Adobe CEO says Honeycomb will overtake the iPad

Adobe's CEO Shantanu Narayen has pointed to Google's Honeycomb as the eventual victor of the current tablet battle with Apple.

The flash supporting platform has remained second to Apple's iPad with Android, Google's smartphone OS, now overtaking the iPhone. Adobe and Apple have frequently been at loggerheads over Flash, with CEO Steve Jobs stating publicly that he believes it to cause bugs and crashes. 

Narayen, however, has said that it is actually conflicting business strategies:

"Its a business model issue, its all about control of the applications that you can run on that platform that bring that platform to life."

He has also gone on to explain that the myth of no Flash on iDevices is somewhat untrue. Narayen explained that creating an Adobe Air file for the iPhone or iPad will see it appearing in the app store:

"What Apple doesn't allow us to do is to build flash content within the browser," he said.

"If you can build the application using our tools and compile it down to the iDevice platform that works" 

In a somewhat unsurprisingly pro-Flash talk at this years all things digital conference, Narayen said that HP and RIM are set to see better sales. When talking about HTML 5, Adobe's main competitor when it comes to browser plugins, he was surprisingly supportive:

"We actually not only welcome the evolution of HTML, we are actively contributing to it. Adobe is contributing typographic expertise and design aesthetics."

Narayen even went on to say that Adobe would create tools for people to work with HTML 5, even if it meant not working with Flash.

Fan of Flash? Or is HTML 5 your thang?...