I hope that AT&T was holding out on the 9780 for this! My 9000 has treated me well, but I just broke the headset jack, so no more Pandora on my car rides :(

The only thing that has me worried is battery life. I want something with longer life than my 9000, but I wonder how the 9900 will compare to the 9700/80. Either way, I'll wait it out and see what happens.

RIM will sell an awful lot of those devices!!! This will be a HUGE seller along with the Storm 3 and Torch 2. Businesses will suck shelves dry but RIM will bring many individuals back into the fold with these three awesome smartphones. They may have had to take a hit to get the PlayBook out the door, but they'll be really strong next quarter.

The larger format of the Bold Touch (akin to the 9000) will please many who find the new Bold keyboards a bit too small. The larger Bold Touch also sports a bigger screen, much faster processor, OS 7 with its fabulous webkit browser, and lots more RAM for lots of great apps. I can't wait to see the faces of those non-believers when they see how great this device does.

To save the bottom line from being too tarnished, RIM needs these devices out NOW! I can't believe they're still selling a 2 year old device in the Storm 2 and Tour. Verizon hasn't seen any new BlackBerrys a quite a while. No wonder they were happy to get the iPhone!

I think RIM will reveal all four devices we know about: Bold Touch, Storm 3, Torch 2, and Curve Touch, but I'm sure RIM has much more up their sleeves they aren't telling us about yet. We'll find out early this week!

Note that RIM now considers themselves a Mobile Computing company; not just a maker of smartphones :)

The Bold Touch will be a great addition for RIM. The first phone in a long time from RIM that gives buyers a reason to choose BlackBerry over iPhone or Android. And I like that it appears thinner, longer, & wider than the small, thick, brick-like BlackBerrys that are currently in the market. I was disappointed when Motorola produced a similar form factor as this way before RIM did. RIM should have been the first. But I am very happy that this Bold Touch is WAY better looking than that butt-ugly Motorola was. This is definitely a confidence builder that is very much needed right now.

I too will be getting this device (abeit probably not right when it comes out though). As this will make it BB number 13 for me, will suffice my needs for awhile. However I probably will not use the touchscreen on it but always wanted to try out the Bold 9000 type of form factor, since T-Mobile did not pick this device up.